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Creation Club logoThe following is based on Creation Club content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Roy Ward Baker is a feral ghoul encountered in the Commonwealth in the Creation Club content "Captain Cosmos."


Roy was the director at the Hub 360 film studio, and often used his middle name as his last name. Roy made a partnership with the U.S.S.A. to preview some of their new equipment for ArcJet's Mars shot project. However, the scientists and technicians who brought the equipment over were too busy meeting the actors such as Rod Stoddard that they didn't tell Roy that the equipment and weapons were real and used live ammunition. This proved to have dire consequences when the day they were filming the season finale (the same day as the Great War) when one of the extras on set Johnny Morton was shot by the weapon and critically injured. When the bombs fell, Roy, along with a few other unnamed people, locked themselves in a locker room in the film set. Judging by the stains on the outside of the door, it appears that Rod, in his ghoulified state, may have tried to attack them, as there is glowing blood on the wall surrounding the door, as well as bloody handprints. In the terminal entries in the locker room production terminal, which are implied to be written by Roy, he states that he is aware to the world outside ending and how the people around him, including himself, are beginning to get sick due to the ventilation not being properly sealed, causing radiation to seep in. In Roy's last entry, he states how he is feeling sick and that he is going to lie down. By the time the Sole Survivor finds Roy, he is still locked in the locker room and has become a feral ghoul.

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Roy Baker appears only in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Captain Cosmos."

Behind the scenesEdit

Roy's full name is a reference to the real life film director of the same name, Roy Ward Baker.

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