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The cafe survived? How about that. Had great coffee - and one of the waitresses? Rhonda? Piece. Of. Work.Dean Domino

The ruined cafe is a location in the Sierra Madre in 2281. Located inside Puesta del Sol south, the ruined cafe is a safe haven from the Cloud. The ground entrance is just southeast of the western door to Puesta del Sol north.


The first floor has a café setup. There is a bar, behind which stands a hologram vendor and an active electric hot plate.

The second floor has a room with a lot of tin cans, which can be useful for making Sierra Madre martinis. It also has an Easy locked tool cabinet, a dresser, two wardrobes and an exit to Puesta del Sol South above street level.


The Courier can sleep in a bed inside the ruined building after exiting to Puesta Del Sol South above street level after making a jump to the platform.


The ruined cafe appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.