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Task 151978, R. Wiggins. Turn on the god-damn lights in the living quarters. Task complete. Please verify.

SODUS (Single-Operation Direction and Utility System)[2] is an artificial intelligence developed by the Enclave. It is located in the Enclave research facility in the Forest region of Appalachia.


An AI similar to that of MODUS, SODUS is the artificial intelligence formerly responsible for overseeing all operations in the Enclave research facility, created to assist visitors with extreme kindness and hospitality,[3] with a variety of secondary functions, such as answering questions.[4] Although despised for its multiple-hour queues for simple tasks,[5] such as three-hour waits for scout decontamination,[6] it collected and recorded approximately fifteen years of data through the facility's history, while also being in charge of access, food, air and water supplies, and other facilities. Due to employee interference, the facility was reduced to having recycled food paste for six years, similar to that of the Nutritional Alternative Paste Program, as well as a glitch causing the loss of 85% of the potable water.[7] SODUS also began utilizing terminal communications to selectively shut off and restrict access to employees, prompting them to begin using paper notes.[8]

Between the years of 2077 and 2086, an Enclave Soldier had managed to steal lines of MODUS' code to try to make SODUS run faster. This was presumably done before MODUS had wiped out the Enclave in The Whitespring bunker as the Soldier had referred to the Enclave in The Whitespring bunker in a present tense form. The code was used to later "upgrade" SODUS.

By the time of the Scorched Plague, SODUS detected the pathogen through its sensors, having recently been upgraded with the same functionalities as MODUS, recalled any outside scouts, and purged the facilities data. From there, it shut off the air filtration system, and began pumping in air from the outside, intending to kill all those inside.[9] Between this time, MODUS determined that Site J no longer had any use, and cut all communications with it, sealing it off for many years.[10] By the time the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 reach the facility, SODUS has nearly 152,000 tasks completed,[11] with a wait time of over 14,320 hours for normal entrants (approximately 6,599 for Enclave generals.)[12][13]

When the Vault Dwellers of Vault 76 arrive, checking on a low-frequency transmitter signal to help the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force contact the West Coast, SODUS feigns compliance to help assist with the transmitter but quickly turns on them once they travel deeper into the facility. SODUS first releases still captured Scorched creatures to attack and kill the Vault Dweller; leading to the remaining faculty of the research facility having to be dealt with. Once the Vault Dweller has reached the transmitter, registered themselves as part of the faculty, and reset it, Paladin Leila Rahmani and Knight Daniel Shin arrive to examine the transmitter, which is in SODUS' core room. Once inside, SODUS transfers herself to an experimental sentry bot XB-55 and attempts to kill the Vault Dweller and their group. She is unsuccessful and is afterwards rendered permanently out of commission.[1]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Over and Out


Over and Out: SODUS is the main antagonist of the quest, and after its completion SODUS' main console in the lobby is no longer functional.


SODUS refers to MODUS as a "know-it-all."[10]


SODUS appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.



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