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Roughin' it! bedroll kit is a consumable and miscellaneous item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


A portable bed, allowing the Courier to sleep anywhere except inside buildings.


  • Above the Hopeville missile silo bunker west entrance behind a blue car (above and behind upon exit, first addressed by Ulysses).
  • At the ruined highway interchange alongside a wrecked motorcycle and two deathclaws.
  • One is located southeast of the Ashton silo control station. Go between a truck to the right and an upturned trailer to the left. Just past a ruined concrete building, also on one's right, there are two small huts someone has constructed with concrete blocks. In the first hut there are some supplies and the Roughin' it! bedroll kit.


  • Does not grant the Well Rested bonus without the Roughin' It perk, and sleeping outside a building.
  • In normal mode, the bed can be used to heal wounds and crippled limbs.
  • In Hardcore mode, this can be used to reduce sleep deprivation.
  • The bedroll is accessed through the Pip-Boy under the aid category; simply selecting the bedroll, then exiting the Pip-Boy will open the sleep time length.
  • One can only use this outside; attempting to use it indoors will trigger a message saying that it is only approved for outside use.
  • When entering The Fort, the bedroll kit is taken from the player, being considered as an aid item.
  • When the unique miscellaneous item version at the Ruined highway interchange is picked up, it changes to a consumable, as its value changes to that of the consumable.


  • PCPC The kit may not work if there is more than one in your inventory (including that of any followers in the area with you). The "Lights Out!" dialogue will pop up but the sleep menu never appears. When this happens, it is necessary to drop all but one and then travel to another location in order to get the remaining one to work.[verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes, the bed won't allow you to sleep for no reason. No message is displayed either.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes, when your limbs are damaged/crippled, the bed won't restore them to full condition. Attempting to use it again may fix the problem.[verified]