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Hey there, pal. That sure was a sweet job we pulled on that dumb-ass Torr, huh?Chuck & Buck Dunton

Rustle the brahmin is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Rustle the brahmin
Have a bad Klamath reputation.
Accept Torr's quest.
Speak with Chuck or Buck Dunton.
Ask Torr to run away in search for help.
Return to the Duntons.
Reward: 150 XP, -70 Karma, $50, meat jerky x5
Next quest: Rescue Torr

Detailed walkthrough

To get this quest you must meet several requirements.

  • Do not have a very good reputation in Klamath.
  • Accept Torr's quest to guard the brahmin.
  • Do not turn down the brothers' offer of work or call them by the wrong names (Considering how easy it is to guess wrong, it's best to avoid names altogether).

Speak to Torr in Klamath and accept his quest to guard the brahmin. You will then be transported to the grazing grounds. Kill some radscorpions (if you wish), and then speak to the Dunton brothers who are to the west of Torr's encampment and accept their quest to make Torr leave. Alternatively, talk to the brothers at their shop in town, but do not refuse their offer or mix either's name up. Then, go to the pasture and tell Torr you will help him guard the brahmin.

If the requirements are met, ask Torr to run in search for assistance.