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SAFE report is a paper note in Fallout 4. It details some success rates of the SAFE test.


The report is found in Covenant, on the desk inside the office building. Also in the [Expert] wall/floor safe close to that same desk, behind a crate.


SAFE v11.3 Report

28% failure rate, delta -1% (need more data samples)

Unnamed Travelers (2): 1 failure, logged
Slog Ghouls (5): 1 failure, definite false positive
Stockton Caravan (5): 2 failures, resolved (RR or Inst?)
Mr. Tims (1): 0 failures
Finch Farms (3): 0 failures, working long term deal
Boyd (1): 1 failure, logged
"Honest" Dan (1): 0 failures