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Run to the checkpoint and back before time expires.

Runner's High is a side quest in Fallout 76.


In order to join the Fire Breathers each volunteer must complete a parkour and agility run across Charleston. The starting point is on the second floor of the Charleston Herald building, the goal is to run to the Capitol Building and back to the start within three minutes or less.

The trial itself is started via the "Fire Breathers Physical Exam Terminal", and after brief preparation period of 15 seconds, the three minute timer starts and the player is tasked via audio clue to press the initial "Checkpoint Button A" next to the terminal. The suggested path towards the capitol is more or less linear, with red arrows and Responders decals painted on floors and walls, as well as black arrow signs in the streets, indicating where to go.

The path leads east into a ruined building and up a fire ladder onto a small roof. The roof leads into a second building, at the end of the hallway are two broken up walls on the southern side, leading outside. From here, jump down and follow the black arrow signs south, past the collapsed metal bridge and up the wooden stairs seen in the distance, which lead to the "Checkpoint Button B", which needs to be pressed. The button is located next to the entrance to the Capitol Courthouse.

The suggested return path leads east, then north past the Liberty Bell and back onto the remains of Interstate 59, then west back to the ground level entrance to the Charleston Herald building. All that is left to do here is to head back to the second floor and press the initial button for a second time to stop the clock. Finishing in under three minutes successfully completes the quest, failing to race the clock does not have any consequences, as the quest can be started again unlimited times via the terminal.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Time until exam begins (0:15)The countdown's begun. Sounds like I need to stay nearby until the race begins.
? Activate the checkpoint and return before time runs out (03:00)The first checkpoint is activated! Off to the next!
?Quest finishedActivate the checkpoint and return before time runs out (03:00)Checkpoint marked! Now I need to head back to the race start location!


  • Following the suggested path is not a requirement, the player can pick any faster paths they might find.
  • The many hostiles in Charleston may prove it difficult to beat the clock. Killing them beforehand on the chosen route or ignoring them altogether are valid options.
  • While it is possible to beat to clock without utilizing sprint, making use of it is recommended.
  • Having the Speed Demon mutation also helps with beating the clock.