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Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 76 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Roy Barnes is a former park ranger cut from Fallout 76.


Roy used to be a park ranger, but after the Great War, he became a glorified groundskeeper for Dolly Sods wilderness. He created a handmade mine to keep mole rats away from the park, but after he realized the danger inherent of his powerful handmade mine, he set out to disarm them, wearing nothing but a Moe the mole outfit. He was later presumed dead. He authored Barnes' journal and the Barnes' last note holotape before his death.


Roy Barnes is mentioned only in Fallout 76 cut content.

Behind the scenesEdit

Roy Barnes appears to be a reference to Bill Murray's character, Carl Spackler in the 1980 summer comedy Caddyshack. Like Carl, Roy is a groundskeeper who engages in a metaphorical "war" against rodents. As evidenced in Barnes' journal (which is an almost word-for-word copy of one of Spackler's lines), they share the same hatred of their rodent enemies. As with Spackler, both of their confrontations with "varmints" end with violence and destruction at the hand of handmade explosives.

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