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Royal jelly is a consumable item in Fallout 76.


An empty Buffout bottle that has been filled with a yellow, non-spoilable substance resembling honey. It can be consumed raw to restore a moderate amount of AP and satisfy a small amount of hunger with a low chance of disease and a moderate dose of radiation, or can be cooked to provide additional benefits.


Can only be obtained in the following locations, each with a 50% chance to spawn unless otherwise noted:

  • Four can be found at Middle Mountain Cabins:
    • One in a picnic basket next to a grave behind the east cabin.
    • One next to a Pioneer Scouts terminal inside the south cabin.
    • One inside the most eastern cabin, on a small table in the center of the cabin.
    • One inside the southwest cabin, on top of a dresser, to the right.
  • Three can be found at Mountainside Bed & Breakfast:
    • One on the counter in the kitchen behind the coffee tin.
    • One upstairs on the bookshelf under the window, on the bottom shelf.
    • One on the lower entrance floor, on the table behind the cardboard box.
  • One can be found at Tanagra Town in a bathtub in a house at the very top.
  • A 6.25% chance to be collected at a Fasnacht Collectron station.


  • This is the version of royal jelly that is found on the food/drink tab of the Pip-Boy that can be used in cooking.
  • This version cannot be obtained from honey beasts.

Behind the scenes

Royal jelly is a substance produced by honey bees, which is fed to a larva to make them the queen of the hive.

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