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The safecracker's shack is an unmarked location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103. It is located in between the Anchor farm and the Tyler County Fairgrounds.[1]


The safecracker's shack was the home of an Appalachian who took safes and unlocked them in their trailer. It is unclear if they operated before or after the Great War, but a separate unmarked location (the "safecracker's lament") found west of the Groves family cabin has three skeletons surrounding a safe, indicating that these individuals met their end there.

In 2103, as humans returned to Appalachia, a group of three Raiders took up residence in the shack. They can be encountered at the trailer, attempting to break into the safes.


The shack is a small trailer in the woods of the Forest, surrounded by rubble, a pickup truck, and some low-level hostiles attacking the Raiders. There are some makeshift walls surrounding the trailer, and the walls on the eastern end have four port-a-potties propped up against them. Just outside of the home is a junk pile next to a hill of tires. Inside the trailer, a bed is on the left, close to a kitchen area with a cooking station. Several opened safes litter the shack, as well as various lootable containers.

There is a separate supply room on the other end of the trailer, holding an assortment of tools and a tinker's workbench. Outside of the supply room, in a walled-in yard, are a desk and fifteen lootable safes, some with varying Picklock levels. There is a soil sensor for the quest Ecological Balance directly behind the trailer.

Notable loot


The safecracker's shack appears only in Fallout 76.



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