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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cass.


CompanionGoodbye I've heard enough. Let's move on. Neutral 50 All right, then. 1
FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 Makes sense to me. 2
FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 I hear you. 3
FollowersAcknowledgeMyOrder Neutral 50 Got it. 4
FollowersFired It's time for us to part ways. Sad 10 {Little regretful} If you're sure... your loss. 5
It's time for us to part ways. Neutral 50 {Teasing} What no music? {Sarcastic} I'll hold the tears 'til I'm gone. 6
It's time for us to part ways. Disgust 10 If you're sure... your loss. {Beat, under breath} Can't say I couldn't use a break from you for a while. 7
FollowersFiredNo On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 Don't be playing with my heart now, gets me pissed. 8
On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 You {emph} sure now? All right. 9
On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 Either shoot or don't, but don't be wishing and washing about it. 10
On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 {Mutters} You're like a switchblade stuck on flick. 11
On second thought, stick with me for a little longer. Neutral 50 {Told to stay or go} Going to give a lightswitch a run for its money. Click click click. 12
FollowersFiredYes Yes, I'm sure. Anger 10 {Slight sass, told to leave} Fine then. 13
Yes, I'm sure. Anger 10 {Slight sass, told to leave} I'll get out of your hair, then. 14
FollowersFiredYesSuite I'd like you to go back to the Lucky 38 for now. Fear 10 {Wary, doesn't like 38} All right... don't be long. {Under her breath} Robots there give me the creeps. 15
I'd like you to go back to the Lucky 38 for now. Fear 10 {Wary, doesn't like 38} All right. Guess Vegas it is. 16
I'd like you to go back to the Lucky 38 for now. Fear 10 {Wary, doesn't like 38} Back to the gilded cage. 17
FollowersHired I think we should travel together. Disgust 10 Can't be any worse than here. 18
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 All right then, let's get the train rolling. 19
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 You got one too many by my count. 20
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 Not in the mood for a threesome. {Beat, under her breath} Today. 21
I think we should travel together. Neutral 50 What, you teasing me? Lose one, then ask me again. 22
FollowersLetsGo Let's get going. Neutral 50 Let's hit the road. 23
Let's get going. Neutral 50 Let's roll out, then. 24
FollowersOverburdened FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 {Irritated} Carrying too much shit to move. 25
FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 {Irritated} Pinned down here carrying your bags. 26
FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 Need to lighten my load. 27
FollowersOverburdened Neutral 50 {Irritated} What did you give me, bricks? 28
FollowersStealthing FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 {Going stealthy, quiet} Bad guys won't see us coming. 29
FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 {Going stealthy, quiet, "We're hunting wabbits"} Shhhh... we're hunting shitheads. 30
FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 {Going stealthy, quiet} Holding my breath. 31
FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 {Going stealthy, quiet} Keeping quiet. 32
FollowersStealthing Neutral 50 {Going stealthy, quiet} Staying low. 33
FollowersTactics Let's talk about your tactics. Neutral 50 {Wary} I'm listening. 34
Let's talk about your tactics. Neutral 50 {To herself} Tactics ain't the word I'd use. 35
Let's talk about your tactics. Neutral 50 So talk then. 36
Let's talk about your tactics. Anger 10 {Frowns} Got my attention. 37
FollowersTacticsCombat I want you to change your combat style. Neutral 50 My {emph} style suits me just fine. But go ahead anyway. 38
I want you to change your combat style. Neutral 50 {Defensive} Well, we all ain't got Pip-VATS on our wrists. 39
I want you to change your combat style. Neutral 50 You expecting a fight? 40
FollowersTacticsCombatAggressive I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Neutral 50 {Eager} I'll do like I'm doing then - {slight evil, likes hurting people} except I'll try to smile less. 41
I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Surprise 10 {Slight confusion} What, was I not doing it right before? 42
I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Disgust 10 {To herself} Got a habit of repeating yourself. 43
I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Happy 10 Never get tired of hearing that. 44
I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Happy 10 {Eager} Now we're talking. 45
I want you to attack enemies the moment you see them. Happy 10 With a smile. 46
FollowersTacticsCombatEND Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 No arguing here. 47
Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 {Getting a little tired of talking} As long as we're not here all day. 48
Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 {Getting a little tired of talking} Long as it's not a lecture. 49
Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 I'm listening. 50
FollowersTacticsCombatGOODBYE That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 Let's hit the road. 51
That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 Road's not getting any shorter. 52
That's all. Let's get going. Neutral 50 All right, let's get this caravan rolling. 53
FollowersTacticsCombatMelee Switch to a melee weapon. Happy 10 {Pleased} All right. <Cracks knuckles> 54
Switch to a melee weapon. Neutral 50 {Wary, under her breath} As long as I'm not bringing a knife to a shootout. 55
Switch to a melee weapon. Happy 10 {Eager} Good, my fists were getting bored. 56
Switch to a melee weapon. Happy 10 {Eager} Gives me a chance to practice my backhand. 57
Switch to a melee weapon. Happy 10 {Eager} Throw some whiskey in the mix, and I'm game. 58
Switch to a melee weapon. Happy 10 {Eager} Time to make some new friends. 59
FollowersTacticsCombatPassive I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Surprise 10 {Slight confusion} Thought I was already holding back. 60
I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Disgust 10 Heard you the first time, no need to repeat yourself. 61
I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Disgust 10 {Mutters} Guess it's leftovers for me. 62
I want you not to attack enemies unless I've already engaged them. Disgust 10 {Mutters} Slim pickings, but all right. 63
FollowersTacticsCombatRanged I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 {Pleased} Could use a little target practice. 64
I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 {Pleased} Music to my ears. 65
I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 {Pleased} Dad'd approve. 66
I want you to use ranged weapons. Neutral 50 {Eager to shoot some bad guys} Line the bottles up, I'm ready. 67
FollowersTacticsDistance Let's talk about how close you're following me. Neutral 50 {Confused} What, I got whiskey on my breath? 68
Let's talk about how close you're following me. Neutral 50 {Player asks for distance, Cass thinks PC farted} Look, if you ripped one, I don't care. 69
Let's talk about how close you're following me. Disgust 10 {Herself} Washed a hundred times, Brahmin smell never gets out. 70
Let's talk about how close you're following me. Neutral 50 Sorry - travelling the Mojave don't exactly leave me smelling like a rose. 71
FollowersTacticsDistanceDefault Stay close to me. Neutral 50 About as close as I can get without crawling up your ass. 72
Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Any closer, I'm stepping in your boots. 73
Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Already am... 'less you're getting fresh on me. 74
Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Gonna need a wedding ring first. 75
Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Sorry, was lagging behind there. 76
Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Keep your shirt on, I'm coming. 77
Stay close to me. Neutral 50 All right, I'll rein it in. 78
Stay close to me. Neutral 50 Bringing up the rear. 79
FollowersTacticsDistanceEND Your distance is good. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 What now? 80
Your distance is good. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Let's hear it. 81
FollowersTacticsDistanceGOODBYE All right, you're good. Let's get out of here. Neutral 50 {Heading out with player} Sounds good to me. 82
All right, you're good. Let's get out of here. Neutral 50 {Heading out with player} All right, enough jabbering. 83
FollowersTacticsDistanceLong Keep your distance. Try to flank them. Neutral 50 Like your thinking. 84
FollowersTacticsEnd Enough about tactics. Neutral 50 Fine, let's focus on the bad guys. 85
Enough about tactics. Neutral 50 Waste of time, anyway. 86
Enough about tactics. Neutral 50 Fine. {To herself} All this planning won't matter much when the bullets fly, anyway. 87
FollowersTrade Let's trade equipment. Neutral 50 Let's distribute the weight. 88
Let's trade equipment. Neutral 50 Let's deal. 89
Let's trade equipment. Neutral 50 Let's see what you got. 90
FollowersWait Wait here. Neutral 50 {Shrugs} Sitting tight. {Beat, low, a little smug} And pretty. 91
Wait here. Neutral 50 All right, give a yell if there's trouble. 92
Wait here. Neutral 50 I'll hold up here, don't be long. 93
GREETING GREETING Anger 20 Go to hell. 94
GREETING Anger 20 {Little sad} I'm heading back West. You won't see me again. 95
GREETING Disgust 10 {Found 1st Caravan, a little sickened, looking at destroyed caravan} God, there's almost nothing left. Looks like whoever it was - was just in the mood for killing. 96
Sad 10 Most of the cargo's ash, too - not burned, looks like... disintegrated. When I heard the reports, I assumed "ash" meant "burned." 97
Sad 10 So close to the Vegas wall, too, don't that beat all. Must have happened during the day, though, they hadn't made a camp. 98
GREETING Neutral 50 {Prompt after 1st Caravan Found} You know what, what happened to my caravan - not the first time I've heard about an attack like that. 99
Neutral 50 One of our caravans got hit back a few months back, and the caravan'd been burned, too, along with the cargo. 100
Neutral 50 I wonder if he made the same mistake, and that other caravan got hit with energy weapons, too. 101
GREETING Surprise 5 {Found 2nd Caravan} More energy weapons hit this caravan. Place has been picked clean. 102
Neutral 50 This... is Brotherhood level murder here. But they don't do things like that. This was done with a purpose. 103
Neutral 50 Let's poke around a bit, see what we can find. Might be something in the wreckage. 104
GREETING Surprise 5 {Prompt after 2nd Caravan Found} What's that? Looks like a map - got the route along the West of Vegas, and... 105
Neutral 50 ...they've marked another spot. Over here, along this stretch. That's fucked up - middle of nowhere. 106
GREETING Neutral 50 {Found 3rd Site} Another caravan burned. Except someone made camp here - and I never heard about this attack. 107
Anger 5 Let's look around, something stinks. 108
GREETING Neutral 50 {Final} That does it, that's all I need to know. 109
Anger 10 Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs... they were behind burning these caravans, and they've got to answer for them. 110
Anger 20 I'm going to get some extra ammo, a few bottles of whiskey, then show them how Cassidys settle accounts. 111
GREETING Anger 5 {In Combat, gritting teeth, slight reprimand} Voices down, eyes up. 112
GREETING Neutral 50 {Alt: Enemies near} Keep your voice down, we got movement out there. 113
GREETING Anger 5 {In Combat, dismissive} Save the sweettalk for when the shooting's done. 114
GREETING Disgust 20 {Warning 3} You and me we're done traveling together. I want nothing more to do with you. 115
Disgust 20 I thought there was a {emph} chance you'd change - {shakes head} not any longer, being a fucker is who you are. 116
GREETING Anger 10 {Warning 2} Guess my last warning didn't sink in too well. Things don't change, and soon, I'm gone. 117
GREETING Disgust 20 {Warning 1} You are {emph} such an asshole sometimes. 118
Disgust 10 Look, maybe you were like this before I signed up with you, but if you keep acting this way, I'm not going to stick around much longer. 119
GREETING Disgust 20 Are you fucking high right now? God, I can smell it from here. {Beat} Keep that shit away from me. 120
GREETING Anger 5 {Uneasy, in Lucky 38 casino} Ready to leave yet? This place puts my teeth on edge. 121
GREETING Happy 5 {Teasing, actually happy to see the player} Well, now, look what rolled in. What, you getting lonely out there? 122
GREETING Anger 20 {Irritated} If you say you're going to gather evidence, then kill the bitches anyway, at least tell me when you change your mind. 123
Anger 10 Now, if you're done fucking around, let's settle accounts the old-fashioned way. 124
GREETING Happy 10 {Killed Van Graffs, grim, but happy} Just trimmed the Van Graff family tree, I think Freeside'll breathe a little easier now. 125
GREETING Happy 5 {Killed an entire camp of Crimson Caravan, grim, but happy} And that's it for the Crimson Caravan. 126
GREETING Sad 5 {Gave evidence, quest end. A little doubtful} Well, that's settled... I suppose. 127
GREETING Anger 5 {Prompt for Political Manuevering} You find any "evidence" yet? I'm not going to wait forever. 128
GREETING Sad 5 {Prompt for first caravan} Well, now that I'm free of the Outpost, was wondering if you'd mind making a detour. 129
Sad 5 I'd like to pay my respects to the end of Cassidy Caravans, check out the site where they died. 130
GREETING Happy 5 {Story Stage 0 + Checkers, Eager} We find this "friend" of yours, looking forward to adding some red to that checkered suit of his. 131
GREETING Disgust 5 {Story Stage 0 + !Benny} Why the hell we wandering so much anyway? Nothing against the Mojave except the dust, heat, and scorpions, but... 132
GREETING Happy 5 {Story Stage 0 + Benny} We find this "friend" Benny of yours, looking forward to rattling his cage. 133
GREETING Surprise 10 {Story Stage 10, to herself} Never thought I'd pass the Vegas wall. Never seen so many lights in one place before. 134
GREETING Neutral 50 {Story Stage 20, wary} Not sure who this friend of yours is, but if he's looking down on Vegas, he's either God or the moon. 135
GREETING Neutral 50 Not one for being subtle, are you? The Tops probably never saw so much action 'til you charged in. 136
GREETING Disgust 5 So glad you iced that little fucker. Anyone that wears a suit like that... well, they're asking for bullets. 137
GREETING Anger 5 So what, we chase that little cocksucker down or what? {Cold, eager} He's got to stop running sometime, and that's when we'll get him. 138
GREETING Surprise 10 {Story Stage 20, Talked to House} So... you talked to a big movie screen? Feeling like I'm walking down a yellow-bricked road, and there's bad news at the end. 139
GREETING Disgust 20 {Just watched an enemy explode} What, did... did you put a plug in his cocktube to make him explode? 140
GREETING Surprise 5 {Story Stage 20, Multiple Invites} First Vegas, now NCR {emph} and Legion? You're being courted more than a Redding widow. 141
Fear 5 {Beat, wary} Hope you can answer them politely, or there's no safe place in the Mojave for you. 142
GREETING Neutral 50 {Story Stage 20, Default} Still looking for a place to pitch your tent? NCR, Legion, or Vegas, seems like each of them's a beartrap, no matter where you put your foot. 143
GREETING Neutral 50 {Wary} Careful where you flash that chip of yours... not sure what kind of caps it's worth, but it's a tempting target. 144
GREETING Happy 5 Nothing like turning a snake's trap on itself. That Benny's a slippery fucker, but you one-upped him, all right. 145
GREETING Happy 10 Can't tell you how glad I am you butchered the Fiends. Caravans across the wastes are going to be buying you drinks for years. 146
GREETING Fear 5 Inside the Lucky 38? Not sure whether that's a blessing or a curse. 147
GREETING Fear 5 {Story Stage 30, Default} Sure hope you know what you're doing, Mojave's getting tense. 148
GREETING Neutral 50 {Story Stage 30, NCR, wary} Don't get me wrong, NCR needs the help... sometimes I wish they'd step up more on their own. {Quiet} Not sure saving them helps them in the long run. 149
GREETING Disgust 5 {Story Stage 30, Legion, wary} Sure hope you know what throwing in with the Legion means. Helping them running roughshod over the West is an Old World kind of cruel. 150
GREETING Neutral 50 {Story Stage 30, House, wary} If someone promised me all the lights of Vegas, I'd consider it, too... but I wouldn't say yes until I saw what was behind the curtain. 151
GREETING Disgust 5 {Story Stage 40} Mojave's almost buzzing like a Cazador now... must be all the blood Legion and NCR are spilling over the Colorado. 152
GREETING Fear 5 {Story Stage 50} Guess there's no turning back now, it's war. If Hoover Dam's where it's going to go down, better make it count. 153
GREETING Anger 20 {Frowns, irritated} Looking for trouble? 154
GREETING Neutral 50 {2nd Time, Mojave} You come around like a bad habit. What's on your mind? 155
GREETING Neutral 50 {Question Node: Mojave} What's on your mind? 156
GREETING Neutral 50 {In Party, Random Opener from Wheel} Oh, you look like you got something else to say besides ordering me around. 157
GREETING Neutral 50 {In Party, Random Opener from Wheel} Let's hear it, you look all serious. 158
GREETING Neutral 50 {In Party, Random Opener from Wheel} Something to say to me other than guns, distance, and stimming? 159
GREETING Neutral 50 {In Party, Random Opener from Wheel} Whoa, why you leaning in all of a sudden? 160
GREETING Neutral 50 {Question Node, !Mojave} Ask 'em then. 161
GREETING Neutral 50 <Storage Node for Jackson Variable: Do not Translate.> 162
GREETING Neutral 50 <Storage Node for High Level Topics: Do Not Translate> 163
GoodbyeMojave Never mind. I'll be going. Neutral 50 You take care now. 164
PLAYERFIREWEAPON PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Anger 10 {Irritated, player fired a gun near her} Would you keep it down? 165
PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Anger 10 {Irritated, player fired a gun near her} Waste of ammo. 166
PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Surprise 10 {Surprised, player fired a gun near her} What, you see a scorpion? 167
PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Anger 10 If you can't control it, keep it in your holster. 168
PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES Anger 10 {Player's aiming at her} Pull that trigger, you'll wish you hadn't. 169
PLAYER IN IRON SITES Anger 10 {Player's aiming at her} Don't like no one drawing a bead on me. 170
PLAYER IN IRON SITES Anger 10 {Player's aiming at her} Better be rocksalt in that, or you're asking for an asskicking. 171
PLAYER IN IRON SITES Anger 10 {Player's aiming at her} Don't make me take that away. 172
PLAYER IN IRON SITES Anger 10 {Player's aiming at her} Are you drunk? 173
PLAYERLAYMINE PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 {Low, sees mine laid} I'll keep the dancing to a minimum. 174
PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 {Sees mine laid} That ought to even the odds. 175
PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 {Sees mine laid} Somebody's ear's going to be ringing. 176
PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 {Sees mine laid} There's a leg waiting to go. 177
PLAYER LAY MINE Neutral 50 {Low, sees mine laid} Gonna be a bad day for somebody. 178
PLAYER THROW GRENADE Neutral 50 Go wide! 180
PLAYER THROW GRENADE Neutral 50 Gonna get loud! 181
VDialogueCassCassTopic000 No, only looking around. Anger 30 Well, keep those eyes up and turning - or I'll set 'em spinning. 182
Anger 30 Got no time for gawkers... {threatening} or anyone looking for something I ain't selling. 183
VDialogueCassCassTopic001 Just minding my business. Anger 5 {Slight sneer} Your business, huh? Now there's a store worth tending. 184
Anger 5 You run along now... judging by that busted pilot light expression you're fixed with, "business" ain't so good. 185
VDialogueCassCassTopic002 Wanted to ask some questions about the outpost. Anger 5 Got no time or answers for you. {Snorts} Ask a drifter in need of a few caps, they'll give you all the answers you need. 186
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic000 There's other places to go. Disgust 10 {Irritated} Where? Like Vegas? Chewed and spit enough friends out. East? Get put in one of Caesar's little "camps?" No thanks. 187
Anger 5 Head back West? I already know the Big Circle and everyone in it - 'cept now I go back there, ruined. 188
Disgust 5 {Thinking} Never really realized how small the Mojave's getting nowadays, hard to find a place to go to that's worthwhile. 189
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic001 Be my guest. Pained 20 {Drunk out of her skull} Oh my fucking god... get away from me, all three... four of you, don't need your... 190
Pained 20 Oh god, I think I'm going to be sick, and you... you look fine. 191
Be my guest. Happy 10 {Surprised} Well, guess you're a little tougher than I thought... still, looks like you're feeling it, eh, slick? 192
Be my guest. Surprise 10 You... you all right? You took a little spill there, one moment you're smiling, then... 193
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic002 <Storage Node for Variables: Do Not Translate.> Neutral 50 Still, Jackson's not letting me out of his sight as long as there's still trouble up North. 194
Neutral 50 You settle things with him, help the others around here, too, I'll sign the paper if it means getting out of here. 195
<Storage Node for Variables: Do Not Translate.> Neutral 50 {Resolved, sigh} Walking the Mojave with you can't be any worse than here, that's for sure. All right, I'm in. 196
<Storage Node for Variables: Do Not Translate.> Anger 10 Now, onto settle accounts with Gloria Van Graff. Putting her down would suit me just fine. 197
Anger 5 Might be a little tougher than the Crimson Caravan - Van Graffs are like a nest of rattlers, and the guns they've got are Brotherhood-caliber. 198
<Storage Node for Variables: Do Not Translate.> Disgust 5 Now, onto settle accounts with Alice McLafferty. Putting her down - that would suit me just fine. 199
Anger 5 Can't wait to see the look on her face when I show up. She'll know why. 200
<Storage Node for Variables: Do Not Translate.> Anger 10 Payback's a bitch, ladies, and between Gloria and Alice, that settles accounts, as far as I'm concerned. 201
Anger 10 Hope they're in hell right now, blinking, trying to figure out where they fucked up. 202
<Storage Node for Variables: Do Not Translate.> Neutral 50 My point before? Is that you know the Mojave, and it's a hard place. 203
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic003 Crimson Caravan sent me, they want to buy out your caravan. Surprise 10 {Disbelief} They want to buy Cassidy Caravans? Don't they know it's burned to ash? 204
Neutral 50 {Wary} No... even times being what they are, not sure I'm looking to sell, even for all the whiskey in Reno. 205
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic004 Wait, what happened to your caravan? Anger 10 {Frowns, sighs} Mojave happened - hit by raiders packing some heavy firepower. Can't believe the Crimson Caravan haven't heard. 206
Neutral 50 So if you want to buy all of Cassidy Caravans, you're looking at it - and what I got in my pockets. Still, as little as that is, not looking to sell. 207
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic007 So even if you have nothing, you won't sell? Neutral 50 If someone came up to you and offered you a thousand caps for your {emph} name, would {emph} you take it? 208
Anger 5 Actually, you know what, fuck it, I don't want to hear your answer anyway. 209
Anger 5 Point is, I made the caravan what it is, it's mine. 210
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic008 I have the offer letter here, the terms are fair. Neutral 50 {Studying letter} Alice McLafferty, eh? No, I see the zeroes... and I know she's good for them. 211
Neutral 50 Still, it's not about the money. Dad'd spin like a twister if he ever heard I sold our name for anything. 212
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic009 I'm prepared to offer you the terms, plus 750 caps. Surprise 5 [SUCCEEDED] {Impressed} You're obviously putting your money where your mouth is - on top of that offer letter, that is a lot of caps. 213
Anger 5 {Hesitating} Still... what makes you think that's enough. What, you think I'm cheap? 214
It's just a name, this - this is money. Disgust 20 [FAILED] "Just a name?" {Scoffs} You obviously don't know me at all to {sarcastic} sweet talk me like that. 215
Anger 20 {As if to a child} You take your letter, pay my respects to Alice, then kindly go fuck yourself. 216
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic010 I'm not going to offer money, I wanted to drink for it. Anger 5 [SUCCEEDED] You challenging me? Serious now. 217
Neutral 50 All right, you come here, armed with whiskey, we'll make a sport of it. 218
Disgust 20 And none of that radioactive shit, I'm talking whiskey, not Dixon Whiskey - whiskey. 219
Maybe... there's something else we could trade? Disgust 10 [FAILED] You are definitely barking up the wrong bar stool. Whatever you're suggesting, {emph} not interested. 220
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic011 That amount's enough to start a new caravan... with the old name. Anger 5 Old name? What old name? 221
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic013 Far from it, to turn down the original terms. Pained 5 All right, it's a deal, hand over that paper. Hnh. Can't believe I'm parting with it. 222
Far from it, to turn down the original terms. Sad 10 {Signing} All right... there you go, caravan's yours. {Beat} Feel kind of relieved, actually. Guess I didn't realize how much I was carrying around with just the name. 223
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic014 The Crimson Caravan will most likely change the name once they buy it. Surprise 5 So you're telling me, I could take this money you're offering, give them nothing, and then go on to strike up another caravan, same as before? 224
Surprise 10 {Disbelieving} What kind of fucking negotiator are you? {Impressed} Hope Alice knows the kind of snake she's got working for her. 225
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic022 If you made the caravan, you're responsible for killing it. Anger 20 [SUCCEEDED] {Low, angry} {emph} What did you just say to me? Cause you sure as hell got my attention now. 226
So what... you're just going to keep it? Disgust 5 [FAILED] Yeah, yeah I will, and you sure as hell aren't taking it. Can't believe I was even listening to you. 227
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic023 [NCR] I think they're both rangers, one desert, one NCR. Neutral 50 Hnh. Maybe you're right. Brimmed hats always throw me off. 228
Disgust 10 Well, fine, whatever, they can be shaking each other's dicks, wouldn't change the Mojave now. 229
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic025 Are you sure? Neutral 50 Look, I know you came all this way, and that takes some drive, especially these days. 230
Sad 5 Just doesn't feel right, trading history for a slip of paper. 231
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic026 This Outpost is the last place you want to be trapped. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] That... that's a good point, it's the caravan clearance that's got me stuck here. I'm sure this bar's getting tired of propping me up. 232
If you think staying here's any better... Happy 5 [FAILED] I got a bar, men who don't say a word, and plenty of whiskey, I'm fine. 233
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic028 Who believes in holding on to a dead caravan? Anger 10 Me, that's who. I'm not going to let it go just yet. There... there might be some survivors... or... 234
Anger 10 Who am I kidding. There's nothing left, and I wouldn't be here, drinking in some shitty bar in the ass end of nowhere if it wasn't true. 235
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic030 I may be honest, but at least I'm not blinded by pride. Neutral 50 {Blinks} That's fair. {Beat} But there's been that voice inside me saying the same thing, and whiskey wasn't killing it. 236
I may be honest, but at least I'm not blinded by pride. Sad 15 {Sad} Give me that paper, I'll put my name to it. No sense trying to hold the past between your fingers when it's nothing but dirt. 237
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic033 Helped out Jackson and cleared the road North. Neutral 50 {Takes a breath} Guess that settles that, then. 238
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic034 I feel great, actually. Another? Surprise 20 Another?! 239
I feel great, actually. Another? Pained 10 {Winding Down} No... no, I... you got me beat. I'm done, caravan's yours. Give me that paper, I'll... phew... put my name to it. 240
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic035 Looking for a man who shot me. Surprise 5 {Echoing} A man who shot you. 241
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic036 Still feel a little parched. Surprise 20 You want... want to drink more? 242
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic037 I flll fnnne. Happy 20 <Laughs> All right, all right, you just hang on to the bar here... that's it. 243
I flll fnnne. Neutral 50 Didn't take you for the toughest courier in the West when you walked in, but you walked all the way to the Outpost, so at least you have guts. 244
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic038 {Sold Caravan}What will you do now? Sad 5 {Sighs} That's the question I been asking myself. 245
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic040 I'll be going now. Neutral 50 Take care now. 246
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic041 What will you do now? Sad 5 {Slightly confused} No idea. Maybe... head back West? Though the idea of heading back there with my tail between my legs isn't appealing. 247
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic043 I'll get a dozen bottles of whiskey and be back. Happy 5 I'll be waiting, then. {Beat, smiling} And training. 248
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic044 Here's a dozen bottles, let's go. Neutral 50 All right then, I already got a head start, but I'll go first anyway. 249
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic045 Got the whiskey, let's do this. Neutral 50 All right then, I already got a head start, but I'll go first anyway. 250
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic046 Yeah... well, feel a... a little dizzy. Happy 5 You know you put up a good fight. I'm impressed. 251
Yeah... well, feel a... a little dizzy. Neutral 50 Thing is, I really just wanted an excuse to drink - should last me for a while. 252
Sad 10 Might just be the whiskey talking, but I think I might feel a whole lot better leaving the caravan business behind me... 253
Sad 10 Makes me a little teary-eyed, but now I've got a bottle to put 'em in. Hand over that paper, I'll put my name to it. 254
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic049 When I mmmet you I thought you were thbiggst bitch. Happy 20 Awwww. Now ain't that sweet. 255
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic051 Looking to join up with me again? Neutral 50 Was reminded why I left this place soon as I walked in. {Nods} Let's go. 256
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic054 Surprised you can see me from that deep in the bottle. Disgust 5 Deep? {Laughs, then matter of fact} Ain't deep by half. Closed down the bar yesterday, going to close it again today - rinse and repeat. 257
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic055 Was looking for someone worth my time, I was mistaken. Anger 20 A sober woman might take insult at that. {Serious} Me, I might just bust you one. 258
Anger 10 If you ain't drinking, then leave. If you're making to see if I'm an easy lay, I got a caravan shotgun that'll cure that desire right quick. 259
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic056 How about a drink instead? Neutral 50 How about a drink? How about a {emph} couple, is what you mean. 260
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic057 You any good in a fight? Neutral 50 I'm fair with chucking dynamite {rising smugness} and not bad with a pistol, if I do say so myself. {Beat, a little lower} Carry a knife, too, but that's more for practical reasons. 261
Neutral 50 Prefer settling things with my fists, though. Made more friends than corpses in bar fights - plan on keeping it that way. 262
Neutral 50 {Frowns, a little defensive} Don't think I'm some kind of Vault City pacifist, though - if things get heated, I'll start shooting, trust me. 263
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic058 Where did you learn to shoot? Neutral 50 Short of caps is what taught me, mostly. Ammo's expensive... so I learned to make every shot count. 264
Neutral 50 And hear tell, my Dad was a crack shot, so I don't want to dirty the family name. Not out of pride - respect. 265
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic059 You've used explosives? Neutral 50 Dynamite's for when you don't have enough bullets, want to clear a pass, or scare off Geckos from a caravan. 266
Neutral 50 Some of the twisters out of the Divide can block off a pass in no time, so you learn how to handle powder so you don't get trapped somewhere. 267
Neutral 50 Any event, I prefer shooting if it comes down to an argument. Don't worry, I'll carry my weight if a disagreement arises. 268
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic062 Don't really want to talk about it. Anger 5 Fine, then, not trying to pry. Just wondering what would make a Courier run around the desert without a contract is all. Forget I asked. 269
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic063 Twice. In the head. Surprise 5 {Echoing} And you got better. 270
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic065 Maybe it's not where you go, it's the company. Disgust 10 {Incredulous} "It's the company?" That has {emph} got to be the biggest load of Brahmin shit I've ever heard. 271
Neutral 50 Still, if you got more like that... 272
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic066 Running and gunning sounds interesting. Neutral 50 Jackson might have something for you, if you haven't already spoken to that old buzzard. 273
Neutral 50 He was looking to try and get troops to clear the north road. You can find him over in the other building - the one without a bar. 274
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic067 Never mind. Let's move on. Neutral 50 Sounds good to me. 275
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic068 Why not? I could use someone who knows the roads. Happy 5 So you're looking for someone to help, not just tag along? Hnh. 276
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic069 Any other weapons you know how to use? Neutral 50 What, you mean like spears? No, none of that. Mom was a tribal, but she didn't teach me anything like that. 277
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic070 Your mother was a tribal? Neutral 50 You know, like one of the tribes from the East - we got 'em out West, too. NCR's herding 'em up, though, domesticating them. 278
Neutral 50 Mom was from East of the Colorado, though, not sure what tribe. Was before the time Caesar rounded them up, made them Legion. 279
Neutral 50 She walked a hell of a way until she crossed paths with my Dad and he convinced her to stop walking. And lucky for me, he was a horny old bastard. 280
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic071 Tell me about your Dad. Neutral 50 Not much to tell. He ended up walking East one day when I was young and never came back. Not a family deserter like some, though. 281
Neutral 50 Mom died waiting for him, and she had me to raise. She was sick but she held off dying until I was old enough to be getting into trouble with boys. 282
Neutral 50 As for Dad, I figure he just got himself lost or dead. {Shrugs} Happens... and I'm not all boo-hoo about it, so save your glass for someone who's crying. 283
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic072 Any idea why he went East? Neutral 50 Not a clue. When he left, I was too in my crib to understand why, and around the time Mom passed, I was too into my teens to listen. 284
Neutral 50 Got his name, got this pendant, and that's about it. 285
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic073 Where'd you get that pendant? Happy 5 Gift from my Dad, along with my name. {Wistful} Rose of Sharon Cassidy. 286
Neutral 50 Mom said he got the name out of some Old World book about dirt pilgrims. {Beat} Name sure sounds sweet, though. 287
Neutral 50 Anyway, pendant's a little rose. Originally thought it was one of Mom's tribal necklaces, but no, came from Dad. 288
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic075 Just needed a little pick-me-up. Neutral 50 Well, keep it away from me, won't have anything to do with it. 289
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic076 What's the problem? Neutral 50 My father had heart problems, and it ran down the family tree to me. 290
Anger 5 Not looking to have my heart skip its last beat, even if I considered putting that junk in my system, which I don't. 291
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic079 If your world's a whiskey bottle, there's more out there. Disgust 10 {Sarcastic} Oh, that's got just the right bite of judgment to it, stings a little, too. {Beat} Did you hear that from a Followers preacher? 292
Disgust 10 I bet you could preach all day, who knows what other little bits of wisdom might spill out. 293
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic080 You could come with me. Surprise 5 Go with you? {Thinking} And why the hell would I do that. 294
You could come with me. Neutral 50 You got one too many by my count. 295
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic081 That's... one way to put it. Neutral 50 Didn't ask Mom to elaborate. Never heard her complain about his bedroom behavior, only complain he wasn't around to do it no more. 296
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic082 Do you really want to stay in this shithole? Disgust 5 {Player's got a point} Hnh. The Outpost lost its charm about three bottles ago, and that was just this morning. 297
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic083 Stay here, you know exactly what's going to happen, day in, day out. Neutral 50 So fighting boredom is your argument, huh? 298
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic084 What's wrong? Disgust 5 {Sarcastic} Aside from the TV-faced robots, the dust, and the old man smell in every room? Nothing, it's a paradise. 299
Disgust 5 {Uneasy} This place has the Old World Blues about it. Everything in here feels like it should have passed on a long time ago. 300
Neutral 50 Hell, it's hard to believe Vegas is right outside. So, yeah, I'm looking to leave whenever you're ready. 301
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic085 All right. Come on, let's go. Neutral 50 {Relieved to be leaving} Thank god, the sooner the better. 302
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic086 Is whiskey your drink of choice? Neutral 50 Not sure if I chose it or it chose me. {Beat} Dad ran a bar a long time ago, and it was a labor of love, Mom said. Didn't sound like it made her happy. 303
Happy 5 Still, I'm guessing I got some of Dad's love of whiskey in me, because the burn suits me fine. 304
Anger 5 Used to call me "Whiskey Rose" back West, before I punched enough people, so now they say it, but quiet and when I'm not around. 305
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic087 Whiskey Rose? Neutral 50 Yeah, on account of my name... and the blossoms on my cheeks when I drink too much. 306
Happy 10 Won most of those fights, too. Can take a hell of a punch and give it right back when I've got a bottle in me. 307
Happy 5 It's all in how you drink it, though - there's a trick to it. {Beat, nods} When we pass the bottle, I'll show you how it's done. 308
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic088 I've met him. Nice impersonation. Disgust 5 Yeah, he's been with NCR so long all he can see is the worst outcome of everything - so he doesn't do anything. 309
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic091 Are you all right? Anger 5 All right? No, I'm not all right. 310
Are you all right? Anger 10 Drinking to forget, and it's only getting me mad instead. Whiskey always gets my temper up - now more than ever. 311
Anger 10 Drinking used to cause all sorts of trouble back West - before I punched enough people, that is, and they learned to lay low when the whiskey hit. 312
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic093 What are you trying to forget? Anger 5 Lost my caravan heading north, the driver burned to ash - and they didn't even take the cargo, they just burned that, too. 313
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic094 Back West? Sad 5 Yeah, if you couldn't tell, I'm not from around here and I'm not NCR. I run a caravan... or did. 314
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic095 Uh, how about you keep your hands by your sides. Neutral 50 Don't worry, not looking to throw punches just yet. {Beat} And something tells me hitting you would be a mistake I wouldn't want to repeat. 315
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic096 Why would they do that? Anger 5 My guess is Legion, they're trying to cut NCR's supply line... and the Mojave Outpost is proof. Got us locked up tighter than a New Vegas virgin. 316
Disgust 5 No caravans in, out, and just {emph} try arguing with Jackson about it. "Roads aren't safe," he says. 317
Disgust 10 No shit, you washed-out old fuckup, I didn't need a Brotherhood Scribe to tell me that. 318
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic099 Who's Jackson? Disgust 5 NCR officer, trooper, whatever - runs the place. He's over in the main building, the one {emph} without a bar. 319
Who's Jackson? Anger 10 Jackson won't let me head north, it's not safe... and even though my caravan's gone, my caravan {emph} papers are keeping me here. 320
Anger 5 So if you came here for work, {emph} my advice? Go find the Crimson Caravan branch, south of Vegas. {Bitter, emph} They can help you out. 321
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic100 What are you going to do? Sad 10 Drink. Got a lot of memories to drown. If I die while doing it, so be it. Got nowhere else to go. 322
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic101 So you're out of the caravan business? Sad 5 Sure am. Burned for the last time, and this time, it's for good. Worse, it's not done kicking me - I'm still {emph} trapped here. 323
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic102 I'd slow down on that whiskey, if I were you. Anger 10 Yeah, well, you {emph} aren't me, so good-for-fucking-you. 324
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic103 That drinking's going to get you in trouble in a second. Anger 5 Trouble's already come and went, so anything {emph} you bring will make my next drink go down easier. 325
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic104 Already cleared the roads for Jackson. Surprise 10 {Blinks} No shit? Drink's on me, then. 326
Anger 5 Still, not like I'm going anywhere. Caravan title's still keeping me here, even though it's dead and gone. 327
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic105 Anything you can tell me about the Outpost? Neutral 50 You're looking at it. It's a watering hole without much to brag about. 328
Neutral 50 It's like a Brahmin drive gone wrong - supposed to be a gate north, but you come here, you get caught in the pen. Better to head back home. 329
Disgust 5 If you don't have a gun and a will, don't matter much what you do when you reach here, except stare at that fucking monument outside. 330
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic106 That fucking monument outside? Disgust 10 Don't even tell me you missed it coming in. It's like NCR showing its dick to all the East. 331
Disgust 5 If the Republic put as much effort into protecting the East as they put into those two asinine giants outside, then they'd be {emph} worth that monument. 332
Disgust 10 {Shakes head} Statues of two men shaking hands covered in blood don't seem to be nothing to brag about. 333
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic107 Covered in blood? Neutral 50 {Slight exasperation} I'm speaking figurative, isn't any blood on their damn hands. {Beat, to herself, serious} Course, when Caesar comes walking through here, there'll be blood for real. 334
Neutral 50 And after the blood dries in the sun, he'll melt that piece of Jet-induced sculpture down, and reshape it into a bull. 335
Neutral 50 Which by my reckoning is making up for a deficiency of his. But no matter what the state of his pecker, he's sure giving the West a good fucking. 336
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic108 What are those statues supposed to be? Disgust 10 {Irritated, doesn't much care} One's a ranger, one's an NCR trooper, supposed to represent unification of West and East... or some such shit. 337
Disgust 5 As far as those two iron lovebirds go, they've got more spine than you'll see in a year from the NCR government. 338
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic109 Jean-Baptiste in Freeside wanted to meet with you. Disgust 5 Jean-Baptiste? Sounds like someone got knocked out of the good book so hard his name broke. 339
Disgust 5 {To herself, "Canadarian" is intentional fuckup} Either that or it's Canadarian or some such shit. {Frowns, to player} So who is this... "Baptiste" and what does he want? 340
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic111 A doctor helped patch me up. Neutral 50 Two shots in the head without an Auto-Doc is a lot of patching. Hope you thanked him properly. 341
Neutral 50 Who's this snake that put bullets in your head? Did he have cause, or...? 342
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic112 Why are you here at the bar? Neutral 50 Whiskey and me are old friends, keeps me going when times get rough. Like now. 343
Neutral 50 Got me into the caravan business, you know - had to start transporting water instead of liquor, though. 344
Neutral 50 If I hadn't switched over, I'd end my trip with nothing but glass bottles rattling on the back of the Brahmin. 345
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic113 Any work around here? Neutral 50 If you're looking to sign on with a caravan, no - traders are bottled up tight here. 346
Neutral 50 Caravan work's up north, check with the Crimson Caravan, maybe. Gun Runners might have work, wouldn't know for sure, though. 347
Neutral 50 Still, if you got a gun, guts, and feeling like going on patrol, might be some of the soldiers around here have work for you. 348
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic114 Any other work? Neutral 50 I don't know, seems to be a lot of attention on Nipton. Word is, one of the snipers in the nest on the roof spotted smoke from the East. 349
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic115 Sniper on the roof? Disgust 5 Yeah, her name's... Ghost or something... {mocking} fucking scary, ooooooh. {Sarcastic} Guess it's cause you'll never see her 'til your dead. 350
Disgust 5 NCR and their goddamn nicknames, as if Caesar himself's gonna piss and run if he hears them. 351
Neutral 50 Anyway, go on and head up top, ask her what's going on, if you haven't already. I don't much give a shit. 352
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic116 He wanted something I was carrying. Disgust 5 So he robbed you? Robbing a courier's low, and any family or group he's with is going to get a black eye for it. 353
Anger 5 Caravan code of the wastes is you don't fuck with the one who brings you your mail, and you don't fuck with your supply line. 354
Anger 5 Hope this shithead knows what he's in for. From both of us... what's his name? 355
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic118 I don't think it was personal. Surprise 10 {Slight incredulous that the player would be dismissive of being shot} Well if it wasn't before, it is now. 356
Anger 10 Did he bother to introduce himself, or did he not take you for somebody who'd get up again when killed? 357
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic119 Benny, wore a checkered suit. Neutral 50 {Frowns} Can't say I've heard the name. Or heard about any man dressed like a seat cover. 358
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic120 Didn't introduce himself, wore a bad suit. Neutral 50 Bad suit, huh? Well, if assholes had taste, we'd all be feasting on shit. 359
Didn't introduce himself, wore a bad suit. Neutral 50 Still... suit means money, and suits stand out, especially here in the Mojave. One of the larger towns, or Vegas, might be the place to go. 360
Happy 5 {Cold} Don't you worry, though, we'll sort this asshole out, rattle his cage a little. 361
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic121 Go back West, then, see if I care. Anger 10 Fine, I will, jackass. 362
Go back West, then, see if I care. Anger 5 You can have your shit back, I don't need it or want it. You go your way, I'm going mine. 363
Anger 5 And don't try looking for me - it was a mistake to show up in the Mojave in the first place, and I'm not about to repeat that mistake twice. 364
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic123 Well, in the meantime, he's given me a suite at the Lucky 38. Fear 5 Does it come with its own Deathclaw? Trust me, if you can't see it, something just as nasty's waiting. 365
Neutral 50 Whole Lucky 38... the idea that there's this casino in the middle of a town of people, and only you're ever let inside? 366
Sad 5 {To herself} Feels like other places I've been. Something that isolated from everyday folks starts to take on a bad shine. 367
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic124 Good, go back to your famil... oh wait, they're fucking dead. Anger 20 {Cold} You son of a bitch. {Beat} You know, I was just going to give you a piece of my mind and now? Now I'm going to put you down. 368
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic125 Life means we have to make tough choices - me included. Neutral 50 Who you are comes from the choices you make when life {emph} gets tough. 369
Anger 5 So if you're saying that life is dragging you down, I don't buy it. You better start changing your attitude, or I'm heading back West, you hear? 370
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic126 <Attack>That's it. Tired of listening to you anyway. Surprise 10 {Surprised} You're seriously going to draw on me? Fine, do it, see what happens. 371
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic127 <Lie> The Mojave's a hard place. But I need to rise above that. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] {Hesitating} Well... all right. I'll stick around for a little while longer, but if you get out of line again... 372
<Lie> Look... I'm trying to change, life's tough. Disgust 5 [FAILED] That's your excuse? 373
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic128 Tough words, but I needed to hear them. I'll change, I promise. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] {Hesitating} Well... all right. I'll stick around for a little while longer, but if you get out of line again... 374
I'm... not proud of what I've done. I'm trying to change, really. Disgust 5 [FAILED] That's your excuse? 375
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic129 <Lie> I'll change Cass, I promise. Anger 5 [SUCCEEDED] {Hesitating} I'll hold you to that promise, then. I'm not known for my patience, though. 376
<Lie> I heard you, I did. I've changed... inside. Disgust 10 [FAILED] {Scoffs} Inside? Yeah, must be deep inside, all right. 377
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic130 I've made mistakes. You judging me doesn't help. Sad 5 [SUCCEEDED] {Hesitating} All right... maybe I was a little harsh. I can be that way. 378
I'm trying to do better... really trying. Anger 5 [FAILED] Trying's the same thing as giving up, the way you're saying it. 379
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic131 Look, the Mojave's a tough place, all right? Anger 10 You need to be tougher. If you let the Mojave get you down, then you've given up on life. 380
Anger 10 So straighten out, stop being so shifty and... {struggles to find the words for the player's evil} downright mean, and see if that doesn't change your outlook. 381
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic134 Can we talk about this? Disgust 20 Fuck that. You can walk the road to hell on your own. 382
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic141 I already took care of Jackson. Er, the Jackson problem. Surprise 10 {Blinks} No shit? Drink's on me, then. 383
Anger 5 Still, not like I'm going anywhere. Caravan title's still keeping me here, even though it's dead and gone. 384
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic142 He's... gone, don't think he can help. Anything else? Neutral 50 I don't know, seems to be a lot of attention on Nipton. Word is, one of the snipers in the nest on the roof spotted smoke from the East. 385
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic143 How'd you get started in the caravan business? Neutral 50 Started? Took to it like a fish to water... {hesitant} well, if you know what a fish is. 386
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic144 What the hell is a fish? Neutral 50 It's this... slimy, scaled thing, like a Lakelurk, except no legs. Well, most times. They're like birds, except they stay underwater. 387
Neutral 50 Anyway, I've seen pictures. One guy even had one above his bar in Redding, except it was made of Pre-War plastic. 388
Disgust 5 Used to say it could sing, but I figured he was on a Jet rush. 389
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic145 [Intelligence] I'm familiar. Do *you* know what a fish is? Surprise 5 {Suddenly unsure} Well... of course I do. 390
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic146 So you just started in the caravan...? Neutral 50 Actually, it sort of fell on me. My feet get antsy if I stay in one place, like the Mojave Outpost. 391
Anger 5 Was driving me crazy, that feeling of being trapped there, so thanks for that. 392
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic147 So you traveled a lot. Neutral 50 Yeah. West, East - and passed through places enough times people would sometimes pay me some caps to take something to the next town. 393
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic148 What, like a courier? Neutral 50 Well, not as glamorous, I guess - roads back West were safer in most places. {Beat, to herself} Most. 394
Neutral 50 Anyway, occurred to me I could scratch the traveling itch and get paid for it. Cassidy Caravans formed around me, rest is history. 395
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic149 How's caravan life in the Mojave? Neutral 50 Well, I'm not one for soft living... or soft men, let me tell you. I'm guessing neither are you. 396
How's caravan life in the Mojave? Disgust 5 Well, I'm not one for soft living or soft men, let me tell you. Otherwise, I wouldn't be talking to you right now - on both counts. 397
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic150 [Cherchez La Femme] That's... rarely an issue. Surprise 20 {Frowns} What? {Beat} Oh. Damn, no offense meant. Sometimes I get so drunk, I don't care who I share a bed with, so that's fine with me. 398
[Cherchez La Femme] That's... rarely an issue. Neutral 50 My point before? Is that you know the Mojave, and it's a hard place. 399
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic151 [Black Widow] Soft men don't stay that way around me, I've found. Disgust 5 Well, don't let the soldiers drink too much, and I'd agree with you most time. Fucking whiskey dicks. 400
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic153 [Confirmed Bachelor] As long as we keep it on that level. Neutral 50 {Frowns} What? {Beat} Oh. All right. {Beat} Guess you've got a Legion outlook on things. No problems here, there's a lot more of that in the Mojave than you see. 401
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic154 [Ladykiller] Miss Cassidy... are you flirting with me? Anger 5 Don't take that as anything more than my words. {Teasing} I bet you're a real sweetheart the way you leave that trail of broken-hearts behind you. 402
Happy 5 I know your look, you probably {emph} say all the right things... so we're clear, nothing's going to happen between us. You'd best respect that. 403
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic155 What can you tell me about New Vegas? Neutral 50 Much as anyone else. Cazador trap - you fly in, the city sucks a pint out of you, then you're out on the street. 404
Disgust 5 NCR makes a habit of going there and dumping cash, only the Strip gets fat off it. 405
Neutral 50 Couldn't tell you much more than that. Not really one for New Vegas when there's enough dumpwater bars in the Mojave to last me. 406
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic156 And caravan life's the same way? Disgust 5 {Raises an eyebrow} The Caravan fighting here in the Mojave... it's been downright brutal. The amount of caravan space you reserve for ammo alone... 407
Disgust 5 {Sighs} And if it's not raiders, Powder Gangers, it's NCR tolls. They need to get the money from somewhere, even if it's Vegas-bound. 408
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic157 Do you deal mostly with NCR? Neutral 50 Anyone wise does. Vegas families pay on time, from what I've heard - even the Omertas. The White Gloves pay on time, but they're... creepy. 409
Neutral 50 Deal with anyone else, though, you're taking a big risk. 410
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic158 Can you tell me anything about this Platinum Chip? Neutral 50 {Suspicious} Well, no idea why your friend Mr. House wants it, but I'm guessing it's not for the caps. 411
Can you tell me anything about this Platinum Chip? Surprise 5 {Impressed} Must've been one huge metal Bighorner that crapped that chip out. 412
Neutral 50 My guess? Leads to a big cashout at some casino - and if the "38" on it is any indication... well... Lucky 38 it is. 413
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic159 What about Caesar's Legion? Anger 20 {Defensive, a little angry - hates these guys} The Legion? What about them? 414
Anger 20 {Slight anger} I don't trade caps or supply anyone who keeps slaves, and treats women like Brahmin in those... "camps" of theirs. 415
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic160 All right, just asking. Sad 5 Look, not meaning to fly off the handle like that. 416
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic161 Do they deal with any caravans at all? Neutral 50 There's some caravans that deal with the Legion, yes. And as much as it pains me to say it, any caravan marked by the Legion is safe as houses. 417
Neutral 50 They guard their roads, their supply lines - even Fiends would hesitate before going after any trader dealing with Legion. 418
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic162 You sound frustrated. Anger 5 I am. If NCR took the same stand and committed patrols to the roads, then I think that'd solve a lot of their problems right there. 419
Anger 10 But they don't. Caravans get butchered in the Mojave all the time, like mine. And so fucking close to Vegas, you could see it from the wall. 420
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic164 There must be good parts to the Republic. Anger 5 NCR tries. It's just that trying doesn't mean a whole lot when you're paying your respects to the dead. 421
Neutral 50 And Legion, from what I've heard, they don't do the "stop tolls" on the roads or in the outposts like some NCR quartermasters do. 422
Anger 5 You're lucky if you turn a profit sometimes if some new officer gets assigned a route, the fees just get worse. 423
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic165 Any other differences between Legion and NCR? Neutral 50 Much as I hate the Legion, caravan life would be a hell of a lot easier if they ran the roads. 424
Neutral 50 {Thinking about it again} Well, as long as those companies were run by men. And that's the biggest issue I see. 425
Neutral 50 And it's a shame, but I think there's people on the NCR side who feel more strongly than I do. 426
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic166 What do you think of NCR? Anger 5 NCR's my country, and I support it. Anyone who says otherwise, I'll feed them my knee. 427
Neutral 50 I know which side of the firing line I'm on in the Mojave, just so you know. 428
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic167 There's a "but" in there. Neutral 50 Yeah, there is. 429
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic168 You support it no matter what? Neutral 50 I'm not some blind, flag-saluting do-as-they-will NCR lover. They're family, but let me tell you what family means. 430
Neutral 50 You ever had a brother? Some dumbass younger brother, say, who knocked up the pastor's daughter, can't hold a job, and his home-away is a jail cell? 431
Disgust 5 That's NCR. Their compass is spinning, all the time. 432
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic169 So they lack direction? Neutral 50 They try to put their stake in everything they see. 433
Neutral 50 Nobody's dick's that long, not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fucking long dick. Thus, the name. 434
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic170 Yeah, I got that part, thanks. Neutral 50 So NCR, tries to hold on to everything. They can't, because it's too big for them to get their arms around. 435
Neutral 50 They can't guard the roads, they can't put a line of troops around the Mojave... it's just greed that makes the heads back West even try. 436
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic172 So the Mojave suffers. Sad 5 Aside from the people in the towns, it's the soldiers that suffer for it most. 437
Neutral 50 Ever seen NCR troops asked to go after gangs at three-to-one odds? That bear flag doesn't make them bulletproof. 438
Anger 10 And when those gangs were caused by NCR in the first place, like the Powder Gangers? Caesar on a crutch, don't get me started there. 439
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic173 So what's the alternative? Neutral 50 Look, don't get me wrong. 440
So what's the alternative? Neutral 50 I wouldn't want the Brotherhood or the Followers or the Vegas families running the Mojave, all of them are a different kind of fuck-up. 441
Neutral 50 NCR just has some shaping up to do. Maybe Caesar kicking them in the nuts is a nice wake-up call, is all I'm saying. 442
Anger 5 I just wish Caesar would kick the heads of NCR, not the feet. {Beat} I've fucked a soldier in my time - they don't need to get fucked by their orders. 443
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic174 There's other alternatives. Neutral 50 Look... and what I'm about to say, I don't mean as any offense to you, I know where your sympathies lie. 444
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic175 What do you mean? Neutral 50 Some caravans deal with the Legion now because the security. If towns could get the same protection? A lot more tempting than you'd think. 445
Neutral 50 A bunch of people would be willing to side with the Legion to not have to worry about Fiends and Boomers and Powder Ganger attacks. 446
Sad 10 {Sad} It's not hard for some folks to sell freedom when the alternative is worse. Especially if being with NCR is going to get you on a Legion cross. 447
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic177 You sure you want to do this? Anger 10 Oh, I'm sure. Killing never felt so good, could almost hear the dead behind me guiding my hand. 448
Anger 20 Now that that bitch is in hell, they'll have a shot at her, too. So what are we waiting for? We've got more work to do. 449
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic178 Got it. Let's loot the place. Happy 20 {Grim, pleased} Music to my ears. 450
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic180 You all right? Sad 5 {Takes a breath} Yeah... yeah, I am. Never realized had all that anger in me. {Beat, cold} Makes me wonder how much more I can settle with bullets. 451
Neutral 50 You know, when I first heard about them, I was so mad, but there was this little part of me that said, "you can't do to them what they did to you." 452
Anger 10 I say fuck that part. I feel purified, and I love the fact that there's no more loose ends. 453
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic181 So that's it, then. Neutral 50 That's it. {Beat} Except for one thing... thanks. 454
Neutral 50 Not many people in my company would have done what you did for me without some hesitation or asking me to cool down. 455
Neutral 50 But you backed me, even when the odds were against us. Words aren't enough, but - thanks. 456
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic183 Are you all right? Sad 5 Feels... I don't know. I guess I feel relieved. I don't know what I feel. 457
Are you all right? Neutral 50 Wait, that's not true. I think the NCR back West, when riled, is going to be the worst enemy the Van Graffs and the Crimson Caravan ever had. 458
Disgust 5 They're all so mired in procedure and paper out there, the kind of evidence we gave is going to be worse than shooting them. 459
Sad 5 I think that settles accounts with me - and my men. {Beat} That was some tricky political maneuvering, but worth it, even if it takes a few years. 460
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic184 Better than the alternative. Sad 5 No... no, I know. Just hard to say how I feel right now. 461
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic186 I'm for that, let's go kill them. Anger 10 Don't care much for which one we kill first, whether settling accounts with McLafferty or making that bitch Gloria eat her hair. 462
Neutral 50 The Van Graffs are going to be tougher, so we'll likely get killed there. If we go to the Crimson Caravan camp, we'll just need a lot of bullets. 463
Happy 5 Still, we give the Van Graffs the what-for, that means all those guns they used on my caravan - we can take and use on the Crimson Caravan. 464
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic187 There's another way - we can get evidence, let NCR take them down. Anger 20 NCR? Are you out of your fucking mind? 465
Anger 20 That'd take years... and with the war with the Legion, no way they're going to waste time running up the Crimson Caravan or the Van Graffs! 466
There's another way - we can get evidence, let NCR take them down. Neutral 50 And what makes you think any evidence can be found? 467
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic188 The harm to the Van Graffs would last longer - and travel back West. Neutral 50 All right, if you poke around the Van Graffs and Alice, fine. 468
Anger 5 But if I see either one, go into their camp? I'm going to start shooting, no matter what you find. 469
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic190 Here's the evidence of the deal. Without its twin, there's no proof. Neutral 50 So there's just one more safe to crack? Hope you can get to it. 470
Neutral 50 {Frowns} Say what you will about the two leading ladies, they watch their lockers like crows. Still... you got one, so the other might not be impossible. 471
Neutral 50 If you get both, then let's talk. {Beat} And... I appreciate you putting yourself at risk like this. Thanks. 472
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic191 Here's both pieces of evidence. Surprise 5 {Impressed} No shit. There it is, the blood, the motive, as clear as day. They must have penned these with snake venom. 473
Here's both pieces of evidence. Neutral 50 But... we got it, now what? Sure, this damns them, but only if someone listens. 474
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic192 Not yet. Anger 10 I held off on filling them full of holes, so unless you give me a good reason to cool my heels soon, I'm not waiting much longer. 475
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic193 Because of what happened to your caravan. Surprise 5 {Blinks} You're saying... they might need to do the same thing to each other some day. And evidence is easier than bullets. 476
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic194 No one enters into a deal like this unless they have dirt on their partner. Neutral 50 {Blinks} No... No, I'd agree with that. And Alice and Gloria are two crows that'd keep something like that in their nest. 477
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic196 Anyone you trust in NCR? Neutral 50 {Blinks} Well... Jackson in the Mojave Outpost could get it to folks in the West. I wouldn't trust anyone closer to the Colorado. 478
Neutral 50 {Thinking} And the Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs have their heart back West. {Beat} Not sure it'll do any good, though. 479
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic197 We have to try. Neutral 50 All right, let's do it, listen to what he has to say. 480
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic200 Where was your caravan hit? Sad 5 {Sighs} Up side of Vegas, hear tell. Trapped at the Mojave Outpost, so I wasn't able to run there when I heard. 481
Sad 5 Been weeks since it was hit, so the site's probably a Cazador nest by now. 482
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic201 How did you catch word of it? Neutral 50 Got word back on what happened from Rangers, guess they found enough in the wreckage to identify it. 483
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic202 Think there's anything left? Neutral 50 {Sighs} Only wishful thinking on my part, most likely. At the least, I'd like to pay my respects. 484
Think there's anything left? Sad 5 {To herself, downnote} I got them into this mess, I owe them that much. 485
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic204 Already been there, nothing worth finding. Neutral 50 Well, I still wouldn't mind going there and crossing my heart a few times, if only to make me feel a bit better. 486
Already been there, nothing worth finding. Sad 5 {To herself, downnote} I got them into this mess, I owe them that much. 487
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic205 Let's go, then. Sad 5 Thanks, I appreciate it. 488
Let's go, then. Neutral 50 Some of the caravan might be ash, but we were expecting raiders and over-inquisitive NCR border guards. There might be something left. 489
Neutral 50 If I'm there with you, shouldn't be hard to spot. And I'd prefer to see the bodies with my own eyes. 490
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic206 I may have already searched the area. Neutral 50 Well, you have to know what to look for. 491
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic208 Why would they have done it during the day? Neutral 50 No idea. Maybe catch the sun in their eyes? Maybe they wanted the caravan to come to them, walk into an ambush? 492
Why would they have done it during the day? Neutral 50 We should check the wagon, they may not have got everything. 493
Neutral 50 Whatever we find, it's yours - least I can do for hoofing it all this way with me. 494
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic210 Know anything about Mr. House? Neutral 50 Not much, and I haven't had occasion to look for anything more than that. 495
Neutral 50 I've heard what most people know... he's said to run New Vegas, he runs the robots, but... well, no one's really seen him. 496
Know anything about Mr. House? Neutral 50 Well, except you, that is. 497
Know anything about Mr. House? Disgust 5 Of course, no one really will now that he's dead. Good thing, too, no idea what that contraption was on his pecker. 498
Know anything about Mr. House? Neutral 50 So if he wants to see you... well, that's a rare thing I wouldn't turn down. I'd ask him some hard questions if I were you. 499
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic211 Is there anything salvagable? Neutral 50 Not sure, let's look around. 500
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic212 Want to go check it out? Neutral 50 Yeah, it's a ways, though, hell of a detour. You sure? 501
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic216 Want to check it out? Anger 5 Yeah, something's wrong, I can feel it. 502
Neutral 50 It's not any closer than the first, so if you'd rather let be, let me know. 503
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic217 We'll make the time. Neutral 50 All right then, let's move out. 504
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic218 Got it, let's start looting. Anger 10 Don't have to tell me twice, feel more alive than I ever have. 505
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic220 He's with the Van Graffs. Neutral 50 {Thinking} The only Van Graffs I know are the ones out West - well, except for Gloria Van Graff, and I don't know her all that well, nor do I want to. 506
Neutral 50 Don't have any objections speaking with him, though if he's with the Van Graffs, he should know I'm not looking to buy weapons. 507
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic221 Let's do it, then. Anger 5 Don't matter much how we settle this, as long as it gets settled. 508
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic222 See anything at the caravan site? Neutral 50 No... still eating at me, though. Wouldn't mind taking another look. Something's off. 509
See anything at the caravan site? Neutral 50 I think we should explore the next one, see what's up. Got my curiosity riled. 510
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic223 See anything at the second caravan site? Neutral 50 Nothing yet, but... something's there. Just got to look around and find it. 511
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic224 Any idea what was up at the site of the last caravan? Neutral 50 Not sure yet, something's definitely wrong. They were massacred, we should look around, find out why. 512
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic225 Interested in... uh... following me to Freeside? Neutral 50 I'm already shadowing you, aren't I? Lead on, I'll follow. 513
Interested in... uh... following me to Freeside? Neutral 50 Ask me to come with you, I'll think about it on the way. 514
Interested in... uh... following me to Freeside? Neutral 50 Not leaving here until my caravan papers clear, or my title goes away. 515
Neutral 50 If you were looking for someone to caravan with, I'd try the Crimson Caravan up north. They pretty much run the roads now. 516
Interested in... uh... following me to Freeside? Neutral 50 Don't know, not sure where to head to next. 517
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic226 Where do you usually go to drink? Neutral 50 There's usually a bar in every stop along the road. Helps me sleep. Well, not really, but I tell myself that. 518
Where do you usually go to drink? Neutral 50 Sometimes I have to brew it myself if I'm too far from a bar. Not quality, but I'm for anything that takes the edge off the day. 519
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic227 Wait, you can make Moonshine? Neutral 50 Yeah, what else you going to do with an empty bottle? Wait for it to refill itself? 520
Neutral 50 Get me some ingredients out of the Mojave, an empty bottle, a little time, and I'll keep us stocked. 521
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic228 Here's the items for making some Moonshine. Neutral 50 {Warning} Look, no guarantee on the quality, only the results. And don't drink too much of this stuff or you might go blind. 522
Here's the items for making some Moonshine. Neutral 50 All right, I'll start brewing. 523
Here's the items for making some Moonshine. Neutral 50 Here you go. Go easy on it until you train yourself to choke back the urge to gag. After a few bottles and the vomiting, it ain't so bad. 524
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic229 Can you make me some of your Moonshine? Neutral 50 Don't have all the ingredients you need - come back when you have 'em, and I'd be happy to get something cooking. 525
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic230 I took care of Jackson. Er, the Jackson problem. Neutral 50 {Takes a breath} Guess that settles that, then. 526
VDialogueCassRoseofSharonCassidyTopic232 Uh... Jackson? He can't help us, he's... gone. Anger 5 Don't matter much how we settle this, as long as it gets settled. 527
VEndingCass VEndingCass Sad 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending, slow and sad} Rose of Sharon Cassidy died as her caravan died - in an unmarked grave, another victim of the Mojave. 528
VEndingCass Sad 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending, Sad} Despite the destruction of Cassidy Caravans, Cass lived for 30 more years. 529
Sad 10 {Narrating her own ending, sad} She made her way back West and passed away in a small shack outside of Vault City, the rose pendant still around her neck. 530
VEndingCass Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} The slaughter of the Van Graffs and the Crimson Caravan caused no end of trouble for NCR back West. 531
Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} Already struggling, NCR's supply lines suffered further as the two caravans withdrew support until the "massacre in the East" was resolved. 532
VEndingCass Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} In the years following the destruction of Cassidy Caravans, NCR used evidence of the plot to blackmail the Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs. 533
Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} NCR enacted strict trade laws with little resistance, strengthening their supply lines and their position in the Mojave. 534
VEndingCass Happy 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending} Cass survived to see the NCR flag flying proud over Hoover Dam, and thought for a moment... {emph} this is what a hero must feel like. 535
VEndingCass Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} Cass lived to see Hoover Dam in its Old World glory, humming with power the likes of which the Mojave had never seen. 536
Sad 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending, Sad, skipping is bad} Vegas burned brighter than ever, Securitrons filled the streets, and Cass's heart skipped... just a little. 537
Sad 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending} Her last words were to the Dam - and to herself. {Resume Cass Voice, sad} "We were going full speed ahead... but facing backwards the whole time." 538
VEndingCass Surprise 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending} Cass lived to see the Courier bring down three armies and by her count, that was three more than she'd expected. {Beat, a little quieter} She'd kept quiet about that, though. 539
VEndingCass Sad 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending} Cass lived to see the mark of the Legion on Hoover Dam. Uncertain of what lay next for the West, she remained silent. 540
Sad 10 {Narrating Her Own Ending, Sad} As the Legion marched West, she found it difficult to see the Dam as anything more than a gravestone for the Mojave - and everyone in it. 541
VEndingRoseofSharonCassidyComplete <Do Not Translate> Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} That night, Cass kicked in the door of his room to celebrate, only to find the man on the bed was an NCR soldier whose barracks had been destroyed. 542
Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} He was cute, though, so after having her way with him, she got the hell out, leaving an empty whiskey bottle as a note. 543
Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} As she walked along the Dam in the night, she felt drunk, content, and happy to be alive. {Beat, end on a positive downnote} Which to her, was the whole point of it all. 544
VEndingRoseofSharonCassidyNCR <Do Not Translate> Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} She was about to tell the Courier not to get too proud of himself, then she figured he knew that already. 545
<Do Not Translate> Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} She was about to tell the Courier not to get too proud of herself, then she figured she knew that already. 546
<Do Not Translate> Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} So she laughed, said fuck it all, and raised a bottle to the Dam and the ones who had fought for it. 547
Neutral 50 {Narrating Her Own Ending} As far as she was concerned, the whole thing was proof that playing out a bad hand can pay off in the end... 548
<Do Not Translate> Neutral 50 ...as long as someone like the Courier was holding the cards. 549
<Do Not Translate> Neutral 50 ...as long as a woman like the Courier was holding the cards. 550


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 All right, then. 551
VCassFreesideSass01 VCassFreesideSass01 Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} Stake a claim somewhere else, pretty boy. 552
VCassFreesideSass02 VCassFreesideSass02 Anger 10 {To a bad come-on} Looking for target practice, you keep talking. 553
VCassFreesideSass02 Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} Wanted to be with someone who knew how to please a woman, that's what. 554
VCassFreesideSass03 VCassFreesideSass03 Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} No, and ain't looking to be a babysitter, neither. 555
VCassFreesideSass04 VCassFreesideSass04 Anger 10 {To a bad come-on, Under her breath} Somebody's asking for a boot in their fusebox. 556
VCassFreesideSass04 Disgust 10 Wild Wasteland |{To a bad come-on, Dismissive} Ain't nothing but a hound dog. 557
VCassFreesideSass05 VCassFreesideSass05 Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} I'm not the {emph} man you need, pretty boy. 558
VCassFreesideSass05 Neutral 50 {To a bad come-on} Show me one, and I'll do him proud. 559
VCassFreesideSass06 VCassFreesideSass06 Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} Got enough on my shoulders without adding more dead weight to 'em. 560
VCassFreesideSass07 VCassFreesideSass07 Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} A drink wouldn't make you any prettier, slick. 561
VCassFreesideSass07 Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} As long as you leave right after you put your caps down, you're on. 562
VCassFreesideSassGeneral VCassFreesideSassGeneral Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} Looking for love or to put me to sleep, kid? 563
VCassFreesideSassGeneral Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} If you're looking for action, grab some grease from your hair and give your gun a few pulls. 564
VCassFreesideSassGeneral Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} Not interested in any weapon that shoots blanks. 565
VCassFreesideSassGeneral Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} Not for all the whiskey in Reno. 566
VCassFreesideSassGeneral Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} Barking up the wrong bar stool, kid. 567
VCassFreesideSassGeneral Disgust 10 {To a bad come-on} If you're looking for action, jam your dick in a locker and slam it a few times. 568
VCassJBCAttack VCassJBCAttack Surprise 10 {Attacked out of the blue} What the hell is this shit? 569
VCassJBCPostAttack VCassJBCPostAttack Surprise 10 {Calming down, just avoided a surprise attack} What the hell was that all about? 570
VCassLocationBitterSprings VCassLocationBitterSprings Neutral 50 Heard NCR recon fucked up here once, with the Khans. 571
VCassLocationBitterSprings Neutral 50 Heard NCR drove the Khans out of here, to Red Rock. 572
VCassLocationBitterSprings Disgust 5 Place stinks of sand, piss, and vomit. 573
VCassLocationBitterSprings Neutral 50 Refugees. 574
VCassLocationBitterSprings Fear 5 Watch out - easy to get sick around here. 575
VCassLocationBlackMt VCassLocationBlackMt Neutral 50 Crazy ass radio signals around here, couldn't make sense of them. 576
VCassLocationBlackMt Neutral 50 Place sets geiger counters ticking. 577
VCassLocationBlackMt Surprise 5 No idea why the highest point in the Mojave is so rad-lit. 578
VCassLocationBoulderCity VCassLocationBoulderCity Neutral 50 Should hit the Big Horn saloon here. 579
VCassLocationBoulderCity Neutral 50 Heard there's still mines in the city - and maybe drunk NCR soldiers spoiling for a fight. 580
VCassLocationBoulderCity Disgust 5 {To herself} Rubble city, more like it. 581
VCassLocationBoulderCity Neutral 50 There's a bar in the intact section, careful if you go wandering around the ruined section. 582
VCassLocationCampGolf VCassLocationCampGolf Neutral 50 Not much reason to ship water here, but liquor... hard to meet demand. 583
VCassLocationCampGolf Pained 5 If NCR didn't grate me so, I'd come here for water resupply. 584
VCassLocationCampGolf Neutral 50 Used to ship a lot of liquor here, soldiers here have too much free time. 585
VCassLocationCampGolf Neutral 50 If there's a reason to attack NCR, Camp Golf's a reason. 586
VCassLocationCampGolf Neutral 50 Watch out for the Misfits here - 9th Platoon, word of their fuck-ups is legendary. 587
VCassLocationCampGolf Neutral 50 Golf was a president, I think. Maybe for NCR. 588
VCassLocationCampGolf Neutral 50 Heard this used to be a mine field from some of the troopers here. 589
VCassLocationCampGolf Neutral 50 Each spot for a land mine is numbered, hear tell. 590
VCassLocationCampGolf Disgust 5 {Under her breath} If you're looking for NCR's spine, ain't going to find it here. 591
VCassLocationCampGolf Disgust 5 Well, Hanlon sure let this place go to shit. 592
VCassLocationCampGolf Surprise 5 Lot of sites to this guy Golf all over the West. 593
VCassLocationCampGuardian VCassLocationCampGuardian Neutral 50 Just goes to show you, no matter where you go, there's NCR trying to hold onto every corner of the world. 594
VCassLocationCampGuardian Neutral 50 Guess they chose this spot to spy on Caesar. 595
VCassLocationCampGuardian Neutral 50 Poor bastards. 596
VCassLocationCampGuardian Neutral 50 Guess NCR's fish food. 597
VCassLocationCampGuardian Neutral 50 Nice sign. 598
VCassLocationCottonwood VCassLocationCottonwood Anger 5 {To herself} Should kill all these slavers. 599
VCassLocationCottonwood Anger 5 {To herself} Damn slavers. 600
VCassLocationCottonwood Fear 5 Those dogs look like they could savage a Securitron. 601
VCassLocationCottonwood Fear 5 We go across that launch, we may not come back. 602
VCassLocationCottonwood Neutral 50 This is the only place to cross the Colorado safely. 603
VCassLocationCottonwood Fear 5 I hope we're not planning to cross the river. 604
VCassLocationCottonwood Neutral 50 Only merchants, slaves and Legion come here. 605
VCassLocationFiends VCassLocationFiends Surprise 5 Shit. Fiends. 606
VCassLocationFiends Disgust 5 Smells like Fiends. 607
VCassLocationFiends Pained 5 Can smell the chem labs and Jet from here. 608
VCassLocationFiends Neutral 50 Make sure you have a backup weapon, Fiends don't go down easy. 609
VCassLocationFiends Fear 5 Watch for dogs. 610
VCassLocationFiends Neutral 50 Heard tell there was a Vault somewhere around here. 611
VCassLocationForlornHope VCassLocationForlornHope Neutral 50 Another proud NCR camp. 612
VCassLocationForlornHope Neutral 50 Probably chose this place because of the water supply. 613
VCassLocationForlornHope Neutral 50 Morale looks low. 614
VCassLocationForlornHope Neutral 50 I smell Hydra in the air, just a whiff. 615
VCassLocationFort VCassLocationFort Fear 5 Be damn careful here. 616
VCassLocationFort Fear 5 Don't like the way the men are looking at me. 617
VCassLocationFort Anger 5 {Muttering} Keep your eyes to yourself, Legion asshole. 618
VCassLocationFort Surprise 5 Can't believe you want to talk to this guy. 619
VCassLocationFort Disgust 5 {Sarcastic, looking at crucifix} Love how he's decorated the place. 620
VCassLocationFort Anger 5 Women might as well be dirt... not anxious to join them. 621
VCassLocationFort Neutral 50 Wish these women would take knives to Caesar's troops in their beds. 622
VCassLocationFort2 VCassLocationFort2 Surprise 5 Can't belive we're fucking back here. 623
VCassLocationFort2 Fear 5 Testing our luck coming back here. 624
VCassLocationFort2 Neutral 50 You sure you know what you're doing? 625
VCassLocationFort2 Anger 5 They try and put one of those Brahmin packs on me, they're asking for a gelding. Going to get gelded. 626
VCassLocationFort2 Neutral 50 Can't say I've seen a smile on anyone's face since we arrived. 627
VCassLocationFort2 Neutral 50 Hope NCR wipes Caesar off the map. 628
VCassLocationFort2 Neutral 50 Guess the tent belongs to the big man. 629
VCassLocationFort2 Neutral 50 Not much future in the Legion if you don't have a dick. 630
VCassLocationFort2 Neutral 50 I'm heading back West if Caesar moves on the Dam. 631
VCassLocationFort2 Neutral 50 Not looking forward to being a Legion wife. 632
VCassLocationFreeside VCassLocationFreeside Disgust 5 Hometown of the Van Graffs, don't care for this place too much. 633
VCassLocationFreeside Fear 5 We shouldn't be in here. 634
VCassLocationFreeside Happy 5 Water's scarce, but between things like this and Lake Mead, ain't too bad in the West as in other places. 635
VCassLocationFreeside Fear 5 Watch out for the Kings, they're unpredictable. 636
VCassLocationFreeside Neutral 50 {Slight contempt} Kings dress like strutting girls, all fancy like. 637
VCassLocationFreeside Neutral 50 Once had a King following me like I was following you - had to chase him off with a shotgun finally. 638
VCassLocationFreeside Anger 5 Kings told me I couldn't deal water here, fuckers. They like having mono. As in monopoly. 639
VCassLocationFreeside Neutral 50 Ralph might be able to forge a pass into the Strip for you, you need one. 640
VCassLocationFreeside Neutral 50 Looking for weapons, check out Mick and Ralphs... Mick's probably a sight better than Ralph, always trying to talk me out of my pants. 641
VCassLocationFreeside Neutral 50 Kings are led by the King. Has some kind of robot dog. Guess it hunts robot rats. 642
VCassLocationFreeside Neutral 50 Kings hold control over the water pump 'round here. 643
VCassLocationGeneralIdle VCassLocationGeneralIdle Neutral 50 Sure could use a drink. 644
VCassLocationGeneralIdle Neutral 50 All this traveling's making me thirsty. 645
VCassLocationGeneralIdle Neutral 50 Careful if we go off the road. 646
VCassLocationGeneralIdle Neutral 50 Don't mind trailblazing as long as we got the ammo. And whiskey. 647
VCassLocationGeneralIdle Happy 5 Feels good not to have to drag a Brahmin train across the Mojave. 648
VCassLocationGeneralIdle Happy 5 Glad I left the Outpost behind. 649
VCassLocationGeneralIdle Neutral 50 Caravan of two now. 650
VCassLocationGoodsprings VCassLocationGoodsprings Neutral 50 {Curious, walked into town} Looking to step on your own grave? 651
VCassLocationGoodsprings Neutral 50 {Curious, walked into town} Not every day you come back to your gravesite. 652
VCassLocationGoodsprings Neutral 50 {Curious, walked into town} Heard the Doc here is a good guy. 653
VCassLocationGoodsprings Neutral 50 {Curious, walked into town} Crimson Caravan had some trouble here. 654
VCassLocationGoodsprings Neutral 50 {Curious, walked into town, "That..."} Hill where you got shot? 655
VCassLocationHiddenValley VCassLocationHiddenValley Surprise 5 What's that hum? 656
VCassLocationHiddenValley Fear 5 Watch for scorpions. 657
VCassLocationHiddenValley Neutral 50 Doesn't fell like the rest of the Mojave here. 658
VCassLocationHiddenValley Neutral 50 Storms pick up quick around here. 659
VCassLocationHooverDam VCassLocationHooverDam Happy 5 Check out those guns - rumor had it they used to shoot planes down before the war. 660
VCassLocationHooverDam Neutral 50 {To herself} Place looks like how my bladder feels. 661
VCassLocationHooverDam Neutral 50 Place always wants me to take a piss. 662
VCassLocationHooverDam Neutral 50 Ever look down the Dam? Sends your head spinning. 663
VCassLocationJacobstown VCassLocationJacobstown Pained 5 {Shivers} Place is fucking cold. 664
VCassLocationJacobstown Surprise 5 Pine trees? 665
VCassLocationJacobstown Sad 5 {Frowns} Can't believe we're in a refuge for crazy super mutants. 666
VCassLocationJacobstown Neutral 50 Wish I'd packed a jacket. 667
VCassLocationJacobstown Neutral 50 Only seen snow, not walked through it. Crazy - frozen water? Should package this shit. 668
VCassLocationJacobstown Neutral 50 Heard they could make "ice" in the Old World and carry it around. 669
VCassLocationJacobstown Neutral 50 {Skeptical} Dad used to say that in the Old World, people would put boards on their feet and soar down the mountains. 670
VCassLocationMojaveOutpost VCassLocationMojaveOutpost Anger 5 {Slight irritation} Back here again? 671
VCassLocationMojaveOutpost Surprise 5 {Slight sarcasm} What, didn't see enough of the sites here the first time? 672
VCassLocationMojaveOutpost Neutral 50 Once here, most just stall out, can't go deeper into territory. 673
VCassLocationMojaveOutpost Anger 5 Fucking monument. 674
VCassLocationMojaveOutpost Neutral 50 From here, it's Nipton to the east or Primm to the north. 675
VCassLocationMojaveOutpost Neutral 50 And here's the slice of the world where NCR's hands start slipping. 676
VCassLocationNCR VCassLocationNCR Neutral 50 Be careful they don't charge us any tolls. 677
VCassLocationNCR Neutral 50 Don't tell them where we're from - or headed. 678
VCassLocationNCRCF VCassLocationNCRCF Neutral 50 Looks like prisoners are in charge now. 679
VCassLocationNCRCF Fear 5 No guards in the towers, not a good sign. 680
VCassLocationNCRCF Disgust 5 Guess NCR fucked this place, too. 681
VCassLocationNellis VCassLocationNellis Happy 5 Folks here have access to Lake Mead, fresh drinking water. 682
VCassLocationNellis Fear 5 Careful, Boomer territory. They ain't hostile, but they're a bit trigger happy. 683
VCassLocationNellis Neutral 50 Boomers are a might twitchy. 684
VCassLocationNellis Neutral 50 Folks here aren't friendly to anyone. 685
VCassLocationNellis Fear 5 Don't be shooting wild in here - might set something off. 686
VCassLocationNellis Surprise 5 First time I seen a fence made out of artillery. 687
VCassLocationNellis Neutral 50 Some of these weapons look like they came from Hawthorne Army Depot, place has a lot of history. 688
VCassLocationNellis Neutral 50 Can hear the screaming of rockets and explosions in this place at night. 689
VCassLocationNellis Neutral 50 Got nests for planes here. 690
VCassLocationNellis Neutral 50 An assault on this place would be suicide. 691
VCassLocationNelson VCassLocationNelson Sad 5 {somber} Guess the miners got fucked. 692
VCassLocationNelson Neutral 50 Where's the mine from here? 693
VCassLocationNelson Neutral 50 {Wary, somber} If this place got hit, Novac's next. 694
VCassLocationNipton VCassLocationNipton Disgust 5 I think I'm going to be sick. 695
VCassLocationNipton Sad 5 Nipton wasn't the best towns, but... 696
VCassLocationNipton Neutral 50 Mayor Steyn got what was coming to him, looks like. 697
VCassLocationNipton Neutral 50 Mayor here used to shelter gangers, hear tell. Guess it didn't save him. 698
VCassLocationNipton Sad 5 {Confused, horrified} Should we cut the people down... 699
VCassLocationNipton Surprise 5 Who the hell was that? 700
VCassLocationNipton Neutral 50 I... hope they don't hit the Mojave Outpost. 701
VCassLocationNovac VCassLocationNovac Neutral 50 This place reminds me the Old World had too much time on its hands. 702
VCassLocationNovac Neutral 50 Named this place after the hotel. 703
VCassLocationNovac Neutral 50 NoVac's the hotel, not the lizard. 704
VCassLocationNovac Disgust 5 Smells like junk. 705
VCassLocationNovac Happy 5 Can see Dinky for miles, good landmark. 706
VCassLocationNovac Neutral 50 First saw this place, thought the giant gecko was real. 707
VCassLocationNovac Happy 5 Read a book that giant lizards walked the earth like this one - might be a gecko this size. 708
VCassLocationPrimm VCassLocationPrimm Neutral 50 Said there's a courier office here? 709
VCassLocationPrimm Neutral 50 Sign of the buffalo. 710
VCassLocationPrimm Disgust 5 Ah, Bison Steve, you old shithole. 711
VCassLocationPrimm Neutral 50 Those post office boxes in these old towns still work. 712
VCassLocationPrimm Neutral 50 Good contact, Nash, used to be here. Had a son that went West. 713
VCassLocationPrimm Neutral 50 Old World had cars that ran on roads like these above the ground, 'cept they didn't go anywhere. 714
VCassLocationPrimm Anger 5 The sheriff here ain't worth a damn. 715
VCassLocationPrimm Surprise 5 Crazy ass shit. 716
VCassLocationQuarryJunction VCassLocationQuarryJunction Neutral 50 Smells like deathclaw. 717
VCassLocationQuarryJunction Neutral 50 Looks like this place got wrecked. 718
VCassLocationQuarryJunction Neutral 50 Looks like this place go mined - in the wrong ways. 719
VCassLocationRangerStation VCassLocationRangerStation Happy 5 Rest stop. 720
VCassLocationRangerStation Happy 5 NCR's friendly, might be able to resupply. 721
VCassLocationRangerStation Happy 5 A little safe ground. 722
VCassLocationRangerStation Happy 5 NCR flag - not safe, close to it, though. 723
VCassLocationRedRock VCassLocationRedRock Surprise 5 These boys and girls can really down the bottles. 724
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Whiskey and liquor don't last long around here, by the sight of it. 725
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Wonder if any of these folks would be up for shots of courage - and a wager. 726
VCassLocationRedRock Fear 5 Be *really* careful what you say here. 727
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Should have heard stories of the Khans years ago - they were one tough bunch, now... 728
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Khans lost their strength after Bitter Springs, came here to lick their wounds. 729
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Let's not split up here, all right? 730
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Don't take any chems here - hell knows what they're laced with. 731
VCassLocationRedRock Anger 5 Won't trade with Khans - they've poisoned most of the villages west of Vegas with chems. 732
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Fiends would suffer withdrawal and die without the Khans. 733
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Place would be beautiful... without the chem addicts and dealers. 734
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Annihilation| {To herself} Guess someone had to put them down. 735
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Have a Vegas-style boxing ring in the center there. 736
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Really wish we could go to some civilized places. 737
VCassLocationRedRock Neutral 50 Even the flies here are chemed. 738
VCassLocationRedRock Disgust 5 God, you can smell the Brahmin shit from the jet all over this place. 739
VCassLocationStreet VCassLocationStreet Neutral 50 The Street - Vegas Boulevard. 740
VCassLocationStreet Happy 5 Fancy town... let's hit some bars. 741
VCassLocationStreet Neutral 50 Don't draw any guns and start shooting here - I heard the robots settle that trouble quick. 742
VCassLocationStreet Neutral 50 3 casinos here - Ultra-Luxe, Gomorrah, and the Tops. {Beat, afterthought} and, the Lucky 38. 743
VCassLocationStreet Neutral 50 Heard Crocker's running the Embassy - guy's funny, and not in a hee-haw way. More like a see-saw with his politics. 744
VCassLocationStreet Neutral 50 Captain Pappas keeps the law here. Watch out for her, she's no Crocker. 745
VCassLocationStrip VCassLocationStrip Neutral 50 Chairmen, Omertas... a whole bunch of families rule Vegas, don't step out a line as long as money's to be made. 746
VCassLocationStrip Neutral 50 Welcome to sin. Watch where you step. 747
VCassLocationStrip Disgust 5 Watch for NCR vomit. 748
VCassLocationStrip Neutral 50 Hope you're not here to chase your losses. 749
VCassLocationStrip Happy 5 Now to find a bar. 750
VCassLocationStrip Surprise 5 Don't understand how the missiles could have missed a target like this. 751
VCassLocationStrip Neutral 50 Beats Freeside. 752
VCassLocationStrip Surprise 5 Can't believe we got in here. 753
VCassLocationStrip Anger 5 Dad used to say this place was what Reno tried to be. {Beat} Fucking Reno. 754
VCassLocationStrip Neutral 50 Place feels like the Sorcerer of Oz sometimes. 755
VCassLocationStrip Happy 5 Heard stories about the Lucky 38, how nobody's ever gone inside - 'cept you, that is. 756
VCassReactBad VCassReactBad Anger 10 {Commenting on player's behavior} Think that was a mistake. 757
VCassReactBad Anger 10 {Commenting on player's behavior} No call for that. 758
VCassReactBad Sad 10 {To herself, commenting on player's behavior} Could have handled that better. 759
VCassReactLike VCassReactLike Happy 10 {Commenting on player's behavior} What I would have done. 760
VCassReactLike Happy 10 {Commenting on player's behavior} You handled that well. 761
VCassReactLike Happy 10 {Commenting on player's behavior} Good job. 762
VCassReactReallyBad VCassReallyBadReact Anger 20 {Commenting on player's behavior} That was fucked up. 763
VCassReallyBadReact Anger 20 {Commenting on player's behavior} Can't believe you did that. 764
VCassReallyBadReact Anger 20 {Commenting on player's behavior, to herself, neg} Just when I think I'd seen it all. 765
VCassReallyBadReact Anger 20 {Commenting on player's behavior, to herself} That was lower than low. 766
VCassReactReallyLike VCassReallyLike Happy 20 {Commenting on player's behavior} Set an example, others will follow. 767
VCassReallyLike Happy 20 {Commenting on player's behavior} Proud of you. 768
VCassReallyLike Happy 20 {Commenting on player's behavior} Color me impressed. 769
VCassWhiskeyRosePerk VCassWhiskeyRosePerk Happy 10 That hit the spot. 770
VCassWhiskeyRosePerk Neutral 50 {Shot of whiskey} All right, now for some ass-kicking. 771
VCassWhiskeyRosePerk Neutral 50 {Shot of whiskey} Pass the bottle. 772
VCassWhiskeyRosePerk Neutral 50 {Shot of whiskey} Now all I need is some shame to wash it down with. 773
VCassWhiskeyRosePerk Neutral 50 {Shot of whiskey} Bottoms up. 774
VCassWhiskeyRosePerk Neutral 50 {Shot of whiskey} Oh, now, there goes the pain. 775


AcceptYield AcceptYield Anger 10 Next time, I'll put a nail in your head. 776
AcceptYield Anger 10 Done fucking around? Good. 777
ArmorIneffective ArmorIneffective Anger 10 Shoulda fought naked, it'd hurt less. 778
ArmorIneffective Anger 10 Armor's for shit. 779
ArmorIneffective Anger 10 They're cutting me up! 780
ArmorIneffective Anger 10 {Irritated} Could use sheet metal, not a sheet. 781
Assault Assault Anger 10 I'm going to knock you off your axles. 782
Assault Anger 10 Gonna fix your wagon. 783
Assault Anger 10 Fat's in the fire now, you little bitch. 784
Assault Anger 10 That does it. 785
Assault Anger 10 Pushed me too far. 786
Attack Attack Anger 10 {Grim, angry} Someone's looking to cash their chips early. 787
Attack Anger 10 Time for some get-even. 788
Attack Anger 10 Let's paint this place red. 789
Attack Anger 10 Let's start this dance. 790
Attack Anger 10 Serving up some hurt. 791
Attack Anger 10 Gonna six this bitch. 792
Attack Anger 10 You're just in time for your ass whipping. 793
Attack Anger 10 That how you want to play, huh? 794
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Surprise 30 Scatter! 795
AvoidThreat Surprise 30 Oh shi-{"shit"} 796
AvoidThreat Surprise 30 Trouble! 797
Crippled Crippled Anger 10 {Crippled in the leg, grim} Tagged me, need a doctor bag. 798
Crippled Anger 10 {Crippled in the leg, grim} Not firing on all pistons here. 799
Crippled Anger 10 {Critically injured} A doctor's bag and some whiskey, if you don't mind. 800
Crippled Anger 10 {Critically injured} Gonna lose a limb if I don't get some meds. 801
Crippled Anger 10 {Critically injured} If I get gangrene before we find a doctor... 802
Death Death Anger 10 {Death Noise 2} 803
Death Anger 10 {Death Noise 3} 804
DeathResponse DeathResponse Sad 10 {Quiet} Their trouble's all gone. 805
DeathResponse Sad 10 Gone to their reward. 806
DeathResponse Fear 10 {Warning} Running out of friends... 807
DeathResponse Fear 10 One of ours is down! 808
FireExplosive FireExplosive Happy 10 Fuse lit! 809
FireExplosive Happy 10 About to get loud! 810
Flee Flee Pained 20 Not looking to die here. 811
Flee Pained 20 Me and courage are out of here. 812
Flee Pained 20 Blood's running, and I'm going to follow. 813
Flee Pained 20 Why the hell do I follow you into things like this? 814
Flee Anger 10 They want me, they'll have to catch me. 815
GuardTrespass GuardTrespass Anger 10 You're outstaying your welcome. 816
HealthHalf HealthHalf Pained 10 Might need to rest soon. 817
HealthHalf Pained 10 {To herself} Shot of whiskey might kill the pain. 818
HealthHalf Pained 10 Wouldn't say no to a Stimpak. 819
HealthQuarter HealthQuarter Pained 20 {Dying} Too stupid to die... but getting there. 820
HealthQuarter Pained 20 {Dying} On my last legs here. 821
HealthQuarter Pained 20 {Dying} If I'm going to die, at least pass me some whiskey. 822
HealthQuarter Pained 20 {Dying} Got more pain in me than blood. 823
HealthQuarter Pained 20 {Dying - not beat yet, but damn close} Ain't beat yet. 824
HealthQuarter Pained 20 {Dying} Don't let them bury me in Vault City. 825
HealthQuarter Pained 20 {Dying} Feeling a little worse for wear. 826
Murder Murder Disgust 10 Going to run out of friends at the rate you're going. 827
Murder Disgust 20 You are {emph} such an asshole sometimes. 828
Murder Neutral 50 Who's side are you on? 829
Murder Surprise 10 {Slight shock} Did you do that on purpose? 830
MurderNoCrime MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 Well, that's all wrapped up. 831
MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 Sure put a nail in that one. 832
MurderNoCrime Neutral 50 That's all she wrote. 833
NoAmmo NoAmmo Anger 10 Reloading! Wait, no, I'm out! 834
NoAmmo Anger 10 Trigger's willing, chamber's empty. 835
NoAmmo Anger 10 No more ammo. 836
NoAmmo Anger 10 Firing dry here. 837
NoAmmo Anger 10 I'm out. 838
Poisoned Poison Anger 10 Feel... weak all of a sudden. 839
Poison Anger 10 Head's spinning - must've got stung. 840
Poison Neutral 50 I need a snakebite kit, fast. 841
Regenerating Regenerating Anger 10 {Rush of health} MMmmahh. <Smacks lips> 842
Regenerating Anger 10 {Rush of health} Sweet as roses. 843
Regenerating Anger 10 {Rush of health} Getting my second wind here. 844
Regenerating Anger 10 {Rush of health} Mmm, now that feels good. 845
Regenerating Anger 10 {Rush of health} Whew. 846
Steal Steal Anger 10 Think I didn't see that? 847
Steal Anger 10 Good way to lose a hand. 848
UsedDoctorBag UsedDoctorBag Anger 10 {Impressed by own medical skill} Didn't even leave a scar. 849
UsedDoctorBag Anger 10 All stitched up. 850
UsedDoctorBag Anger 10 Prefer a shot of whiskey, but... 851
Wake Wake Anger 10 {Wakes up from hurt} Feels like a Brahmin kicked me. 852
Wake Anger 10 {Disoriented} Guess that didn't go so well. 853
Wake Anger 10 {Disoriented} Head's ringing like an alarm clock. 854
Wake Anger 10 {Getting up after being knocked out} Need a drink. 855
Wake Anger 10 Better than waking up in jail, I guess. 856
WeaponBroke WeaponBroke Anger 10 Gotta spare gun handy? 857
WeaponBroke Anger 10 Weapon's done for. 858
WeaponBroke Anger 10 Piece. Of. Shit. 859
WeaponIneffective WeaponIneffective Anger 10 This weapon's on its last legs. 860
WeaponIneffective Anger 10 Might as well be shooting blanks! 861
WeaponIneffective Anger 10 Maybe I should switch to a squirt gun. 862
WeaponIneffective Anger 10 {Gritted teeth} Need something with more kick. 863
WeaponIneffective Anger 10 Not even slowing it down! 864
WeaponIneffective Anger 10 All I'm doing is pissing him off. 865


AlertIdle AlertIdle Fear 10 Anything moves, it's going to get it. 866
AlertIdle Anger 10 Don't see a thing. 867
AlertIdle Fear 10 Wish they'd show themselves. 868
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Happy 10 Guess who won the lottery. 869
AlertToCombat Anger 10 Got 'em spotted. 870
AlertToCombat Happy 10 Theeeere you are. 871
AlertToCombat Happy 10 Got one! 872
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 {To herself} Yeah, better run. {Beat} Uh, them, not us. 873
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 {Giving up} Not worth our time. 874
AlertToNormal Surprise 10 {Giving up} Nothing. Must be nerves. 875
CombatToLost CombatToLost Surprise 10 {Herself} Hide nor hair of them. 876
CombatToLost Surprise 10 Fucker pops back up, they'll wish they hadn't. 877
CombatToLost Surprise 10 {Mutters} Picked the wrong time for hide and seek. 878
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Happy 10 {Relieved} Glad that's over. 879
CombatToNormal Surprise 10 In no mood for hunting. 880
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 {Low, to player} Think they ran? 881
LostIdle Disgust 10 {Grumbles} Less hide-and-seek, more shoot-and-kill. 882
LostIdle Disgust 10 {To herself, slight frustration} I see jack and shit - 'cept no jack. 883
LostIdle Neutral 50 {Low whistle, as if calling a dog} 884
LostToCombat LostToCombat Anger 10 All right, let's try this again. 885
LostToCombat Anger 10 {Spotted} Got 'em! 886
LostToCombat Anger 10 Gonna kill you for wasting my time. 887
LostToCombat Happy 10 Should've run, now say your prayers. 888
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 Guess they got rattled. 889
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Get 'em next time. 890
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Got no patience for hunting. 891
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Surprise 10 {Quiet, alert} That wasn't you, was it. 892
NormalToAlert Anger 10 Hear something, doesn't sound like a friend of yours. 893
NormalToAlert Anger 10 {Cold} Looks like someone wants to be neighborly. 894
NormalToCombat StartCombat Anger 10 {To herself} And {emph} then the fight started. 895
StartCombat Anger 10 {Irritated at fighting} Don't need this right now. 896
StartCombat Anger 10 {Eager} Let's kick this in gear. 897
StartCombatResponse StartCombatResponse Happy 10 {Evil} Well now, what's all this. 898
StartCombatResponse Anger 10 {Pleased to fight} Looks like a party. 899
StartCombatResponse Anger 10 Caught me good and pissed. 900