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Russell Dorsey is the renovator of the ATLAS Observatory in 2103. Following the successful construction of a base for the Brotherhood of Steel at ATLAS, Russell is currently absent, as he is "squaring away" some finishing touches before the Brotherhood's arrival.[1]


Hailing from Maryland, Dorsey arrived in Appalachia around 2103, and moved in at Foundation with the rest of the Settlers. While on scouting missions, he came across the remnants of the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel, culminating in a growing obsession with the Brotherhood, fueled by his findings of records and logs at Fort Defiance.[2] While he enjoyed his time at Foundation, he wanted to do more than just resettle the land.[3] He also encountered the Raiders at Crater, considering them nice, yet tough, but unable to see past their own profits.[4] His father was part of the Navy, and served as inspiration for his resolve to put in the effort to help the Brotherhood, as Dorsey was unable to join the now-defunct U.S. military.[5]

Upon hearing a broadcast from the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force, Dorsey journeyed to ATLAS Observatory and took control of the derelict facility, seeking to organize supplies and get the facility operational for when they arrive.[6] He closed off the entrance of the observatory to contain the guard robots, and began constructing additions on to the observatory, utilizing repaired construction protections, using hacking knowledge gained from a former RobCo employee to trick them into seeing him as a supervisor.[7] He hopes to utilize his efforts at ATLAS to convince the returning Brotherhood into seeing him as a valuable asset.[8]

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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Other interactionsEdit

Russell is the main point of contact for the Fortifying ATLAS community event. He is collecting resources to build a base for the Brotherhood of Steel at the observatory and asks for the Vault 76 residents' help. There are several crates surrounding him where the player character can drop off junk to contribute to the event.



Russell Dorsey appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in The Legendary Run update.


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  2. Vault 76 resident: "How do you know about the Brotherhood in the first place?"
    Russell Dorsey: "I left Maryland headed west, and hooked up with some of the original Foundation folks. Once here, I did patrols for them, scouting for supplies. Ended up finding some stuff the local Brotherhood left behind. That led me to Fort Defiance. Scary place. I had to move quick, but I'd found some logs and records. Frankly, I got a little obsessed. It was like the Round Table and Dad's Navy stories, all together! And now they're coming back!"
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
  3. Russell Dorsey: "I used to work with the folks at Foundation. Hard workers, but I wanted something more than just settling."
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
  4. Russell Dorsey: "Those Crater types are tough, and nicer than you'd think, but they can't see past their own profit."
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
  5. Vault 76 resident: "This seems like a lot of effort. Why are you doing all this?"
    Russell Dorsey: "Honestly? I feel like I've needed this my whole life. Dad was Navy, back before the war. Always said it straightened him out, gave him purpose. Growing up in this...I wanted something...more. If the military still existed, I'd have joined that, but that's all over now. I wanted something bigger than just surviving. This feels like what I've been waiting for."
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
  6. Vault 76 resident: "I'm here to help. What needs doing?"
    Russell Dorsey: "Message they broadcast was kinda garbled, but it seemed clear the Brotherhood has chosen ATLAS as a base. Makes sense they'd be looking to have supplies waiting when they get here. A group like that's going to want to be operational ASAP."
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
  7. Vault 76 resident: "What's with all the robots around here?"
    Russell Dorsey: "Found them here when I came out. Pretty hostile bunch at first, but I learned a trick from a guy that used to work for RobCo. They've got a maintenance backdoor hardwired into them. Tricked them all into thinking I ran the joint, then put them to work. Pretty good, right? Got 'em doing a lot of the heavy lifting and such on the project. Makes my life a lot easier."
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
  8. Vault 76 resident: "Do you think the Brotherhood is looking for new members?"
    Russell Dorsey: "Well, it sounds like they're coming out here to stay. I don't know if recruiting is in their plans, but I figure all this ought to make a convincing argument that I'm an asset they shouldn't pass up."
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
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