Check on the Responder Supply caches around Morgantown Airport.

Safe for Work is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Find and listen to these five holotapes that are all located around the airport:

Detailed walkthroughEdit

  1. Once Tentative Plans is completed, go to the Responder training terminal (on the central-east side of the Morgantown Airport terminal runway near a red shipping container) and select "Volunteers: Advanced Training" and "Patrol Supplies."
  2. Listen to Patrol 1: Training Exercise.
  3. Go to the triage center on the southwest side of the airport and grab the next holotape from the safe.
  4. Listen to Patrol 2: Triage Center.
  5. Go to the processing center at the northern side of the airport and grab the key from Responder Rocky. Open the safe and grab the next holotape.
  6. Listen to Patrol 3: Processing Center.
  7. Go the medical center and retrieve the next holotape from a crate on the second floor.
  8. Listen to Patrol 4: Medical Center.
  9. Go to the air traffic control tower and select "Resource Requests" on the terminal.
  10. Listen to Patrol 5: Control Tower.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Register for more Advanced Responder Training
? Listen to the holotape "Patrol 1: Training Exercise"The Responders database has another training program for Volunteers, and this one sounds lucrative. The Responders had some good supplies at one time, maybe some of these caches are still around.
? Check for supplies at the triage center
? Retrieve the next holotape from the safe
? Listen to "Patrol 2: Triage Center"
? Patrol the processing center
? Get the supply cache key from Responder Rocky
? Check the supplies in the safe
? Listen to "Patrol 3: Processing Center"
? Report to the medical center
? Check the supplies in the storage chest
? Retrieve the next patrol recording
? Listen to "Patrol 4: Medical Center"
? Report to the traffic control tower
? Look up "Resource Requests" to receive the holotape
? Listen to "Patrol 5: Control Tower"
? Check in at the Responders Terminal
?Icon check(Quest completed)


As of patch, it is no longer required to pick the lock on the crate to obtain patrol tape 4 from the medical center.

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