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The Ruger AC556F is a development of the Ruger Mini 14, a 5.56 mm assault rifle originally used only by police forces, but also popular on the open market. A large magazine and full auto fire makes this weapon a real crowd pleaser.

The Ruger AC556F is a small gun in Fallout Tactics.


The Ruger AC556F does slightly more damage than the Steyr, but has half the magazine capacity and a lesser range.



Despite being an assault rifle, the Ruger AC556F uses the submachine gun animations in the game.

Behind the scenesEdit

The AC-556 is a selective-fire version of the Mini-14 marketed for military and law enforcement use. The design incorporates a selector on the right/rear of the receiver to select either semi-automatic, 3-round burst, or full-automatic fire modes; the manual safety at the front of the trigger guard operates the same as a standard Mini-14. The weapon was extensively used in the 80's television series The A-Team by all team members starting about season two.





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