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The Safari Adventure reptile house is a location in the Safari Adventure section of Nuka-World in 2287.


Prior to the Great War, the reptile house was facing a number of issues, including park visitors being bitten or stung by specimens, deadly reptiles accidentally being transferred to a children's petting zoo, as well as the A.F.A.D. stealing expensive reptiles in the name of animal rights.


The entrance to the reptile house opens in a foyer with two entrances to the main room, one of which is blocked by rubble. Using the lefthand door leads into the main room, which consists of a large, empty pool surrounded by a cage. A gatorclaw will be residing in the pool as part of the Safari Adventure quest. The walls surrounding the cage have many empty exhibits.

The pool can be accessed through three openings in the cage, two of which are holes and one is the actual doorway. The pool area itself has little of note, aside from the skeleton of a custodian and a metal box on a cart.

The eastern end of the main exhibit has a stairway leading to a lower area infested with a couple of rad-rats. A larger but still empty exhibit is on the northeastern wall, and a few skeletons lay outside of it. On the wall nearby is the reptile house tour guide terminal.


The Safari Adventure reptile house appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.