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The Rust Eagles are a faction in Appalachia. They play a major role in the Test Your Metal event.


Having seen the value in having robots do the dirty work, Buzzsaw gathered the best of the best botsmiths among the Blood Eagles in order to form a new gang.[1] The Rust Eagles perfect their craft by pit fighting in the Metal Dome.




  • Generic Rust Eagle characters share idle dialogue with regular Blood Eagles, but the Rust Eagles are non-hostile.
  • The Rust Eagles and the Test Your Metal event were first added to the game files with the Steel Reign update. The Invaders from Beyond update added some of the Rust Eagle NPCs to the live game with the Metal Dome's construction, though the Test Your Metal update fully introduced the faction and the associated event.
  • Their "robot totems" are assets originally made for Fallout 4: Automatron. Some of these can also be seen at the Blood Eagle settlement Crimson Prospect.


The Rust Eagles appear in Fallout 76, introduced in the Invaders from Beyond update.