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The safe room checklist is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note is on a console in the safe room at Hornwright Estate.


Safe Room Checklist

This bunker will need to have its systems initialized before it is ready to use. Please use the attached manual to complete the steps and keep this list for your tracking purposes.

Preparing for Occupation
   [X] Water and Air Filter setup
   [ ] Mr Handy setup
   [ ] Appliance setup for Pantry
   [ ] Tell your family about it!
Setting up an automated process to tell Penny about this place in the case of my death... otherwise I will personally bring her down. She will hate the idea of leaving everyone behind.

Initializing Security Helper Computer
   [X] Logging in for the first time
   [X] Create your Security Cards
   [X] Update automated lockdown date
   [ ] Introduce Helper to your family!

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