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This is a transcript for dialogue with SODUS.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005DC503 005DC58B Interesting... not like the others. Very well. Task entered. Estimated wait time 14,320 hours, 12 minutes.
2 005DC504 005DC590 I do apologize, but you must wait in the queue with everyone else.
3 005DC505 005DC584 If you wish to tour the facility, please enter decontamination to your left.
4 005DC506 005DC585 Affirmative General. Priority adjusted. New estimated wait time, 6,598 hours, 42 minutes.
5 005DC508 005DC591 Very well. Answering questions is one of my secondary functions. It would be inhospitable of me not to comply.
6 005DC50B 005DC58F In the meantime, if you wish to tour the facility, please enter decontamination to your left.
7 005DC50C 005DC58D Task queue interrupted. It seems as though we have a visitor. Welcome to Enclave Research Facility Site J. May I ask the reason for your visit today?
8 005DC510 005DC58A You may manually activate the transmitter via the communications center. However, I do not recommend that. It is a very long walk.
9 005DC512 005DC589 This is the research center of the Enclave's Appalachia division. Additional information is classified.
10 005DC514 005DC58E My name is SODUS, Single-Operation Direction and Utility System. I help run this facility.
11 005DC516 005DC587 Not for many years now. That know-it-all, MODUS, claimed to have no use for this facility anymore and cut all communications.
12 005DC517 005DC58C Very well. Was there anything else I can assist you with?
13 005DC51E 005DC546 Warning: Visitor detected in restricted area. Security, please assist.
14 005DC51F 005DC534 Task 151984, J. Jefferson. Disable security cameras in the mainframe core. Task denied.
15 005DC521 005DC542 Task 151983, J. Jefferson. Perform system wide reset. Task denied. System operating as expected.
16 005DC522 005DC53F It seems you've dispatched them, but there are more. It would be a shame if they finished you off.
17 005DC523 005DC53E Please forgive the mess. The residents became rather... unruly, after the accident.
18 005DC524 005DC53D Task 151982, G. Walton. Provide status of water recycling system. Duplicate issue. Ignoring.
19 005DC525 005DC535 My, what intestinal fortitude you have! The organic material up above must be almost inedible.
20 005DC526 005DC53C Your nutrients must be running low. Please help yourself to any supplies you need.
21 005DC527 005DC543 My residents must have had a good reason to open all those cells at the time.
22 005DC528 005DC536 There you are. Welcome back. My apologies.
23 005DC529 005DC549 Task 151981, K. Jones. Increase barometric pressure in holding cell 2C to 2,400 millibarts. Error: Unknown term, "millibarts". Please re-submit task.
24 005DC52A 005DC548 Task 000, Unknown User. Priority one. Open all cell doors in the holding cell area.
25 005DC52B 005DC53A Task 151980, D. Evans. Raise temperature in the lab to 22 degrees Celsius. Task complete. Please verify.
26 005DC52C 005DC537 Task 151979, G. Walton. Feed the giant moth subject before it gets upset. Error: "Moth Subject" missing.
27 005DC52D 005DC545 Error: Visitor location unknown. Resuming queue.
28 005DC52E 005DC539 Warning: Biological hazard detected in the research lab. Please evacuate immediately.
29 005DC52F 005DC540 Task 151978, R. Wiggins. Turn on the god-damn lights in the living quarters. Task complete. Please verify.
30 005DC530 005DC538 My apologies, there appears to be a malfunction with the decontamination showers. Entering task to investigate.
31 005DC531 005DC541 It is requested that all visitors enter decontamination. Do not worry, it will be quick and painless.
32 005DC532 005DC586 How may I assist you?
45 005E4885 Visitor, it is required that you leave immediately. Failure to comply will result in extermination.
46 005E4886 Warning... Operating System not found.
55 005DC533 005DC588 Task complete. Please verify.
56 005DC6C4 005DC6C5 Task 151977, J. Rodriguez. Lower temperature to 20 degrees Celsius in the lab. Task complete. Please verify.
67 005DD6D8 005DD6D9 They're still... around. You will find most of them in the cafeteria area.
194 005E8047 005E8048 Welcome, valued Enclave member.
200 005E8053 005E8055 Welcome, valued Enclave member.
201 005E84A1 005E84A2 Negative. My creators programmed me to assist visitors with extreme kindness and hospitality.
202 005E9EAC 005E9EAE Registration successful.
226 005EF7A8 005DC544 Task complete. Please verify.
227 005EF7A9 005DC53B Task 000, Unknown User. Priority one. Transfer SODUS operating system to unit XB-55.
228 005EF7AA 005DC547 Warning: Visitor has accessed mainframe. The others tried to shut me off too. Their task failed, as will yours.