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The rotten landfill is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The landfill is a hollowed out mound with entrances from the north, south and west. Approaching one of these entrances will trigger a spawn of up to 10-12 Mole rats coming in waves of 2-3 at a time. Inside the mound to the east is a toolbox and a steamer trunk with various ammo and caps. To the north-east, on top of the mound there are two containers (a desk and a cooler) with randomized loot.

To the southwest is a small shack with some junk inside, Nuka-Cola vending machine by the door and a dumpster behind.

Notable loot

  • A leveled set of power armor at the bottom of the lake, southeast from the landfill, near the vertibird you can see from the surface.


  • Sometimes a settler spawns at the landfill and usually fights the mole rats. If talking to this settler they will reward the Sole Survivor with 50 caps for helping them fight off the rats. It is also possible to find the settler already dead.
  • Unlike most mole rat infestations, the initial wave of this one generally starts above ground, clustered near the building, and vulnerable to explosive attack.
  • Companions will make remarks about the smell while in the area:
    • If Strong is traveling with the Player he may comment on the smell stating it "Smells like home".
    • If Nick is traveling with the player he will comment on the rotten smell.
    • If Hancock is travelling with the player he will comment "some places, you just wish they'd nuked them harder".
    • If Preston Garvey is traveling with the player he will comment "Wish I had brought a gas mask".
    • If Piper is traveling with the player she will comment "It smells rank in here".
    • If Cait is travelling with the player she will comment that "it smells like the bathroom after Salisbury Steak night".
    • If Ada is traveling with the player she will comment "Now stored in my data banks. This must be the meaning of the term known as "thoroughly disgusting.""
    • If Codsworth is travelling with the player, he will remark "What a stench this place must generate!" and/or "I dare say my sensors are picking up quite the smell, I, I can't imagine it must be very pleasant for you sir/ma'am!"


The rotten landfill only appears in Fallout 4.

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