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For the rum product in Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics, see Roentgen rum.
For the Fallout 4 junk item, see Rum bottle (Fallout 4).
For rum in Fallout 76, see Rum (Fallout 76).

Rum is an alcoholic beverage in Fallout 4.


A Rooster's brand bottle of rum. It increases physical strength but decreases the consumer's intellectual capacity. Rum increases Agility, making it quite valuable in conjunction with stat bonuses, with chems, or alongside the Party Boy/Party Girl perk.


  • In the basement refrigerator of the Cabot House.
  • On the Prydwen, in the briefing room.
  • In the basement of the D.B. Technical High School - One by the boss near his chair; other with the skeleton in garbage cart a few rooms away.
  • Off the cliff south of Fort Strong, floating in a cardboard box with a teddy bear.
  • At an unmarked, demolished swamp town south of Gunners plaza, floating in a cardboard box with 2 teddy bears. The box is inside the ruins of a house with a red dog house next to it and just east of a house with green siding with the rear wall missing, with two or three yao guai.
  • Inside Joe's Spuckies near Postal Square. Three bottles on the table.
  • Behind a bookshelf in the Croup Manor basement.
  • On a boat just north of Pickman Gallery to the west of a yellow shipping container, in a cardboard box with a teddy bear near the umbrella.
  • In a wastebasket on the upper floor of the barracks (second building) in the National Guard training yard, in the northeast room with the functional computer and open safe. The room has a flag stand outside of it.
  • On the tunnel south of Hangman's Alley
  • Inside Lynn Pier parking, in the entrance booth next to a broken terminal and a burnt textbook.
  • Gametitle-FO4 FH Southwest of Eagle's Cove Tannery, inside a small shack made of barn walls.
  • Gametitle-FO4 NW In the bedroom just after the souvenir shop in Grandchester Mystery Mansion.


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