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Saashi is a Khajiit SSR dweller in Fallout Shelter Online.


Saashi came from another world. As a scholar of the Khajiit, a cat-like tribe, she was dedicated to exploring and protecting ancient ruins. When she was exploring a Nord ruin as usual, she accidentally triggered a strange trap and was teleported to the world of the wasteland. Being alone, she desperately needs your help. In exchange, she is happy to share some knowledge of another world with you.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Saashi offers the following stacking bonuses when groups of bonded dwellers are deployed together:

  1. +8% max HP for all allies
  2. +10% physical and energy damage reduction
  3. +50 initial AP
  4. +12% damage
  5. +8% max HP


  • She can be randomly acquired in the game. The Magic's Arrival loot box grants an increased chance for Saashi to spawn, as an SSR dweller.
  • Saashi's special ability unlocked at level 30 is Motivation: Saashi transfers all current AP to the teammate with the highest attack and increases all allies' attack by 15% and an additional 1065 points. If their AP is full, Saashi will keep any overflowing AP.


  • Saashi is mentioned in the flavor text of a random event in the seasonal Nuka-World challenge map, teleporting the player across the map with a summoning circle unexpectedly.
  • She also has extensive dialogue in every The Elder Scrolls: Blades crossover challenge map.


Saashi appears only in Fallout Shelter Online.

Behind the scenes[]