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This is a transcript for dialogue with Malcolm Holmes.

Topics[edit | edit source]

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 { Malcolm Holmes top level topics } 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello there. It's good to see a friendly face. Almost took you for a raider, I did. Name's Malcolm. Malcolm Holmes. 2
Neutral 50 Don't suppose you'd care to trade? I'm missing a few essentials and- oh, screw this. Lying just ain't in my nature. 3
Neutral 50 I'll tell it to you straight. I've been following you for a good bit now. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Eh? You want to talk some more? 5
VFreeformSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic011 I'd like to trade. Neutral 50 Oh, that's right! Here, let me show you what I've got on hand. 6
VFreeformSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic012 I'd like to know more about star hunting. Neutral 50 There's not much more to tell. Get enough stars and the treasure's yours. Just watch out for some of the other people collecting them. 7
VFreeformSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic013 No, I have to be going. Neutral 50 If you say so. Maybe we'll meet again. 8
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic001 Why were you following me? Neutral 50 It started off innocently enough. I was traveling, as I often do, and happened to observe you picking up one of those blue-star caps. 9
Neutral 50 You didn't show any reaction to it, so I figured you didn't know what you'd gotten your hands on. 10
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic003 Don't follow me. You'll live longer. Neutral 50 Okay, you're a dangerous sort. I get that. But I have some information I think you'll find useful, which made me follow you for a spell. 11
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic004 What's so special about these caps? Neutral 50 There's an old wasteland legend that says somewhere out there is a fabulous treasure from before the war. 12
Neutral 50 Those caps with the blue star on them, the tale goes, are the key to that treasure. They're called Sunset Sarsaparilla Stars. 13
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic005 Why didn't you say anything then and there? Neutral 50 I had to make sure of your disposition. There's a lot of jumpy folks out there that'd shoot a man as soon as talk to him. 14
Neutral 50 Now that's we're conversing, though, I can tell you what I know about those caps. 15
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic006 This is getting creepy. I'm leaving, and don't follow me. Neutral 50 Fine. Just do me a favor. If you find more of those things, and plan on keeping them, watch out for a man named Allen Marks. 16
Neutral 50 He's killed more than a few people to collect as many of those caps as he can, and your ignorance as to what they are won't protect you. 17
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic016 Where can I find more of these caps? Neutral 50 All over the place. The easiest place to find them is unopened bottles of Sunset Sarsaparilla. 18
Neutral 50 You'd think they'd all have been picked clean by now, but somehow new bottles keep appearing in the machines. 19
Neutral 50 Some say it's old Festus that does it, hoping someone will finally collect enough caps to earn the treasure. 20
Neutral 50 Other than bottles, you'll just have to scavenge. You can find caps in the unlikeliest of places, and blue-star caps are no exception. 21
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic017 So you collect these caps too? Neutral 50 Nah, I gave it up years ago. Too dangerous. And even if I did still collect them, I'd tell you the same. 22
Neutral 50 There's people out there so mad with the idea of treasure that they'll attack strangers just on the suspicion that they have some of those caps. 23
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic019 What kind of treasure are we talking about? Neutral 50 No one knows. Money? Weapons? Water? It is, or maybe was, something of value, and that's enough to get people motivated. 24
VFreeformSSHQSSHQMalcolmHolmesTopic022 You mentioned someone named Festus. Who's that? Neutral 50 It's said that the treasure is guarded by a man named Festus, and he's the one who asks for the blue-star caps. 25
Neutral 50 It's also said that he's been around since the war, standing a lonely vigil, waiting for someone to come and take the treasure off his hands. 26
Neutral 50 That'd make him pretty damn old, but I've met a few people in my travels who claimed they actually met him, and they weren't the lying type either. 27

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Thanks for the info, but I'll be going now. Neutral 50 No problem. If you do end up trying to collect more stars, watch out for a man named Allen Marks. He's killed several people for their stars already. 28
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