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The SMART choice machine is a world object found in Watoga in Fallout 76.


Prior to the Great War, these "Sugar Management and Re-education Terminal" (SMART) machines were very successful in encouraging students to trade their candy for healthier alternatives. At Watoga High School, this meant the administration was forced to find other ways to dispose of the collected candy, choosing to feed it back to the students in their cafeteria food.[1]

The introduction of these terminals was not without controversy. At least one Watoga High parent complained about the gambling aspect of the machines which awarded random prizes,[2] while another person was concerned that the machines gave students an incentive to hoard and steal candy in order to redeem them for prizes.[3]

Available prizes

Halloween candy can be deposited in these machines and redeemed for an assortment of prizes:

Candy redeemed Prize (randomized if multiple items)
20 Pencil
40 Pen
50 Yardstick
80 Scissors
100 Wonderglue
100 - Small Toy Atomic Roller ball - Baby rattle - Baseball - Cotton yarn - Eight ball - Golf ball - Hairbrush - Harmonica - Magnifying glass - Silver locket - Souvenir magnet cow - Souvenir toy car - Triangle - Toothbrush - Toy car
150 - Medium Toy Alarm clock - Baseball glove - Basektball - Bowling ball - Bowling pin - Bubblegum bear - Bumblebear - Candy fan Mr. Fuzzy - Clown - Comrade Chubs - Doll head - Handcuffs - Imported Chinese panda - Jangles the Moon Monkey - Kickball - Lil' Ginger Snuggles - Plastic pumpkin - Quantum bear - Radbear - Silver pocket watch - Stuffed grizzly - Stuffed polar bear - Souvenir drinking glass - Souvenir sloth toy - Souvenir teddy bear - Teddy bear - Teddy Fear - Toy alien - Toy truck
250 - Big Toy Accordion - Autopsy board game - Banjo - Blast Radius board game - Broken camera - Catch the Commie board game - Chessboard - Doll - Fancy hairbrush - Fishing rod - Gold pocket watch - Office desk fan - Rad Poker board game - Ski pole - Unstoppables! Board game - Wooden ski
1000 - Fun Surprise! Random amount and type of ammunition
2000 - Radioactive Surprise!! Random ballistic or energy weapon.
5000 - Nuclear Surprise!!! Random 1-star legendary weapon or armor.[bug 1]

Terminal text

Happy Halloween!!!

As everyone is aware, candy is bad for you. But trick or treating is fun! So what is an intelligent, hip young person to do? Why, you turn in your candy for useful items and surprises, that's what!

Please be aware that all candy collected from this machine will be destroyed nightly.

***WARNING: Unauthorized restocking detected. Please contact the maintenance department to ensure proper inventory.***

Make the SMART choice.
Turn your sugary things that rot your teeth,
into fun and amazing toys and treats!

Candy Credit: <Token=StoredCandy>

Note to parents and educators

The Federal Fitness Registry in cooperation with RobCo, would like to thank you for using our Sugar Management and Re-education Terminal. By helping our children learn to make SMART choices about their diets and exercising, we will ensure a strong and reliable citizenry, able to adapt and thrive in these difficult times.

Your school is one of a few select pilot programs we are launching this Halloween to collect data and refine our technology.

If you are wondering what your child might recieveIn-game spelling from the Mystery Toys and Fun Suprises! rest assured that these items have been vetted by professional educators and fitness experts with the goal of fostering physical and/or academic development. Furthermore, the machine has intrusion and tampering detection software installed that will alert you if any unauthorized items are found.

For a complete stocking list, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your principle'sIn-game spelling office.



  1. It drops a depreciated list that includes otherwise blacklisted items such as cultist blade, the Dragon and ripper. It cannot drop any item that was added following the launch of Fallout 76. See link for more details.