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Welcome to Carbon stranger. Most people are a little spooked because of the raiders... some of 'em are busting up the bar right now. My name is Ruby. I'm what you might call an "entertainer"...

Ruby is a prostitute born in Carbon and the first to greet the player character on arrival.


Ruby is the town prostitute and as such a very good source of information, as well as various itching rashes if you aren’t careful. Hot, trashy, perhaps with a heart of gold, and dressed in clothes that look like they might have been torn off her on several occasions, Ruby views her role like any dedicated professional modern working woman, she just also happens to really like her job as well. A lot.[1]

Ruby is available for sexual encounters (for 10 caps) and asks the Initiate to help her find her cat, Mr. Pussy. Mr. Pussy can be found dead, having been killed by monsters in the Carbon Crater. Bringing his corpse back to Ruby will grant caps and XP.

Later in the game, her locket is stolen by raiders attacking the town. Ruby asks the Initiate to retrieve it during their attack on the raiders' base, the Mill. She claims to know Harold who traveled through the town some time ago.

Ruby also gives the quest Kill Drunken Raiders, where the objective is to kill 10 raiders in the Carbon Bar.

Depending on gender and if the Initiate is Cain, she will give a different speech after paying for her services, and she will vomit. She must be informed that he is a ghoul for her to understand it, but telling her this will not prevent further spending on her services.


Ruby appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.



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