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Just tryin' to get a feel for ya. Ain't exactly the safest neighborhood, so I like to know who's gonna cause trouble and who's gonna end it.

Rufus Rubins is the resident handyman and mechanic of Goodneighbor, living in the Hotel Rexford in 2287. He is also a merchant that sells junk and a variety of other essentials.


Rubins is the local handyman in Goodneighbor, helping to ensure the equipment keeping the town running remains in working order. He is also one of the folks that looks after the Hotel Rexford, where he exchanges his services for room and board.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.
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This character is a merchant. Sells: various junk, shipments of aluminum (25), concrete (100 and 200), gears (25), screws (25), springs (25) and steel (100).




  • Depending on the time of day, Rufus may also be found just outside of Hotel Rexford or in the Third Rail at the bar.
  • An unused voice type for Rufus exists in the game's files, "NPCMRufusRubins," though the NPC actually uses the "MaleEvenToned" voice type.


Rufus Rubins appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Hotel Rexford terminal entries - "Mister Rubins has a standing deal to trade room and board in exchange for various handyman services."