Mojave's almost buzzing like a cazador now... must be the all the blood Legion and NCR spilling over the Colorado.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy, also known as Cass or Whiskey Rose, is the owner of Cassidy Caravans in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Born in 2244, Cass is the daughter of John Cassidy (a possible companion of the Chosen One in Fallout 2) and a tribal woman he met on his travels. Her father up and left once more to wander the wastes while Cass was still young, leaving her only a name, a pendant, his shooting skills and propensity for hard drinking.

Worn down by years of hard luck and a recent rash of terrible misfortunes, Cass is a despondent merchant who's resigned to leave the caravan business. She's smart, tough and steady with a gun, but has not been savvy enough to survive the ruthless caravan wars that have flared up in Nevada since the NCR's expansion. Though quick to join up with the Courier for some easy money, she is still interested in finding out if she has been suffering from bad luck or something more sinister.

When first encountered by the Courier, Cass is drowning her sorrows at the Mojave Outpost bar. She has recently learned that her caravan has been attacked and "burned to ash," placing an even greater burden on her shoulders. However, threats along the road into New Vegas and problems with NCR paperwork have so far prevented her from leaving the outpost to investigate the attack.

Cass has inherited her father's heart condition, and will show her disgust for chems if the Courier speaks to her while under their effects.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

Perk nociception regulator
This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed. Status expires when Hardcore mode begins.
This character is a permanent companion. They grant the Whiskey Rose perk.
This character starts quests.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Heartache by the Number: The Courier recruits Cass as a companion, then investigates her sacked caravan and helps exact revenge on the perpetrators.
    • Successfully completing Cass' companion quest will give her one of two perks:
      • Calm Heart, which raises her health by 50.
      • Hand of Vengeance, which grants a 15% bonus to the damage Cass inflicts with Guns-skill weapons.
        • It is possible to obtain both of these perks. See quest info for more details.
    • Cass will not initiate this quest while the Courier has Evil Karma.
  • You Can Depend on Me: The Courier is sent by Alice McLafferty to convince Cass to sell her caravan.
  • Birds of a Feather: The Courier is sent by Jean-Baptiste Cutting to either kill Cass or lure her to the Silver Rush to be killed.
    • Note: Completing Heartache by the Number first makes the Van Graff faction hostile, disabling the option to talk to Jean-Baptiste Cutting to complete this mission.
  • Beyond the Beef: The Courier can offer Cass, or any other human companion, as a substitute to Mortimer for the banquet.

Other interactionsEdit


  • Once she joins the Courier as a companion, Rose of Sharon Cassidy will give them the recipe for Cass' moonshine, craftable at campfires or electric hot plates.
  • If the Courier has all of the ingredients on hand, she can also craft moonshine for them without needing a campfire.


  • Male Couriers with the Lady Killer perk can accuse Cass of flirting with him, saying, "Miss Cassidy... are you flirting with me?" Cass makes it clear that nothing is ever going to happen between the two and he better respect that, as she "knows his type."
    • Male Couriers with a great Speech skill and the Lady Killer perk will make Cass say she "knows his look" and knows he says all the right things to leave a trail of broken hearts across the Mojave.
    • Male Couriers with the Confirmed Bachelor perk can respond to Cass's flirting by saying they should not be anything more than friends. Cass states that he must have a "Legion" point of view, implying that he is not interested in women.
  • Female Couriers with the Black Widow perk can respond to Cass's comment about not liking "soft men" by saying that they are rarely a problem for them [the female Courier].
    • Females with the Cherchez La Femme perk can respond to Cass's comment about not liking "soft men" by saying that they are rarely an issue for them [again, the female Courier]. Additionally, Cass will, with a shocked expression, defend herself, nervously saying that she meant no offense, and that when she has had enough to drink, she does not care who she ends up in bed with.
  • Already having the max amount of companions and asking Cass to join may make her respond with not being "in the mood for a threesome. {Beat, under her breath} Today."

Low KarmaEdit

  • With Cass as a companion, opening a conversation with her with a negative Karma (-100) will make her complain about the Courier's behavior. With a Speech check of 65 she can be convinced about trying to improve one's demeanor or simply acknowledging her discontent and continuing the conversation.
    • Speaking to her again with even less Karma (-150) brings a second confrontation. She can again be promised improvement with a Speech check of 65 or just go on with the conversation.
      • After the second confrontation, Cass stops complaining as long as the Courier stays Neutral (Karma -249 or higher). Talking to her again with Evil Karma (-250 or less) will make her automatically disband, with no way of convincing her to stay.
  • Making an offensive comment about her dead parents turns Cass hostile (must first be asked about her family).
  • Talking to Cass repeatedly, regardless of topic, with Evil Karma (-250 or below) will make her disband.
  • Cass will never launch the Heartache by the Number quest while the Courier has Evil Karma, but it can be continued if already active.


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# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 01
Rose of Sharon Cassidy died as her caravan died - in an unmarked grave, another victim of the Mojave. Have Cass die as a companion or killed by the Van Graffs during Birds of a Feather.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 01
Despite the destruction of Cassidy Caravans, Cass lived for 30 more years. She made her way back West and passed away in a small shack outside of Vault City, the rose pendant still around her neck. Acquire Cass as a companion then incite her to leave the Mojave and travel back west.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 01
The slaughter of the Van Graffs and the Crimson Caravan caused no end of trouble for NCR back West. Already struggling, NCR's supply lines suffered further as the two caravans withdrew support until the "massacre in the East" was resolved. Complete Heartache by the Number by killing Gloria Van Graff and Alice McLafferty.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 01
In the years following the destruction of Cassidy Caravans, NCR used evidence of the plot to blackmail the Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs. NCR enacted strict trade laws with little resistance, strengthening their supply lines and their position in the Mojave. Complete Heartache by the Number by exposing the Van Graffs and the Crimson Caravan to the NCR authorities. Alice McLafferty and Gloria Van Graff both left alive.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 01
Both the Van Graffs and Alice McLafferty were removed from their post in the East. During their trek West, however, their caravan was wiped out by raiders using advanced weaponry and military tactics. No cargo was taken. When questioned, the Gun Runners denied any involvement, claiming they would have no... public motivation for such an attack. Steal the Gun Runner's manufacturing specifications in You Can Depend on Me and get ending #4. This ending is added onto and comes right after that one.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 02
Cass survived to see the NCR flag flying proud over Hoover Dam, and thought for a moment... this is what a hero must feel like. She was about to tell the Courier not to get too proud of himself/herself, then she figured he/she knew that already. Side with the NCR at the end.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 02
That night, Cass kicked in the door of his room to celebrate, only to find the man on the bed was an NCR soldier whose barracks had been destroyed. He was cute, though, so after having her way with him, she got the hell out, leaving an empty whiskey bottle as a note. As she walked along the Dam in the night, she felt drunk, content, and happy to be alive. Which to her, was the whole point of it all. Side with the NCR at the end, complete Heartache by the Number, and play as a male courier.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 02
So she laughed, said fuck it all, and raised a bottle to the Dam and the ones who had fought for it. As far as she was concerned, the whole thing was proof that playing out a bad hand can pay off in the end... as long as someone/a woman like the Courier was holding the cards. Complete Eureka! endgame quest for the NCR, do not complete Heartache by the Number OR play as a female courier.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 02
Cass lived to see Hoover Dam in its Old World glory, humming with power the likes of which the Mojave had never seen. Vegas burned brighter than ever, securitrons filled the streets, and Cass's heart skipped... just a little. Her last words were to the Dam - and to herself. "We were going full speed ahead... but facing backwards the whole time." Complete All or Nothing endgame quest for Mr. House.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 02
Cass lived to see the Courier bring down three armies and by her count, that was three more than she'd expected. She'd kept quiet about that, though. Complete No Gods, No Masters endgame quest for an Independent New Vegas.
Rose of Sharon Cassidy end slide 02
Cass lived to see the mark of the Legion on Hoover Dam. Uncertain of what lay next for the West, she remained silent. As the Legion marched West, she found it difficult to see the Dam as anything more than a gravestone for the Mojave - and everyone in it. Complete Veni, Vidi, Vici endgame quest for Caesar's Legion.



  • Similar to her father, Cass is by far the most vocal companion, making periodic random comments and having something to say about almost every location she visits with the Courier. She also makes comments about the changes caused by the Courier's intervention.
    • Despite her stating to the Courier (male) that "nothing is going to happen between us," judging by her actions in one of the endings, Cass is actually attracted to the Courier.
    • As of patch, Cass has become far less vocal; she still has unique dialogue concerning many of the major locations in the game, but will only make a random comment once every 24 hours instead of every single time a location is visited.
  • When asked about her opinions on Caesar's Legion, she expresses a similar hatred for slavers just like her father. Cass does however concede that Legion-marked caravans and their supply lines are, unlike the NCR's, well guarded and "safe as houses."
  • When asked about the monuments outside the Mojave Outpost, after her response, there will be an option to tell her what the statues actually depict with at least an accepted reputation by the NCR. She will then respond in typical Cass fashion.
  • Cass' actual combat skills are completely different from what she tells in dialogue. When asked about her combat skills, Cass implies she is skilled in explosives and unarmed combat, but unskilled with melee weapons. In truth, she has melee weapons as a tagged skill, but is unskilled in explosives and unarmed combat. However, when it comes to her talking about her explosives skill, she only talks about using dynamite, an item with no skill requirements. This would make her claimed skill with explosives partially true.
  • Cass is capable of wearing non-faction power armor.
  • Being labeled as a Terrorist by the NCR (killing the New Vegas NCR Ambassador is one way to accomplish this) makes Cass always hostile to the Courier even when disguised (but not while she is currently an active companion). She may also ambush them at places fast-traveled to.
  • Cass is the only companion that requires the Courier to make a skill check to recruit (50+ barter or speech required). Alternatively, Cass's Whiskey Challenge can be done by gathering 12 bottles of whiskey, of which 3 will be consumed.
  • Despite stating that her tribal mother never taught her to use throwing spears, she will use them effectively if given some. The comment is a reference to dialogue in Fallout 2 between the Chosen One and her father, where John is somewhat ashamed to divulge that he is quite good with throwing spears as it makes him seem like a tribal. He then apologizes for the remark upon learning of the Chosen One's heritage.
  • The Powder Gangers will comment on her to be a "tough-looking woman, who aims for the crotch."
  • While having Cass as a companion and completing the quest Crazy, Crazy, Crazy by repairing Rhonda, nightkin settling in Black Rock cave will mention "the voices knew flower girl's father," implying that they have met John Cassidy in the past.
  • If she is offered to Mortimer during the quest Beyond the Beef, he will comment that she could skip the whiskey marinade, but everything else is in eatable condition except her liver.
  • If told to part ways in Vault 11 right before the infamous "sacrificial chamber," Cass will tell the Courier that "robots here give me creeps," although no robots were present in the entire vault up until that point.
  • By visiting Novac, Cass will comment on Dinky the T-Rex by recalling a memory of her reading a book about "giant lizards." She will also continue to make different remarks about the town and its landmark upon re-visiting it.
  • When sent to the Lucky 38, a message will show saying "Cass has gone... reluctantly... to the Lucky 38."
  • The GECK editor nicknames Rose of Sharon Cassidy's character class as "Caravan Booze Hound."

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Who you are comes from the choices you make when life gets tough."
  • "They try to put their stake in everything they see. Nobody's dick's that long, not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fucking long dick. Thus, the name."
  • "Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs... they were behind burning these caravans, and they've got to answer for them. I'm going to get some extra ammo, a few bottles of whiskey, then show them how Cassidys settle accounts."
  • "Mojave's almost buzzing like a cazador now... must be the blood Legion and NCR spilling over the Colorado."
  • "NCR and their goddamn nicknames, as if Caesar himself is gonna piss and run if he hears them."
  • "Used to call me "Whiskey Rose" back West, before I punched enough people, so now they say it, but quiet and when I'm not around."
  • "I don't mind trailblazing as long as we've got the ammo... and whiskey."
  • "Shh... we're hunting shitheads."
  • "Never realized had all that anger in me. Makes me wonder how much more I can settle with bullets. You know, when I first heard about them, I was so mad, but there was this little part of me that said, "you can't do to them what they did to you." I say fuck that part. I feel purified, and I love the fact that there's no more loose ends."
  • "Just doesn't feel right, trading history for a slip of paper."
  • "You know, I was just going to give you a piece of my mind. And now? Now I'm going to put you down."
  • "Short of caps is what taught me, mostly. Ammo's expensive... so I learned to make every shot count. And hear tell, my Dad was a crack shot, so I don't want to dirty the family name. Not out of pride - respect."
  • "What did you just say to me? Cause you sure as hell got my attention now."
  • "What did you... did you put a plug in his cocktube and make him explode?."


Rose of Sharon Cassidy appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cass Blonde

Cass as a blonde

  • Rose of Sharon is a common name that applies to several different species of flowering plants that are highly valued throughout the world and originates in the Bible as one of the many names of God. She is named after the character of the same name in John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath, which she describes as "some Old World book about dirt pilgrims."
  • Chris Avellone designed Cass' companion arc.[1]
  • The playing cards that come with the Collectors Edition of Fallout: New Vegas depict Cass as a blonde. This may have been an earlier concept of the character, as Cass has brown hair in-game.
  • During the development process of Cass, there were some ideas to have the player character wake up next to her drunk and be wed with her. The marriage would take place with The King doing the proceedings with an Elvis song.[2]
  • The original idea for Cass's Whiskey Rose perk was to allow carrying more water items, along with receiving a healing bonus from its consumption. This was later changed to become more valuable as a companion perk and to also reinforce her hard-drinking personality.[3]
  • The ending for when Mr. House retains control of Vegas quotes Cass as saying, "We were going full speed ahead... but facing backwards the whole time." This alludes to the final line of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby: "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." This is appropriate, since Mr. House's ideal is also of a Gilded Age world: "the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us..."


  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Cass has the infuriating habit of sometimes trying to occupy the exact same spot as you when you are crouched firing at a target. This can result in her being completely inside you and unable to fire, or even in you scoring a critical hit on her. Using the companion wheel to tell her to back off usually fixes the problem. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc If she was sent to Lucky 38 before starting sub-quest from the Van Graff's brother, quest mark will indicate that she is located close to the Mojave Outpost, but it won't be possible to actually see her there. Then quest mark will guide the Courier to the Silver Rush where they can tell Jean-Baptiste that she is dead. She seems to disappear from the game at this point. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes, when sent to the Lucky 38, she can be seen walking around the Casino floor. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox 360Icon xbox360 After fast traveling to a location, she will occasionally start running away as quickly as she can for no reason. To correct this, either enter a building (that makes your game load a new area) or fast travel to another location. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Weapons placed in Cass' inventory may become fully repaired after being taken out of her inventory. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 If Cass's perk-giving quests are completed before ever meeting her (as in killing the Van Graffs and Alice McLafferty.), then upon meeting her, the game will initiate dialogue as if having met her before with seemingly no prompts available to carry the conversation into the recruitment phase. It seems that after this, the option of having Cass as a companion is lost forever. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc After delivering her and letting Jean-Baptiste kill her, quips by certain non-player characters in the game (such as the "she aims for the crotch" comment) will still be said as if Cass was still alive companion. Fiends in Vault 3 will also make the comments "I'll hit that" and "Does she put out?" [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes when doing the Lady Killer speech where you say "Miss Cassidy... are you flirting with me?" [Lady Killer] will show up twice before the text. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc After dismissing her as a companion, she may not be at the Mojave Outpost. Due to a scripting issue with her scripted possible death at the Silver Rush, she may be found wandering around inside here instead.



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