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The ruined clinic, also known as the Brotherhood of Steel battle site,[Non-game 1] is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


In 2284,[1] the Brotherhood of Steel's Recon Squad Artemis, on a mission to gather technology in the Commonwealth,[2] was ambushed by unknown assailants on a nearby road. Retreating to the clinic, the outnumbered squad took several casualties, including Knight Varham, while their fusion cores ran low on power. This forced the team to scuttle their power armor suits by setting them to self-destruct[3] via overloading the fusion cores, which caused a large explosion which in turn tore the clinic building apart.[4][Non-game 1] The three survivors of the battle would later regroup at the National Guard training yard.[3]


A ruined clinic just south of Med-Tek Research, holding the corpse of Knight Varham. It was the site of a Brotherhood battle, and several half-buried and burnt-out power armor suits can be found in the crater in the center of the building.

Notable loot

The battlefield holotape and Knight Varham's holotag can be found on Varham's corpse during The Lost Patrol.


The ruined clinic appears only in Fallout 4.


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  2. Paladin Danse: "It might surprise you to learn that my recon team isn't the first to visit the Commonwealth. Over the last seven years, two other teams were sent here by the Brotherhood to gather technology. The first team's mission was a huge success. They came back with crates full of pre-war artifacts and historical documents. The second wasn't so fortunate. Shortly after they arrived, we lost contact with them and they haven't been heard from since. As far as my team goes, we've lost four good men to this godforsaken wasteland. We've been a target from the moment we arrived. But despite our setbacks, I don't intend to give up and head home... or end up missing."
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