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Safari Adventure is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

Nuka-World main quest: Safari Adventure
Travel to Safari Adventure.
Help Cito defeat the gatorclaw.
Follow Cito to the primate house.
Speak with Cito.
Listen to Dr. McDermot's holotape.
Ask Cito about the cloning facility.
(Hard speech check) Convince Cito that the Ghoulrilla king should escort them in the zoo.
Explore the Welcome Center.
Read the ransom note on the Employees only terminal.
Ask Cito about giant metal snakes.
Explore the Angry Anaconda building site.
Recover Dr. Hein's passcode next to Dr. Hein's skeleton.
Return to the Welcome Center and gain entry into the cloning facility.
Defeat the albino gatorclaw.
Deactivate the malfunctioning cloning machine.
Clear Safari Adventure of the remaining gatorclaws.
Kill Cito and his family.
Tell Cito he and his family have to leave.
(Medium speech check) Convince Cito to accept living with raiders.
Reward: Cito's Shiny Slugger
Assign a gang to Safari Adventure by hoisting their flag.
Reward: 400 XP

Detailed walkthrough

Upon entering the Safari Adventure park section, the Sole Survivor will immediately be met by a gatorclaw fighting Cito. Once the gatorclaw is dead, Cito will praise the player character, before asking them to help stop the gator infestation. He will lead you to the primate house, where it is revealed his 'family' is a troupe of ghoulrillas.

He gives you a holotape recorded by Dr. McDermot which explains the origin of the gatorclaws: a cloning facility. Cito will offer to come with the Survivor and a difficult Speech check can persuade him to bring 'Chris', one of the ghoulrillas, to assist. They become temporary companions, following the player character as long as they are within the Safari Zone. The 'triangle house' is the Welcome Center of the area. Inside is another gatorclaw, and a terminal which has a ransom note for a Dr. Hein, who had the passcode. Cito explains that the Angry Anaconda mentioned is a roller coaster ride.

Upon reaching the location, there is an Expert-locked trailer surrounded by at least three more gatorclaws. The key is located in a duffle bag on top of the trailer. The passcode is inside a toolbox.

With the password in hand, head back to the cloning facility. The terminal to the cloning machine is located downstairs, past three more gatorclaws, including an albino. After shutting down the cloning process, two more gatorclaws will spawn behind the player character.

Additionally, it is possible to turn the cloning machine back on and it'll start producing gazelles. It is not possible to turn it back off after activating.

Clear the Safari of any remaining gatorclaws, 21 in all. After they're all dead, one must deal with Cito and his family; they can either be told to leave, pass a medium difficulty speech check to get him to share the park with the raiders, or attack. If kept alive, he will give the Survivor Cito's Shiny Slugger.

If Cito is convinced to stay, he will remain alive and inside the Primate House indefinitely. If The Pack is assigned to the Safari Adventure park section, he will mention he "likes his new visitors" as they "like his family as much as he does."

To complete the quest the player character must assign one of the three raider gangs to the Safari park. The flagpole for this is located on the roof of the Welcome Center.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Investigate the source of the Gatorclaw infestation
25 Follow CitoI met a man named Cito in the Safari Adventure area of Nuka-World. He asked me to help him take care of the Gatorclaw infestation in the area.
50 Inspect corpse
55 Listen to Dr. McDermot's Holotape
60 Talk to Cito
75 Enter big triangle house
80 Search big triangle house for a way into the cloning facilityI learned the source of the Gatorclaws in the Safari Adventure area was a hidden cloning facility.
85 Investigate door terminal
90 See if Cito knows anything about the Angry AnacondaI learned the source of the Gatorclaws in the Safari Adventure area was a hidden cloning facility. Cito says the cloning facility could be under a "big triangle house".
95 Go to the Giant Metal Snake
96 Go to the Angry Anaconda
100 Search around the giant metal snake for Doctor Hein's Passcode
101 Search around the Angry Anaconda for Doctor Hein's Passcode
110 Gain entry into the cloning facility
125 Deactivate the malfunctioning cloning machineI shut off the cloning machine in the Safari Adventure, so no more Gatorclaws will be made. I just need to find and kill the remaining Gatorclaws.
150 Clear Safari Adventure of remaining Gatorclaws (xx/21)
175 Deal with Cito and his familyI shut off the cloning machine in the Safari Adventure, and eliminated every Gatorclaw in the area. I convinced Cito to allow me to let my friends move in.
1000 Assign a Gang to Safari AdventureI shut off the cloning machine in the Safari Adventure, and eliminated every Gatorclaw in the area. I also eliminated Cito and his family. Now I just need to raise its flag to claim the zone for one of my gangs.
2000Quest finishedQuest complete


  • Hancock will like both options where Cito is left alive. He will hate it if the player character chooses to attack Cito.
  • If the player character successfully convinces Cito to bring Chris along, but then accidentally kills him, he will not react at all to the murder until spoken to afterward. While he can be talked down with a moderate speech check when this happens, Cito will express his sadness and refuse to deal with the Sole Survivor any further, thus requiring him and his "family" to be killed in order to advance the quest.
  • If the player character allows Cito to stay, he will make unique comments about whichever gang was assigned to the park.
  • If this quest is started while the player character is in good standing with the raiders, but during the quest, the player character becomes enemies with them, the quest will complete immediately after speaking with Cito the final time.
  • If Open Season has been completed before Safari Adventure starts, the ending dialog with Cito does not change. The player character still has to convince Cito through a speech check to share the park with the incoming raider gang even if all raiders have been killed in Open Season.


PCPC If Porter Gage is already following the player as a companion, Cito can be convinced to bring along Chris, Cito's ghoulrilla ally, on the quest. However, only Cito and Porter will leave Cito's home to follow the player character.[verified]