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This page is about the roving trader outfits as it appears in Fallout 3. For the roving trader outfits as it appears in Fallout: New Vegas, see Roving trader oufit.

The roving trader outfit is clothing that can be worn to increase one's Barter skill by 5. It is complemented by the roving trader hat which also raises one's Barter skill by 5.

The suit can be repaired with other copies of itself, as well as various wasteland outfits (see infobox). The hat can only be repaired using copies of itself.


Roving trader outfitEdit

Roving trader hatEdit

  • Can be reverse pick-pocketed from Lucky Harith and Crow.
  • Can be found on Evan King in Arefu.
  • Found during a random encounter where a wastelander talks about a "Green Mountain," referring to Oasis.
  • Found in the deathclaw sanctuary on a dead trader.
  • One can be obtained from Wint's body upon his death (Broken Steel).
  • Can be bought from merchants.
  • Can be found on Tobar's body upon his death (Point Lookout).


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