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Run to the checkpoint and back before time expires.

Runner's High is a side quest in Fallout 76.


In order to join the Fire Breathers each volunteer must complete a parkour and agility run across Charleston. In order to qualify, each volunteer must run to the Capitol Building and then back within a certain time frame.

Press the red control point button A on the right of the terminal, next to the hand-made bridge. The latter activates the start of the race, and a voice signal indicates to the player character that the test has started. To follow the expected course, one must follow the red arrows painted on the walls of the buildings and a street as well as the black arrow signs, which define the route. At the top of a short flight of steps leading to the Capitol courtyard, the player character must press the control point button B.

Again, a voice signal will indicate that the point has been validated and that the player character must return to the starting point. The route is now more difficult to follow. It is possible to cross the courtyard and bypass the building in order to retrace one's steps, keeping the course to the northwest. To return to the terminal, go through the Charleston Herald building's entrance and go up to the first floor, to press the "A button" for the second time and stop the race clock. If one fails to race the clock successfully, the examination run can be taken multiple times without resulting in a penalty.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Time until exam begins (0:15)The countdown's begun. Sounds like I need to stay nearby until the race begins.
? Activate the checkpoint and return before time runs out (03:00)The first checkpoint is activated! Off to the next!
?Quest finishedActivate the checkpoint and return before time runs out (03:00)Checkpoint marked! Now I need to head back to the race start location!


  • The course is not just a simple race. Charleston is infested with hostiles, and the time limit is short. The player character will therefore not be able to waste time dealing with enemies if they want to finish the race on time.
  • The time limitation makes the use of sprint essential. One will not be able to complete the course in time without using it.

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