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This is a transcript for dialogue with Rudy Fernandez.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
15 00573E53 00581F0B Oh, that's right. You're pretty new to Blue Ridge. But, no, not so much. Big Bend is its own special nightmare for us merchants.
16 Not much choice in the matter, though. Believe it or not, it's the safest route to the western side of this mountain range.

22 00573E55 00581EFE Right, well, let's get moving.
27 00573E58 00573ED6 That's good... Good. And my community is also fine and safe, thank you for asking. Trying to be nice, other guy is very awkward
28 00581F09 I'm, uh, don't know what you mean, I was just... Trying to play it off. Not working
31 00573E5A 00581EFA Cold, Aries. I like it. Impressed, in combat
32 But don't leave me and the Brahmin to fend for ourselves! We're pretty exposed down here. in combat
38 00573E5C 00574FAE Don't forget about the Brahmin! They'll be gunning for them. Sounds worried.
52 00573E63 00581F01 I like you, Aries, but you're freaking me the hell out. Getting nervous
78 00573E6C 00581F05 We've got more incoming. Look alive! Entering combat
87 00573E6E 00581F0E Man, they aren't messing around today. Exhausted
98 00573E72 00574FD9 Can't this ever be easy? Annoyed
106 00573E75 00574FC2 Uh huh... Skeptical
114 00573E77 00574FF2 What was that part about "even at the cost of Rudy's life?" Did I hear that right?
123 00573E79 00575027 Hi Rudy. He is rudy. It's the old "say goodnight babs" joke.
136 00574F2F 00581EF2 So what were you up to before this caravan gig?
140 00581EB4 00581F0F The fuck, Aries? "what the fuck?"
143 00581EB6 00581F02 The usual, food, water, various delicious secret family recipes that I'll take to the grave. That sort of thing.
150 00581EBB 00581ED2 I think... we lost 'em. Thanks, guys. Happy to still be breathing. Exhausted
154 00581EBE 00581EF8 Caps, right? Bet it was the caps.
164 00581EC0 00581EE4 These stragglers don't look to "demoralized," though, so help keep these Brahmin safe! In combat
179 0058DEE3 0058DEE6 Clear the area! I'm detonating the charge!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
35 00573E81 00584B60 My Brahmin! You can't let them die!
36 00584B61 Hey, look alive, the Brahmin are gettin' hit!
37 00584B62 This is a bust if the Brahmin die. Protect them!
71 00573E9E 00582132 How ya doin'?
72 00582133 Step right up!
87 00584B34 Rudy has wares, if you have caps.
88 00584B35 I live to die another day. Thanks, buddy. I appreciate the assist.
89 00584B36 You, uh, know you're supposed to keep the Brahmin alive right? Just sayin'. May want to work on getting your priorities straight.
90 00584B37 You're new. Looking to join us as we defy death and plunge into the deep darkness of Big Bend? Talk to Vinny.
137 00584AFE 00584B18 See ya later, then.
138 00584B00 00584B21 My family runs a cannery and bakery a few days from here. Like Mama Dolce's up near Morgantown. Less killer communist robots, though.
139 Anyways, my brothers run the place. For a while I was the resident comedian. Ya know, tellin' jokes to guys working the machines.
140 I called myself "Director of Morale Enhancement." But, my brothers wanted me to take my act on the road.
141 Now I get to risk my neck running deliveries, tellin' jokes, and selling pepperoni rolls to you fine people.
142 00584B02 00584B16 Everyone says the same thing: "guard the Brahmin." Sure, that's important, but me? I'd aim for those caches. Vinny pays a mean bonus for those things.
143 Between you and me, I think he sells it himself. I sure as hell haven't gotten any missing pepperoni rolls sent back my way, if you know what I mean.