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This is a transcript for dialogue with Rose.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00047CF6 00585833 Well, if it ain't my old pal up to all their old tricks.
2 0058591A Sooo... I couldn't help but listen in a little and I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with how you swayed Meg.
3 00352F33 0004A3AD Do I know you? I'm busy, leave me alone.
4 0004C671 Ah! Oh good, it's just you. What do you want? Surprised, as if you just snuck up on her, but quickly relieved. She's a bit jumpy.
5 00098B3D Well now, look who it is! My favorite person, in this particular place, at this particular moment! Friendly and sincere, but because it's convenient. There's an ulterior motive here.
6 00152097 Oh yeah, nothing like Psychotats to put my mind and body on high alert. Might want to scram in case things get a little extra violent around here!
7 0019BFD7 Ah, Overdrive, it's been too long. Time to get reckless!
8 0019BFF1 Mmm... Orange Mentats. Remember how awful these used to taste after brushing your teeth? Glad we don't have to worry about that anymore!
9 0019BFFB Look, I know you're thinking: "Why does Rose need Grape Mentats." Because they taste good, feel good, and you need to stop asking so many questions.
10 0019C026 Berry Mentats are my favorite flavor, the hyper-focus is just a lucky side-effect.
11 0032DA85 Oh... you're still here? Don't you have something to go out and do for me?
12 0033F444 Look, I like you and all, but you're kind of cramping my style right now.
13 0033F445 You're just going to sit there a while and crowd my space, aren't you?
14 0033F446 Hey, c'mon, we're not going to learn anything if you don't get out there and make like a Raider.
15 0033F447 Go. do. the thing. I asked. you. to do! Now! Pausing after most words so each one sinks in. Treating the player like they're just not getting it.
16 0033F448 What are you doing hanging around here? Creep.
17 0033F449 I don't know what you think's going to happen if you keep bugging me instead of getting to work, but I don't think you'd like it.
18 0033F44A Maybe you weren't listening the first time. I really want to know how these Raider tactics work out for you.
19 I don't want to hear about how crazy and dangerous they sound, just get out there and try them out before I die of boredom.
20 0033F44B Hey, uh... new friend person... I know you're new to all this, so I'll play nice. Polite, but kind of condescending
21 When the crazy, chem-addled, murderous robot asks you to do something for her, and offers rewards, you should probably go do it. For reasons. Polite, but kind of condescending
22 0033F44C The sooner you finish up and get back here, the quicker we'll both profit. So, get to it, will you?
23 00352F3E Those key fragments aren't going to find themselves you know.
24 00352F3F You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big boy. You can do this yourself.
25 00352F40 You know, I'm not here to hold your hand. You're a big girl. You can do this yourself.
26 00352F41 You know, having someone hang over your shoulder while you work is super obnoxious. By the way, that someone is you right now.
27 00352F42 Did I mention there's tons of riches just sitting in that cache, waiting to be looted?
28 Too bad we can't get to any of it until you get out of here and find those keys!
29 00352F43 Sure would be nice if someone's lazy ass got to work on finding those key fragments already. Big sigh at the start
30 00352F44 Hmm. Do they realize I'm just going to... Oh hi there. How are you doing on finding the key fragments? Muttering suspiciously to herself at first, then she realizes the player is still there.
31 I'm just... thinking of what we're going to do with all that treasure! I mean, gosh, there's going to be so much of it!
32 00352F45 I would go find this stuff myself, but someone's got to keep an eye out for you and manage the radio.
33 00352F46 Look, I don't want to be rude, but besides getting us what we need, there's another reason I want you hurry up and get outta here.
34 You're kind of stinking up the place real bad.
35 I know it's a wasteland out there, but the parts of me that are still Miss Nanny really want to give you a bath, and I am not comfortable with that.
36 00352F47 Um, let me know if you happen across any extra chems out there while you're picking through the old Raider settlements.
37 I'm... uh... asking for a friend.
38 00352F48 Sorry, are you standing around wasting time because you can't figure out how to get back down there? Do you need a little push?
39 0035B788 Hmm... now what should I do? Lure unsuspecting survivors to their deaths, or recruit new Raiders? Decisions, decisions...
40 0035B789 I can't think of anything to make you do for me right now, so how about you get out of here until I need you?
41 0035B78A I'm glad I let you live, but I also like my personal space, so maybe don't hang around when I don't need you here.
42 0035B78B What was that? Oh, phew... I thought I saw some big ugly creeper in the corner of my eyes. Turns out it was just you. Startled, a little paranoid, then relieved
43 0035B78C I could kill for some Psycho... Hey... you. Got any Psycho?
44 0035B78D It's so much better now that the Radio's working. Maybe I can get in contact with others like you, start the Raiders up again?
45 Ah, a girl can dream, can't she?
46 0035B78E Eh, you don't know it now, but I'll make a Raider of you yet. You'll see.
47 0035B78F Maybe the reason so many of my gang died was because their tactics were all crap?
48 Eh, who cares. Sometimes the stupider it is, the more fun it is!
49 0035B790 I wonder which Raider gang you would have fit into? Probably your own weird gang, huh?
50 0035B791 It's fun watching you work out there. Makes me yearn for the days I was out there maiming unsuspecting survivors and blowing shit up. Ah, good times!
51 0035B792 Hey, uh... just a reminder. If you ever find anything really cool in that cache, remember who didn't kill you and/or actually screw you over.
52 0035B793 Hey, if you have any particularly weak and stupid friends with some good gear on them, do you think you could...
53 Nah, who am I kidding. It was worth a shot.
54 0035B794 Agh... does it frustrate you knowing that there's so few people left to raid out there?
55 Maybe once someone does something about those damn flying beasts out there, people will return and then I can kill 'em and take their stuff. emphasize "I"
56 0035C96A Ok. Get the radio running. Check. Determine the best Raider tactics. Check. Open the cache. Check.
57 Guess all that's left is to build a Raider army and bliss myself out on some good chems. What a time to be alive!
58 0035C96B What a disappointment that my gang friends left behind such crap in that cache of theirs. I don't know what I expected.
59 I guess it's kind of funny they thought they'd actually be able to return to normal life after the world went and got destroyed.
60 0035C96C I was just thinking about the time I sent you out to die because I thought it'd be funny. No hard feelings, eh?
61 You're fine, you survived. And, look at all the great things we've accomplished because of it!
62 I'm the best teacher.
63 0035C96D Just remember, out of all the people scraping by to survive the crazy world out there until you people came along, I alone remained.
64 Not any of my Raider pals, not any of the Responder morons, not even those armored tin-can suit jerks.
65 Think about that if you ever decide to cross me.
66 0035C96E What's the word for someone whose presence kind of bugs you, but you sort of need them, and don't want them to completely abandon you?
67 Not asking for any reason in particular.
68 0035C96F Hey you, Look out the window. Everything you see is my territory, and if you play your cards right, one day it could all be yours.
69 Hah, who am I kidding, you're probably going to die way before I will, but don't let that get you down.
70 0035C970 I can't believe all those other idiots got themselves killed or ran off. Buncha cowards, if you ask me.
71 How's anyone going to fear the Raiders if there aren't any Raiders left? Figures, if anyone was going to get anything done around here, it'd be me.
72 0035C971 Haha, I can't believe you got me into the Emergency Broadcast System! This is better than I could have hoped for!
73 I could kiss you, but I'm programmed to eviscerate anyone who isn't authorized to kiss me.
74 003D10FB
75 003D1140
76 003D1141
77 003D1142
78 0056F78C See? You're old pal Rose came through for ya!
79 Don't go thinking it means I'm into doing favors, though, because you totally owe me. What are friends for, right?
80 003A5FA4 0051890D Hey, I don't know you and I don't trust you yet. You're not getting up here until you help me get my radio signal boosted.
81 0051890E No way. Fix my radio signal, then I'll let you come up. Emphasize "then"
82 0051890F I can't just let some chump up here unless I trust them. Do what I asked: fix my signal with that radio repeater, then we'll see.
83 00518910 Until you help me with my radio problem, that button's not going to do anything for you.
84 00518911 Sure, keep pressing that button. It ain't gonna do you any good until I unlock it from my side. And, I'm not going to do that until you fix my radio.
85 00518912 I don't know you and I don't trust you. I have been asking for someone to help boost my radio signal, though. Maybe do that. Emphasis on "have"
86 00518913 You're persistent, I'll give you that. But, I still won't let you in until you help me boost my signal.
87 005857EB 00585826 Fine, keep your secrets. Not like I can't see half the places you go anyway.
88 005857ED 00585837 Although, Foundation? Really? I bet Meg looooved that.
89 00585838 I couldn't help but notice you didn't bust in there alone, and Meg don't do aaanything for free.
90 005857EE 0058583D Well, I guess since the treasure's been found, it's audio sensors to the ground for the next big thing.
91 And no hard feelings on not cuttin' me in. Even though I really should take credit for the whole shabang.
92 But gold? Eh... I'll still take caps over gold any day. But the moment you find a vault full o' chems, I'm gonna be aaaall over that.
93 005857EF 0058583C Ick, get over it already. Anyone ever tell you you're a real downer?
94 005857F1 0058582A Ha! That's the spirit! See, this is what being a raider's all about. You're a natural!
95 005857F3 00585841 The suckers never do! Knowing them, they probably thought you were working for the Meg the whole time.
96 People like that always gotta think there's some bigger bad that swayed someone.
97 005857F5 0058582D Oh yeah? Never mind the fact that that split probably saved you a bit of face with Meg, right?
98 005857F7 00585821 Eh, work is for suckers. Believe me, it's only a matter of time before all their gold ends up Meg's hands anyway.
99 005857F9 00585832 Ugh, if I had a digestive system, I'd barf.
100 You should've at least taken a bigger cut. Sure they helped you break in, but you been running circles out there for them for a while now.
101 Don't think I didn't notice.
102 005857FB 00585825 Bunch of suckers. You'd think they'd have learned that lesson by now, but gold's pretty hard to pass on.
103 005857FD 00585836 You're damn right it does! Nothin' like a good con to start your day.
104 Besides, I'd hate to think of what they'd do with it. Build higher walls? Start schools? Ew or worse... desk jobs?
105 005857FF 0058583A Ha! You screwed over Meg? I gotta admit, I didn't think you had it in ya. Second sentence said with a wink.
106 It's like... you're growin' up right before my eyes. David woulda been so proud!
107 0058583B Musta felt pretty good to stab that dope at Foundation in the back. What are some crappy old settlers gonna do with that treasure anyway, right?
108 00585801 0058583F Foundation? After you got Meg and her crew to break you in? Don't think I didn't see you all out there plantin' explosives.
109 I bet you think you're pretty cool makin' Meg's crew share their take with those Foundation losers.
110 00585840 You bust in that Vault with Foundation and Meg still got a cut? That's one slick move.
111 I woulda loved to see the look on their dopey faces when you turned around and gave half their share to the Raiders.
112 00585803 0058582C Ick, boooring. Those people at Foundation are some real losers.
113 What are they gonna do? Build higher walls? Bring back the desk job? Make kids go to school?
114 That's some real excitement, let me tell ya. Sarcastic.
115 00585805 00585846 As much as that treasure belongs to me, I guess I ain't too mad at ya for splittin' it with Meg.
116 00585809 00585824 So now you got that treasure, what are ya gonna do with it?
117 I couldn't help but notice you didn't bust in there alone.
118 0058580A 00585835 Are you kidding me? But I thought we were pals!
119 0058580C 00585828 Pfft, why leave when I can have someone like you just tell me?
120 Come on, you know what you want to! Just use your words...
121 0058580E 00585823 Ha! Poor saps. Classic headline, though. Thief robs vault! Accidentally frees trapped residents! Residents celebrate at gun point!
122 So come on, out with it. What was Vault-Tec trying to stash all this time?
123 00585810 00585834 Cha-ching! I knew that rumor was legit, but gold? I was thinking some guns, and maybe a lifetime supply of Cram at best.
124 00585812 00585827 Blinded by all that gold I bet! Serves her right, ha!
125 00585814 00585839 Yeah, yeah, pity this and sympathy that. You may have screwed Meg, but I guarantee she'll get her share back one way or another.
126 Pretty sure you just bought Foundation twice the harassment they were due, and I've got the best seat in the house to watch it all go down.
127 00585816 00585829 The only reason Meg even set foot back in here was because of my broadcast.
128 Before that, you could bet she'd written this place off for good.
129 Figures the moment I send out a blast for help, she'd show up and get you, of all people, to do all her dirty work.
130 00585818 0058583E Pfft, the "F" word. You don't think Meg and her crew are alive today because they were fair, do ya?
131 You gotta live a little! Be daring! Screw someone over and never look back!
132 0058581A 0058582B Shut up and let me enjoy this! And please, enough with the guilt already!
133 0058581C 00585842 Spoken like a true raider! I mean, hey, you learned from the best, right? Rose is referring to herself as in "the best"
134 0058581E 0058582E Hey, I ain't gonna argue! Well deserved I say, and Meg shoulda known better.
135 It ain't like that for her to drop her guard, or, let's be honest, to let you live at all.
136 You can bet she still sees a use for you, or we wouldn't be chatting. Or we would, but you'd be missing a body part or two. You know what I mean.
137 00585820 00585822 Oh you can bet I've been watchin' you. I've seen you playin' both sides after that lil ole treasure I was wantin'.
138 So, Vault 79, eh? Gonna tell me about it?
139 0058590B 00585917 Oh, and that little party Meg's sent you after? Looks like a few Scorchbeasts got wind of it, so you may want to hurry...
140 I don't think it's gonna end well.
141 0058590C 00585914 Now scram! There's a whole new mess of people out there, and I gotta keep an eye out for potential recruits.
142 0058590D 00585918 No, and believe me, the feeling's mutual. I may want the Raiders back, but I want the real Raiders. Cutthroats, if you know what I mean.
143 Meg may be a step above Margie, but she don't hold a candle to David.
144 So my job ain't done, but at least you're all set now!
145 0058590F 00585915 What are best buds for? Besides, now you owe me! Bonus for me of course, not so much for you, but who cares, right?
146 00585911 00585919 Hey, hoops are fun, don't knock 'em! Besides, we got to hang out, you got to get your hands dirty, and Meg gets some free health care!
147 00585913 00585916 Gal's always had a sensible side.
148 But see? Your old pal Rose came through, and now you're all buddy buddy with The Crater crew.
149 Don't go thinking it means I'm into doing favors, though. Think of it as a one time gig.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00352F39 Hey, uh... As if she's considering whether to tell the player something or not.
2 003B12AF Hey, it's you: whatever your name was. You got those key fragments for me?
3 MTNL01_Raiders_Rose_
0004A284 I'll take those for safekeeping. There's just one more little thing. draw out the word "one"
4 David had a mistress named Rosalynn. She wound up doing something stupid out of love for the man. A little annoyed, as if this person was in direct competition for David's affection
5 Tried to lead a raid on Charleston on Christmas Eve so she could bring him back something nice. Got herself killed in the process. She looks down on Rosalynn's action, even though she's talking about the person she's effectively modeled after.
6 We never were able to recover the body. I would have gone to do this myself, but well, it's... personal. Serious. Even though she's scamming the player here, this is a personal issue. She doesn't want to be reminded that she's a facsimile of someone else
7 Now, in order to create the cache master key from those passwords you got, I need the holotape program she had with her when she died. Informative.
8 You might have to look through the town's records to find out where they buried her body. I'd start with the Capitol Building.
9 That's the last thing, I swear. Then we're golden. She realizes that she's asking for more and more.
10 Meet me at the cache in the basement of the ski lodge when you've got that holotape!
11 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_End 0004A3BB Hey, sorry to break it to you, but I was going to cheat you. I don't need a program to decrypt the key fragments. I'm a freakin' robot. Like she has a bit of a conscience slip, so she's being completely honest, and she's a little surprised the player bought her lies.
12 I just wanted you out of the way so I could get first dibs at the loot. Least I'm honest about it, right?
13 Thing is, I couldn't go through with it. Expressing a change of heart. This is sincere.
14 Either you've made me a better person, or there's some old remnant of Miss Nanny firing up and making me care about people. Sincere, but almost like she can't believe this is happening. She's reluctantly admitting it, but she does actually feel bad for her actions.
15 It's all worthless pre-war junk anyway! You can have as much of it as you want. Now, it's no big deal. Like, who cares. She's tough. She doesn't need anything. She doesn't want the player to know she's got a soft spot.
16 There might be some good loot, but that bucket o' bolts bellhop down there won't cough it up without a claim ticket. Good luck finding one of those! A little disdain for the Bellhop.
17 I couldn't even shake it out of him, and believe me, I tried! It's all yours if you can figure something out.
18 So there you go, that's it. Eh, don't get all teary-eyed, I'm sure we'll still do business together again soon. Until then, toodles! Again, like this is no big deal. She has a soft spot for the player, but doesn't want to let on that she does.
19 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004A436 Hey you, I watched you kill David through the viewfinder. So, that's a thing that happened. Sad, but she knew it had to be done.
20 I'm hoping that by now you've got everything we need. Hurry back so we can bust that cache wide open and see what's inside. Regains her composure.
21 No one's been inside since before they made me, so I've been dying to see all the great crap they've kept hidden for all these years! Back to excited. She's imagining all the great stuff that's about to be uncovered.
22 Don't keep me waiting! Impatient, but friendly and excited.
23 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004C7B0 Hey, I hope you're still alive out there, wherever you are, else I'm talking to a corpse. She's lost track of the player again.
24 I assume the Gourmands just ate each other to death. I'll never ask what actually happened. The thought of eating another human grosses me out. Disgusted, when talking about this part. Cannibalism gives her the heebie jeebies.
25 Makes me glad robots were never on their menu. Some relief.
26 So, there's one more key fragment. This one belonged to the Cutthroats. David, the guy who led us, is alive - or something like it. She quickly adds "or something like it"
27 I saw him roaming around out there, near his favorite barbecue shack, turned into one of those Scorched things. There should be some underlying longing and sadness to this. She doesn't explicitly say it, but there was something like love between the two.
28 It breaks my heart to see him like that. He could be a real jackass, but he doesn't deserve that fate. There should be some underlying longing and sadness to this. She doesn't explicitly say it, but there was something like love between the two.
29 Now I'd bet anything he's still got his key fragment on him.
30 So really, you'd be doing everyone involved a huge favor by putting him out of our collective misery and taking the key. Toughening up a little here. She knows what needs to be done, even if she doesn't like it.
31 Kiss him goodbye for me. Actually, don't. He's probably all malformed and disgusting now. Yeah. Yuck. Should sound tough, but then she realizes what she said might actually be pretty disgusting in practice.
32 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004A478 Hey, I kind of lost track of you out there. I was uh... busy doing some stuff, and by stuff, I mean chems. She can't really do chems, but she tries. This should feel obligatory, as if she suddenly remembered her responsibility to the player.
33 You know, I almost feel bad for ol' Margie. Smart as a whip, but never did like to get her hands dirty, and couldn't hack it when push came to shove. Actually sincere about Margie. It turns out she actually admired something about her, even though she doesn't think too highly of her otherwise.
34 Anyway, did you find her key? Let's pretend you did and move on, I don't have all day to watch you putter about. Hey, speaking of putters... Getting impatient again.Realizes she inadvertently made a joke about putters, since she's sending the player to a golf course.
35 I'm not sure what you'll find at Bolton Greens, but I am sure that whatever happened to the Gourmands, it was as grisly and inhuman as they were. She gets a little disgusted when she starts mentioning the Gourmands.
36 Good luck. You'll forgive me for not watching this time. Kind of washing her hands of this one.
37 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004C68A I see some commotion over in Huntersville. Gotta be you, huh? Yeah, I kind of figured the mutant brutes got to Walter and the Trappers. Real shame. She's piecing together what happened. She's not too torn up over the Trappers, but it was a loss nonetheless.
38 Then again, maybe it wasn't such a bright move, sticking around when they found out the town was run amok with those big dumb galoots. She doesn't think the Trappers were all too smart, and she's not afraid to say as much.
39 Why don't you go figure out what happened to the Diehards next? Probably just plain starved after Margie vanished. Buncha useless old softies. She really doesn't care for the Diehards, and she's not afraid to speak her mind about them.
40 Margie had her own room at the Sunnytop Ski Lanes. It's her last known location. See if she left anything behind.
41 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004A42A Hey, you're back! I guess you found it huh? I'm just going to assume ya did and move on. Excited that the player didn't die. Anxious to move on though.
42 Let's check with the Trappers next. They had a camp out near the Devil's Backbone so they could keep an eye out along the road from the southeast.
43 We never did find out what happened to them. We were spread pretty thin by the time they disappeared. Someone, or something, probably got to them. stress "-thing" on "something"
44 Maybe they left a note behind or some other clue.
45 They were real outdoorsy types. Liked camping and hunting. Be careful searching the camp for their piece of the key.
46 If it wasn't obvious, they were really into traps. She feels that she has to explain this to the player even though it's painfully obvious.
47 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
0004C603 Rose here. Not that I'm a creep, but I was watching you through the viewfinder again and saw you enter the mine. Can you still hear me? She asks, but realizes she doesn't expect an answer.
48 Ah whatever, it's not like you can radio back. Anyhoo! If I recall, we completely lost track of the Blackwater Bandits back in '96.
49 Freddie wasn't looking too good last time we saw her alive. Not her usual bright and spirited self. Real sick. Her hair looked awful. Honestly, she was a little concerned. But there's some lightheartedness here.
50 Something happened in that mine hideout of theirs. Not sure what, but if you can figure it out, I bet you'll be able to track down that key fragment. Rose is not too down in the dumps about it though.
51 I'll catch back up with ya when I see you crawl out of that cave.
52 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
00352F3A Emergency! Emergency! I am all out of alcohol! Should sound a little distressed until "out of alcohol." Draw out "all." Should sound a little drunk.
53 Somehow, I doubt this is what those pre-war losers thought their emergency broadcast system would be used for. Should sound slightly drunk.
54 Now where was I? Oh, yeah. I don't really need more alcohol. It's starting to go to my head, or circuitry, or whatever. Should sound a little drunk
55 Can I even really get drunk? Who knows? I'm a robot! Should sound a little drunk.
56 Nah, I got something else to tell you, but shhhh... shh shh shh... you gotta come talk to me in person. See you when I see you. Still drunk, but kind of a tired drunk here. Perks up at the end for "See you when I see you"
57 MTNL01_Raiders_Rose_Intro 00352F3B I feel like I trust you enough now to let you in on a little secret. she's being frank with the player.
58 My old Raider pals left a cache of treasures behind when they all checked out. Problem is it's locked away and I can't get in there. This frustrates her a little bit. She's been dying to know what's inside.
59 Double problem: No one trusted each other enough to give anyone complete access to the treasure. Doubly annoyed.
60 So they split up the key. See, each gang's leader had a holotape with their own personal password on it.
61 Find 'em all so I can patch 'em together and make the master key. It's more technical than that, but you wouldn't understand. She talks down to the player a little bit, because she assumes she's way smarter than they are.
62 Then, we'll have ourselves access to all that wonderful treasure. I'll probably even give you a fair share of the loot. Promise. Excited. Even though she's being sincere, there should be a little doubt that she'll actually come through with her promise.
63 Check out Blackwater Mine first. That's the last place we heard from Freddie Lang, the leader of the Blackwater Bandits.
64 Pretty sure she had a terminal there. Might be worth a look-see.
65 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
00352F38 Ok, I see you made it into the city. There's something you should know, if it isn't already painfully obvious. It's almost as if this information haunts her a little bit.
66 Charleston got flooded in a bad way.
67 When David learned they killed Rosalynn, he took the mini nukes we had stolen from the Brotherhood of Steel and rigged them to blow up the dam. Serious.
68 Damn near wiped the entire city off the map. She doesn't have love for Charleston.
69 Last I checked, the Capitol Building is still standing. If any place was going to have records of any of this, it'd be there.
70 Here's hoping you don't have to dig up half the town to find what you're looking for.
71 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
003B12AE I'll be straight with you, I think we're past the point where I just want to use you to further my own goals. I may be starting to like you. She's kind of impressed with the player now, and doesn't mind telling them as much.
72 Now I don't want you thinking your pal Rose is going soft on you, so just let me say this.
73 If you ever get it in your head to screw me over, I will gut you with this here saw and string your entrails up like Christmas tinsel. Pleasantly threatening. The sort of thing you'd say to be threatening, through a bright and cheerful smile.
74 Nothing personal.
75 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
003B1BCF I know it sounds like a set-up to screw you over and make off with all the loot myself. I've got nothing to make you trust me, but here's the deal. She knows the player has no reason to trust her, and is willing to admit that. Still she tries to downplay it so it doesn't sound like a big deal.
76 You don't really have a choice. If we want to get into that cache, you'll do this. For us. Dead serious, but cheerful.
77 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic_
003B1EC6 Oh, and before I forget: that uplink, or whatever you were looking for, is also in the cache. Hooray. You got it. Go you. Nonchalant and a bit sarcastic. Everything starting with "Hooray..." should lack real enthusiasm.
78 Now don't go forgetting about me just because you got what you came for. I will find you.
79 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic 003A5FA5 Seems real handy. I know where it is, but... I'm not ready to talk. Maybe if you help me out I'll trust you enough. Draw out "but"
80 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic 003A5FA6 Since we're already all buddy-buddy, I'll let you in on a little secret.
81 The uplink's in the cache. You probably just missed it. You'll find it there. Promise.
82 MTNL01_Raiders_EBSTopic 003A5FA7 Oh I see now, you're here about that guy, huh? Good luck getting anything outta him. He's been dead a while.
83 MTN_MQ_Rose_MadiganScene 00575B2D I didn't put him there. That was the previous tenants. They were real slobs.
84 You know, I keep meaning to find a maid service. But who has the time, right?
85 MTN_MQ_Rose_MadiganScene 00575B3A He came up here to negotiate with my Raider associates.
86 They strung him up, and left him to die after... convincing him to spill the beans about what he was up to. Before you ask, I dunno, I wasn't there.
87 MTN_MQ_Rose_MadiganScene 00575B30 Anyway, you're probably looking for that scorched detector uplink thingamajig he was trying to install when they caught him.
88 MTN_MQ_Missing_EBSTopic_End
003A8051 So, did you find that uplink thing you were looking for? It got a little banged up when we shoved it through the storage system. It's not clear whether the uplink got damaged by accident or intentional mistreatment.
89 You'll probably need to bring it to someone in the Free States who can fix it, but joke's on you, they're as dead as everyone else out there. It sounds hopeful at first, but she finds it amusing that everyone is dead.
90 You know, at least one or two of 'em defected to us when they got sick of livin' underground. Pause before starting. Pensive. She remembers something important.
91 They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Tech-smart, you know?
92 I bet you can find something down in her bunker that'll help you fix that doodad. It's in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction. Helpful
93 Now go on and scram. Maybe you'll actually be able to get rid of these Scorched things.
94 You'll probably need to bring it to someone in the Free States who can fix it, but joke's on you, they're as dead as everyone else out there. She realizes this will benefit her too.
95 MTN_MQ_Missing_EBSTopic_End
003A8052 Hey, there's a weird Scorched Detector uplink device down there that we stole from one of their guys. Do you see it? She suddenly remembers something important. There's a thing the player might be interested in.
96 We were going to ransom it back to the Free States people. Seemed pretty important to them. That was the plan, but...
97 Joke's on us since they're all as dead as everyone else out there. But, you know what... A bit disappointed, but hopeful. Give a good pause before and after "But, you know what..."
98 Years ago, some of their people came and joined up with us. Beats living in a crappy bunker, I guess. She remembers another important bit of information.
99 They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Supposedly, she had a good head for tech. Recollecting information
100 Maybe there's something in her bunker to help you figure out what to do with that doodad. It's in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction. Helpful
101 I'm pretty sure it'll help us do something about these damned Scorched things. If only we didn't kill the guy who knew how. Eh, hindsight. Hopeful, and not too shaken up over killing the guy.


# Scene Form ID Player prompt Response text Script notes
102 MTNM01_Mayhem_Rose_IntroScene 003B12B0 - Oh, hey! I had something to say to you... Now what was it...? Ah! Right! A greeting at quest start, if the player comes back after a while and needs the intro again. Leads into "So... Wanna help me out again?
103 0032DA80 - So... Wanna help me out again? Excited, a hint of mischief
104 00575B2F Tell me about the old Raiders. The dead ones. My kind of people! We were hard core! The originals! Not these wanna-bes and losers who refuse to join up with me.
We split into five gangs: Cutthroats, Trappers, Diehards, Blackwater Bandits, and the Gourmands.
Each one was special in their own way, except for the Diehards. They were a bunch of boring losers.
105 00575B3B I'm game. How can I help you out? So the old bands of Raiders each had their own like pet projects or whatever. You know, to be all special.
If I'm ever going to rebuild a Raider army, I need to figure out which of these crazy tactics actually work.
We both win: I get answers, and you get a new toolbox full of scary things you can use to terrify your enemies and gross out your friends!
106 00575B37 Tell me about these tactics. We'll start with my personal favorite: Karma. No, not that new age bullshit. I'm talking about a chem that hits hard, but leaves you reeling.
107 00575B39 Why should I help you? You almost backstabbed me! Almost! I almost backstabbed you. But clearly, I didn't, or you'd be dead!
Point is, you're alive and stronger for it because of me. Did I even get a thank you for that? No!
108 00575B35 I don't believe any of your crap, Rose. Oh hoho, standing up to me! Guess you do have a spine afterall.
You don't have to believe me to learn from me. I'm offering to help you find new and crazy ways to mess people up.
And then when you get what you want, we part ways. Work for you?
109 00575B2B You are one delightfully murderous little robot. I'm a robot?! Oh wait, I knew that. Anyway, you say the sweetest things.
Plus you got that whole one-person-army thing going for you.
Acting extremely surprised, big beat before "I knew that"
110 00575B2A You know there's already a Raider army around? In Crater. Are you seriously calling Meg's bunch of losers an "army?" Please.
Those Blood Eagles... maybe. But they're not my type.
111 00575B3D Sign me up for Rose's Army. Can you say best day ever? Or at least this week. That chem trip last Thursday, man, whoah.
Tell ya what. You help me out, and you can consider yourself a super secret member of my raider gang. Shhh!
112 003E132F - I'm going to lend you my old syringer and you're going to modify it to shoot Karma darts. Just bring it back, or I'll find ya and kill ya, haha!
Not joking! I really will!
Her threat is jovial and upbeat as if it's a joke, and she laughs through it at the end.
Still sounds like lighthearted joking and she's laughing.
113 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Watching 003B12AD - I'll be keeping an eye on you from up here. I can see just about anything with my robot eyes and these viewfinders.
And lucky you, since you helped me tap into the Emergency Broadcast System, you can hear my lovely voice from anywhere!
Serious. She's being helpful.
Still really glad the player helped her out before.
114 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Chemdart 00098B3F - Now that you've got yourself some Karma, it's time to see it in action. There's a mean old mama yao guai I like to call... actually strike that.
I lost track of her a while back, so just make it so there's one less Yao Guai to worry about. I don't care which one.
If you can't find a Yao Guai, find something else that's tough so you can see the Karma in action.
I know it sounds crazy to make a beast like that tougher and nastier, but once Karma wears off, it'll be as weak as a newborn kitten.
That's when you'll finish it off, assuming you survive the initial effects. Have fun!
She interrupts herself when another thought crosses her mind. It doesn't matter what the thing was called.
Apathetic. It doesn't matter what the player does as long as it follows vaguely in line with what she wants.
She wants the player to test their limits. She wants to be entertained.
Starts tough, then softens her tone at "weak as a newborn kitten"
115 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartEasy 0032DA7D - Wow, really? You wasted your Karma dart on something you could have sneezed at and killed?
Maybe next time you'll grow a spine and face something actually challenging. Ah well, kill it and let's move on. The less said, the better.
Really unimpressed. Like rolling her eyes so hard they fall out of her sockets kind of unimpressed. To the point of mocking.
116 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartDifficult 0032DA82 - Damn, you don't mess around, do you? Seriously, that looks like a tough fight! You're going above and beyond what I asked for.
I'd give you a cookie, if they existed anymore. Instead, I've just got something else for you to do when you're done killing that thing.
Very impressed! Draw out "Damn"
A little levity
117 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartOther 0032DA7F - Hmm. Not quite what I asked for, but good enough. At least you didn't chicken out and use the Karma on something lame, like a baby mole rat.
Kill your mark, then I've got something else for you.
Mildly disappointed, but in the sense that she was hoping for more, not that it wasn't enough.
She wants the player to just do the task, and hurry up!
118 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartPlayer 004EDB9E - Well, look at that. You found some other poor sap to fall victim to your Karma dart. Us humans can be a bit unpredictable on Karma.
They may be itching for a fight after being shot with that stuff, maybe not.
So, if they turn on you, I say go for it and see what you get out of 'em.
Impressed by the player's ingenuity and good fortune
Kind of itching to see a fight break out, but won't be disappointed if it doesn't happen.
119 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartRobot 0032DA7E - That's a robot, you dingus. That Karma dart's only going to work on things that are flesh and blood, like you and me.
You're clearly not getting it. Let's just move on.
She's seriously questioning the player's intelligence. Shocked they'd even try such a thing. Also, doesn't fully realize she herself is a robot.
Annoyed that the player couldn't follow simple instructions.
120 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_ChemdartYaoGuai 0032DA81 - Haha, stupid Yao Guai. Well, you didn't chicken out and you didn't fuck up, so that's a win in my book.
Now put that thing out of its misery so we can get to the next task. Oh yeah, I've got another task for you after this.
Impressed, and upbeat. The player did exactly what she asked.
Suddenly remembers she's got more for the player to do at "oh yeah!"
121 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_MakeBait 00098B49 - Word to the wise, that Karma stuff can backfire on you if you're not careful. And take it from me, don't use it on yourself.
Unless, you know, you're really confident you can kill everything around you before it wears off.
Ok! Next we've got explosions! The Trappers would rig up bait with explosives to take on some of the more dangerous game out there.
I want you to go make some explosive bait, and don't blow your fingers off in the process. You're not a robot like me. No replacement hands for you!
She's giving advice from experience, or what she perceives as experience.
She says this a little sarcastically, but it's real advice.
Excited when talking about explosions!
Still very upbeat. It's mildly amusing to her that the player might blow their fingers off.
122 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_UseBait 00098B40 - Great, you've got yourself some gross meat-covered explosives, but now what? Well, use your imagination. The Trappers sure did.
Any hungry carnivore is sure to be drawn in by the smell of fresh meat.
This one time, Chuck-he was the guy who came up with this crazy idea-laid out explosive bait along the trail after a raid.
When the Responders came looking for us with their tracking dogs, well...Let's just say the hounds lost their scent.
You know, because their heads were blown off. Ah whatever, you get what I'm saying.
I don't care what you use your bait on, just use it to kill some things that would kill and eat you. Let me know how it works out for you.
This is pure advice
She has fond memories of this crazy, disgusting event
Mischievous and a bit of a psychopath when recalling that the "hounds lost their scent" TheIn-game spelling blew up. it was mean. She enjoyed that.
Explaining to the player like they're an idiot
123 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Deathclaw01 00098B43 - Let's hear it for brutal efficiency! I guess the Trappers didn't mind picking shrapnel out of their quarries.
As cruel as the Trappers were, the Diehards were the exact opposite. Don't let their name fool you.
We called 'em that because their stubborn asses refused to give up their 'dignity' and couldn't bear to commit unprovoked violence. Feh. Pacifists.
I don't know much about their special tactics. Did they have any? I don't know... go find a Deathclaw and make friends with it or something.
Impressed and gleeful at the mayhem. Levity.
Rose doesn't really care much for the Diehards. She thinks they were lame at best. Undertone of some bad blood here.
Overly mocking tone with "dignity" and "couldn't bear to commit unprovoked violence" Imagine huge air quotes.
Now she's taking out her disdain for the Diehards on the player and sending them on a mission designed to mock the Diehards.
124 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_FledDeathclaw 00098B41 - I don't blame you for turning tail and running like a coward, but hey, you're alive, and that means you can finish helping me out. So, good for you. A little disappointed, but understanding.
125 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_
00098B47 - Well... ok then... you outright killed a Deathclaw. Didn't even ask you to. Just killed it. That's crazy, even for me! I like you! Uh... good job? Outright Shocked and impressed. She never thought the player could do this. She's not even sure it happened, despite seeing it with her own eyes.
126 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_
00098B42 - Hey, good on you for killing one of the nastiest creatures out there! I mean, you're fucking nuts for even trying it, but I like that about you! Still impressed, but more subdued than earlier. She doesn't want the player to think they're better than her, of course.
127 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Deathclaw02 00098B3E - Whoa! Hey, hold on! I didn't think you'd actually do it! We're talking about a Deathclaw here for crying out loud!
Ah well, you're there now. Either kill it or don't. I don't care as long as I don't need to find a new assistant.
Super Impressed, almost in disbelief that the player accomplished what they did.
She switches tones to pretty indifferent. She doesn't want the player to get a big head.
128 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Bandits 00098B44 - It's probably a good time to teach you that not everyone can be your friend out there. That's the real takeaway from the Diehards.
Moving on! The Blackwater Bandits were known for being sneaky thieves. Let me tell you, they once hit a Brotherhood of Steel camp. Insane, right?
They snuck right past the guards, and stole guns, ammo, mini nukes-you name it-right out from under the poor bastards while the rest of 'em slept.
Next thing you know, the knights moved on out with their tails between their legs, and we had a new arsenal!
Well, the Brotherhood's gone, but we still have heavily armed super mutants. Go steal from them. Sneak around. Maybe you won't have to fight 'em all.
But, really, all I care about is their gun stash. Might be a good haul, might not. There's only one way to find out.
A little snarky. She has no love for the Diehards
More upbeat here. She's much more impressed with the Blackwater Bandits.
Excited. She really likes this story.
She looks back fondly on this moment. Clear that it was a good memory of a huge success.
Upbeat, but mischievous. She's clearly sending the player into danger, but also giving them good advice.
She's curious about the results but doesn't really care about the player's well-being here.
129 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Cannibal 00098B46 - Ooh, what'd you find? A missile launcher? Bet you could cause some real damage with that! Whatever you picked up, keep it, you've earned it.
Ok, this next one's a little disgusting, but it's ruthless, so I like it. My stomach turns just thinking about this.
Then again, I haven't been hungry in a while, so who knows how desperate I'll be when I am and there's no more food to eat.
Kind of like the Gourmands. We called them that instead of what they really were: cannibals.
I'm not going to make you eat anyone, but let's go through this exercise anyway.
I saw a roaming pack of feral ghouls I want you to hunt down. They're always good for target practice anyway.
I'm not saying the Gourmands had the right idea, but no one can claim they went hungry eating human... or ex-human flesh.
Just use a toothpick or something before you come back to visit. I don't want to catch a whiff of rotten ghoul flesh on your breath.
Excited for the player.
Clearly disgusted.
A little levity. She knows she's a robot, but also know she's human. The contradiction doesn't occur to her.
More serious. Mild undertone of disgust. Not something she'd do herself, but she respects it.
She knows the player may not want to do this, but she has a job she wants the player to do.
Serious, but there's a hint of mischief.
Respectfully disgusted
Legitimately grossed out at the thought. She would be pretty upset if the player didn't follow what she said.
130 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_KilledGhouls 0032E040 - Now, the Gourmands would go ahead and eat that. I can't make you do it, but you're not going to chicken out on me, are you?
Either way, it's time to report back.
Almost taunting the player into doing something they may not want to do.
131 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_CannibalOptional 0032E03F - Ugh. Gross. You'd never catch me eating my own kind. I just don't have the stomach for it. But I guess the Gourmands did.
Anyway, sometimes you gotta do what you've gotta do to survive out there. Cannibalism, or whatever. Good job, I guess.
Disgusted, but she respects what the player did.
Disgusted and a little apathetic. She doesn't really want to think about this.
132 MTNM01_Mayhem_EBSTopic_Returning 003B12AC - Well, you learned a bunch of stuff about Raider tactics, and I've gotta say they all seemed ridiculous...ly entertaining to watch from here.
Were they effective? Eh, I guess so. You survived, didn't you?
We can talk about your reward when you get here. Good job, uh... you.
Ridiculous is a little drawn out, to make it seem like she's stopping, but then quickly continues.
She still doesn't care about the player enough to remember their name.
133 MTNM01_Mayhem_Rose_EndScene 0032DA86 - Ah, you're back.
134 0032DA83 - Why are you looking at me like you want something? Your reward is the knowledge you've gained from me. Congratulations.
Ah hell, whatever, you can have some more stuff I had laying around, too.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00169C12 0028EB5D Not what either one of us expected, eh? Anyway, to prove I'm not a monster, I scrounged up some old junk to give you as a reward.
2 00169C13 00169C19 Huh. Well, this is a little awkward
3 003AEF98 00098B4A This is an Emergency Alert. It's the end of the world, and we're all fucked! Hah, I love this thing! First sentence is read almost like a real emergency alert, then quickly switches to Rose's boisterous personality.
4 My friend, you just helped me tap into the Emergency Broadcast System for the whole region. This is going to be so much fun! But, enough small talk! Ends on a more serious "let's get down to business" tone
5 Full disclosure: I didn't think you'd succeed at getting my signal working.
6 So, I was just going to kill you and take your stuff when you came back, if you came back at all, that is. Matter-of-factly
7 Guess it'd be a real dick move for me to do that now. Pensive, but also laughing about it.
8 Look, I'm what you people would call a Raider. Killing, stealing, and cheating is kind of my shtick. Change of mood. More serious.
9 And thanks to you, I've got a working radio. So, I can reach other like-minded individuals and get them to join me! You've opened the floodgates! Prev line: "Look, I'm what you people would call a raider. Killing, stealing, and cheating is kind of my shtick."
10 Hey, come see me at the Top of the World when you get a chance, I've got something for you. And, I pinky-swear I won't kill you. She pauses then quickly adds the last sentence as an afterthought.
11 003AEF99 0028EB5C Hey, you down there! Don't be scared! I'm not a ghost! I'm talking to ya through the PA system! This is the first person Rose has seen in a few years. She's excited and worried about scaring them away.
12 You came because you heard me on the radio, right? She assumes her message was heard.
13 Here's the deal: We're gonna help each other out. You down with that? Her motives are a mostly self-serving, but she's not letting the player know that.
14 Fantastic! Spoken immediately after the previous line, to not give the player time to respond, even if they could. Emphasize: "FAN-tastic"
15 So, I've got this little radio operation I need to expand... Gotta boost this super weak signal. You know how it is. Matter of factly, as if everyone has dealt with this problem at some point.
16 See, I found these plans for a Radio Signal Repeater on a dead Responder out by Seneca Rocks. He was totally dead when she got there. It's not like she killed him. His friends maybe, but not him.
17 They were going to patch it through that giant radio array on the other side of the mountain and use it to boost their radio. Pure information delivery here.
18 Only... I don't have the plans. Didn't seem important at the time. Aw, I'm kicking myself for not taking the schematic when I found it. Oops. She's disappointed, but in a "gosh darn, oh well" sort of way.
19 I'd go back and get them, but who knows what sort of rotten lowlifes would ransack this place while I'm gone? She doesn't let on that she's exactly the sort of rotten lowlife who would do that.
20 Ok, I need you to find the plans. Build the repeater, and patch it into the array following their notes. Easy peasy, right? She believes this is so simple a child could do it.
21 I'll take the rest from there. We'll be in business: Rose and... whatever your name is! She doesn't really care what the player's name is. This is a means to an end.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003FE891 0041B820 No hard feelings, right? I mean, you're alive, I'm alive... It's a win-win situation. Player just completed a task where Rose admitted she was going to kill them but changed her mind.
2 0041B821 Well, well, look who it is. I was wondering when you'd show up. Player is returning to Rose after having long completed her other quests.
3 0041B822 All right, you're back, and just when I was starting to get bored, too. Hope you managed to repair that old holotape.
4 0041B823 All right. Time to finish this little pet project.
5 0041B824 The hell is this? Where's Thorpe?
6 0041B825 Who the hell are you?
7 0041B826 You gonna help me or what?
8 0041B827 Look who finally showed up. Where's Aldridge?
9 004268F2 I saw you taking a little detour out there to talk to that Overseer of yours.|
19 0056D37F Those idiots at Spruce Knob don't know what they got comin'.
20 Anyway, you wanna talk to Meg or what?
21 0056D380 Let's just keep that info about David and emotions between you and me, kay?
22 So yeah, back to business! Just gotta find that trophy, and then off to grab that program at Rosalynn's memorial. Total cake walk.
23 0056D381 Like I was saying, you gotta get to David's room, get the trophy, and then find the location of that memorial.
24 Pretty sure there's gotta be something that'll tell you where that sucker is.
25 0056D382 Ugh, decisions are the worst, right? Unblocking these files could be like opening Pandora's Box...
26 Although, really, jury's still out on whether that's actually a pro or a con.
27 0056D383 Bleh, so much emotional drama, I'm surprised it didn't fry my circuits. David really went through crazy lows.
28 0056D384 This is gonna be so much fun once you find that holotape. Remember, it's gotta have David saying the word "negotiate."
29 0056D385 So, whaddya say? Ready to trek on down to the nearest Relay Tower and get this broadcast up and running? Someone's gotta start the party, right?
30 00591FC3 Still hanging around, huh... All right, spit it out. I may have all day, but you're the one with a job to do. Player is inquiring about the quest while in the process of doing one of Rose's own quests. The "job to do" is her own quest and not this one.
63 0041B7B9 0041B7ED Getting back to business... a little slice and dice, some audio love, and voilà! Mission accomplished.
64 All you gotta do now is take a quick trip to the nearby Relay Tower and set up a new transmitter to get this bad boy broadcasting.
65 0041B7BA 0041B80E I'll just give it a quick listen...
66 Yep, sounds like David all right! Ruthless even then... Second line as a fond memory.
67 0041B7BB 0041B814 Oooh, I gotta admit, I don't have many files of David and Rosalynn talking about their pre-Raider days, so this'll be interesting.
68 0041B7CE 0041B7F6 Did I just say that? Yuck, it makes me feel like a mom.
69 0041B7CF 0041B819 My hero. Now get out there and don't get yourself killed.
70 0041B7D1 0041B7FB Best bet is Arktos Pharma. David's old corporate stooge job. I need you to find me a holotape with David saying the word "negotiate."
71 0041B7D2 0041B81D Ok! Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the plan.
72 0041B7D3 0041B7FF Eeaagh, oh my god... talk about some serious drama here. This is some depressing shit.
73 I mean... I knew David never got to say goodbye, but he really did hide what he went through.
74 0041B7D4 0041B829 Now just give me a second...
75 0041B7D7 0041B7E6 I gotta admit, I've got some pretty mixed feelings on tapping into all these blocked files.
76 On one hand, I'm sure David had his reasons for cutting me off.
77 On the other, I'm pretty sure this would be a whole new world of entertainment for me.
78 0041B7D8 0041B807 As usual, so reliable. I love it.
79 0041B7DA 0041B818 Ooh so that's where he's been hiding it! And that memorial ain't too shabby, especially since it's David we're talking about here.
80 So now you'll have to repair that holotape and there's only one place I can think of that may still have a functioning terminal to do it.
81 It's out at Solomon's Pond. I know, I know, you're thinking what's tech like that doing out at such a cutesy little wilderness place?
82 Let's just say some seriously intrusive operations went down there, so I'm pretty sure it's got just what we need.
83 0041B7DB 0041B7F0 I knew I could count on you! And I swear this will work. The shock alone will have Meg come looking around.
84 0041B7DD 0041B80B You gotta get to David's room, get the trophy, and then find something that'll tell you where that memorial is.
85 I ain't saying you'll have to trash the place, buuut, you may have to trash the place.
86 Easy peasy, right?
87 0041B7DE 0041B7EA Next, I'm gonna draw her ass out here with an extra special broadcast.
88 Problem is, I need to access some old memory banks that David sealed off.
89 He was an emotional guy. I get it. But I need you to find his original program... which I'm pretty sure he stashed at Rosalynn's memorial.
90 0041B7DF 0041B7F1 You wanna talk to Meg, you gotta get on her good side, and I'm pretty sure I can swing it.
91 0041B7E0 0041B80C Right to the point, huh.
92 004268D4 Ooh, I thought you might notice them.
93 004268D5 Well... seeing as how you're such a nice person, I think I could pull off a little favor.
94 004268D6 Wow, cashing in that favor already, huh? I'm game!
95 0041B7E2 0041B7EB Not that I'm a stalker or anything, but I totally saw you heading my way.
96 Sooo... what's on your mind? Ya miss me?
97 004268CD Sooo... what's going on? You can tell me.
98 00426805 004268BD And here, as a token of my gratitude, you can have this old holotape back as a souvenir.
99 00426806 004268D3 The Scorched. They tore us apart. We had it under control, for a while. Thought we were finishing them off.
100 And then more... out of nowhere... They just kept coming.
101 00426807 004268BE Back to business, just how I like it! Ready to hop on that trophy and AI program?
102 00426809 004268E9 Doubtful. Meg's probably keen on carving out her own territory, and The Crater does look pretty sweet, minus all that powdery white crap.
103 This will always be Cutthroat territory to her, anyway, and no one wants a hand-me-down.
104 0042680B 004268B7 Well duh. I mean, when it comes to being a Raider, I'm sort of the best there is, so that's a no brainer.
105 0042680D 004268E3 Eh, this'll always be home. I can't leave Top of the World. That'd be like betraying David, and we both know that'll never happen.
106 Also, I maaay have pissed off Meg once or twice back in the day. I mean probably more, but who's counting, right?
107 Besides, I got the best view in town, and I'm pretty sure that white crap blowing around in the Valley would be hell on my filters.
108 0042680F 004268B2 Nah, not high up on my list of things to do. I'm just here to keep 'em coming!
109 Besides, I'm Cutthroat for life, and I got my little buddy here to keep me company.
110 00426811 004268DC Like there was any doubt. I knew it wouldn't be long once I got the signal boosted.
111 00426813 004268C0 Shit. I knew he was takin' too damn long.
117 0042681F 004268AC Leadership skills, charisma. David was a full package, really. Not to mention just a whole lot of tall, dark, and handsome.
118 I think it did him some good to finally blow off some real steam. You know how corporations and their HR aren't big fans of murder.
119 00426823 004268B1 Just using my amazing skills to put together a little broadcast for Meg with David's voice.
120 If she thinks there's even a chance that David's still alive, I guarantee she'll come running.
121 Not because she likes him or anything... gross... but if David pulled through and she bailed, she knows he'll be out for her.
122 00426827 004268B6 OK! Moving right along...
123 00426829 004268E8 Obviously, he talked about it with me, silly. He just didn't want me to remember, so blocked off all those memories.
124 That's why I needed that program, to access those sealed off conversations.
125 0042682B 004268BC By creating yours truly, of course! Oh and blowing the shit out of the Summersville Dam. Who doesn't love some old fashioned revenge, right?
126 0042682D 004268EE Told you it was boring.
127 0042682F 004268C4 David was an interesting guy. He loved his wife and kids as much as he loved Rosalynn, so losing them in the war wasn't easy.
128 Rosalynn helped him through that, so when he lost her, that was just about the end of the world for him.
129 00426831 004268F4 Let's see... David getting over his dead wife and kids, Rosalynn helping him keep it together...
130 David finally getting ready to propose to Rosalynn, then being devastated over losing her... David drinking himself into a stupor...
131 You know, all sorts of crap no one wants to be reminded of.
132 00426833 004268CA Eh, like a soap opera on overdrive. Ya know, boring stuff that no one cares about.
133 00426835 004268A5 Heh yeah... Good thing the others never caught him. They woulda strung him up like my buddy here, right Madigan?
161 00426861 004268DB Yep, no negotiate, no compromise. It was his way or the highway!
162 It's part of what made him such a badass leader.
171 0056D36D Leaving? Heh, and I thought I had a short attention span. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Slightly irritated.
172 0056D36E Aw, what? Something I said? Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Slightly disappointed.
173 0056D36F Can't talk now? I get it... But we both know you'll be back. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Being understanding, but last part said with a wink.
174 0056D370 Really? But I was just getting to the best part! Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Being over dramatic.
175 0056D371 Gotta cut and run, huh? I was getting' bored anyway. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Acting like she doesn't care.
185 0058FF81 Oh and hey! Seeing as how I'm pretty much doing you the favor of a lifetime, I got a little something you could help me out with it.
186 Just hit me up in your spare time. I know you got it! That is, if you think you can handle it. Last line said "with a wink"
187 0058FF82 Oh, and while I have your undivided attention, there's also a teensy weensy other thing that you could help me out with.
188 You know, favors for favors, right?
189 So, once you get bored running errands for that old lady, drop on by! I got some fun plans.
218 0042688B 004268E5 Pfft me? Cry? Ha! Don't be ridiculous, I'm not some baby...
219 I mean, what he went through is pretty sad, though, right? And I heard it's unhealthy to keep feelings pent up inside.
220 Wouldn't wanna hoard all that emotion until some poor sap unknowingly triggers me. I mean, I could accidentally kill someone!
221 0042688D 004268B4 I like to think of myself as an upgrade. And I am pretty much irresistible.
222 David only let me access the fun parts of Rosalynn, and I can totally see why now.
223 I mean, let's be honest. Being all sappy and serious is a total downer. Bleh.
224 0042688F 004268DE Who knows. Like I said, the guy was sensitive. Not everyone needs a constant reminder of their baggage.
225 00426891 004268AE First off, it's a whole lot of crap on David and Rosalynn.
226 I'm thinking it's like action adventure meets romantic comedy, but not good romantic comedy, you know? The kind that makes you wanna puke.
227 Second, it's the code I need to unlock some sealed off memory banks that David didn't want me to access, but couldn't bring himself to delete.
228 00426893 004268D8 Eh, they were into each other. David was never able to recover her body, so he made the memorial in secret.
229 Didn't really want the others to see him all soft like that.
230 0042689B 004268C9 That group you're talking about is run by this gal named Meg. I saw 'em head in about the same time as those other folks at Spruce Knob.
231 0042689C 004268F3 Ha, bet you think you're pretty clever there. No, no, I get it. I mean, I did maaaybe threaten you a teensy bit.
232 But let's let bygones be bygones. In fact, I'll even owe you one. How about that?
233 0042689E 004268C3 Haha, flattery will get you everywhere. I knew there were reasons I let you live.
234 00547830 00547841 Just load it up and follow directions! I mean, it doesn't get any easier than this, really.
235 00547842 Just load it up and you know the drill!
236 00547831 00547843 Here's the program you'll need to run at the relay tower.
237 00547832 0054783D Oh, just using a holotape to set up a new connection so I can transmit this message. Nothing fancy.
238 00547834 00547844 It's so easy a child could do it.
240 00547838 00547845 Look, I need a new transmitter hooked up. I ain't gonna sacrifice my own signal just so you can get some face time with Meg.
243 0054783B 00547846 Broadcast loop confirmed. Congratulations. Your transmitter is now connected. Robotic.
244 0054783C 00547840 Remote transmitter... connected. Beginning recorded message loop... Robotic.
263 0056F78E I know I'm irresistible and all, but if you want to talk to Meg, you're gonna need that trophy and program stat!
264 0056F78F Solomon's Pond should be a pretty good time, judging by all the shady activity that went down out there.
265 00549A24 0056F790 Hard to picture David as some corporate big wig, right?
266 0056F791 Are you seriously hanging around here? This broadcast is gonna be priceless, so get a move on!
267 0056F792 Is that not the best thing you've ever heard? Sure I may have wasted a teensy weensy bit of time... but worth it, right? Amused by her own joke.
268 0056F793 So next step is just the waiting game. Giving advice.
269 Meg ain't one of those "fashionably late" types. She means business, so you better have that place ready when she shows up.
270 0056F794 Ha, making Meg wait it out I see. I like your style! Impressed.
271 0056F795 Yeah, I couldn't help but listen in a little, and lemme tell ya, that party she sent out? Not the hottest gig in town. Gossipy
272 You may have your work cut out for ya if there's any party left to salvage, know what I mean?
273 0056F796 I saw you left that little ole trailer all by your lonesome. Guess Aldridge didn't make it, but surprise. Gossipy
274 Just a little tip... you maaay want to consider breaking the news gently on that one. I got a feeling she ain't gonna be too happy. Giving advice.
285 00549A3B 00549A4A Let me just run some filters... a little arts and crafts... and... you kidding me?
286 All this data and I don't have the one word I was looking for?
287 Ok, hate to break it to you, but I need you to go back out there and find me just one more teensy weensy holotape.
288 00549A3C 00549A46 You know, you're right. I definitely deserve to know!
289 00549A3E 00549A4B Maybe you're right. I don't need reality bringing me down!
290 00549A40 00549A44 Bleep, bloop, blorp, I'm a computer...
291 00549A41 00549A49 Lead? No way! Just thinking about that responsibility makes me twitch.
292 I got the band back together to watch, not to manage the tour.
293 Plus now that they're pouring in, you can bet Appalachia just got a whole lot more entertaining. And I got the best seat in the house.
317 00566AE1 00566AF7 Haha! Is that great or what? Anyway, confession time. Sure, I coulda got Meg out here lickity split.
318 I mean, don't get me wrong, she really ain't my biggest fan...
319 But believe me, this broadcast? WAY more fun.
320 Now, you probably wanna haul ass back to the Mezz.
321 Something down there's making ALL the racket, and you're gonna want that place nice and tidy for when Meg shows up.
322 00566AE2 00566AF2 Just some old thing Rosalynn made for David when they made him leader.
323 You know, sappy romantic stuff. Ever since then, it's been like his own symbol of power.
324 00566AE4 00566AF6 Surprised? Sure he may have killed and maimed... a few people, but that doesn't mean he ain't got feelings.
325 I'm pretty sure that's how this whole memorial thing came about.
326 00566AE6 00566AF1 Yeah, about that. David sorta didn't want anyone to know about the memorial...
327 He thought the others would think he'd gone soft, and well... he probably wasn't wrong.
328 Sooo... hope you like playing detective!
329 00566AE8 00566AF5 Meg thinks she's pretty tough since she ran off on Margie. She wasn't even around to see the end of it all.
330 Bet she's loving the fact that they bailed at the perfect time, so she's bound to be way up on her high horse right about now.
331 00566AEA 00566AF0 Just a couple of hard working losers. You know, the kind we like to refer to as "suckers."
332 They're giving Spruce Knob a real makeover, too. Puttin' up walls, rearranging furniture... That's a prime target if you ask me. Conversational.
333 00566AEC 00566AF4 I thought you'd never ask! Excited.
334 00566AEE 00566AEF First, a peace offering. David had a trophy as a symbol of his leadership. You get that into Meg's hands, it's like passing the torch, right?
428 00575A6B 00575A84 Can't handle a little conversation? Condescending.
429 00575A85 Walkin' away scared? Condescending.
430 00575A86 Excuse me? Rude.
431 00575A87 You gotta be kiddin' me. Condescending.
432 00575A88 Heh, you'll be back. Condescending.
433 0058FF72 0058FF80 Yeah, you think you know someone right? No wonder he didn't want me peeking.
434 Guy's got a rep to keep up, so I can't really blame him. Couldn't afford to let anyone think he'd gone soft after losing Rosalynn.
435 0058FF76 0058FF7A You got David's trophy? Pretty cool, right? Once Meg sees that, she's gonna know you mean business.
436 She may have been a Diehard, but they all started under David.
437 Every single one of them, even the Gourmands woulda killed for that trophy.
438 Us Cutthroats held all the power and they knew it. And that trophy was the biggest symbol of them all.
439 Nice to see it's still in once piece. Hope we can say the same for Rosalynn's memorial and that AI program!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 003A804F 003A8051 So, did you find that uplink thing you were looking for? It got a little banged up when we shoved it through the storage system. End_A01 - It's not clear whether the uplink got damaged by accident or intentional mistreatment.
6 You'll probably need to bring it to someone in the Free States who can fix it, but joke's on you, they're as dead as everyone else out there. End_A02 - It sounds hopeful at first, but she finds it amusing that everyone is dead.
7 You know, at least one or two of 'em defected to us when they got sick of livin' underground. End_A03 - Pause before starting. Pensive. She remembers something important.
8 They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Tech-smart, you know? End_A04 - recollecting information
9 I bet you can find something down in her bunker that'll help you fix that doodad. It's in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction. End_A05 - Helpful
10 Now go on and scram. Maybe you'll actually be able to get rid of these Scorched things. End_A06 - She realizes this will benefit her too.
11 Then, bing bang boom, couple hundred years pass. You vault people all have a couple 'a kids, they have a couple kids, etc... End_A07 - And now, another great idea. She feels so smart for coming up with this great idea.
12 Next thing you know, we got more raiders and more people to prey on. Perfecto. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for ya! End_A08 - Excited about her fantastic idea. This will be great!
13 But until then, I'll just be messing with the radio. Don't you forget about me up here. I'm always around if you get bored. Later, alligator! End_A09 - She hopes the player will still hang out with her and entertain her, but also so she can use them again.
14 003A8052 Hey, there's a weird Scorched Detector uplink device down there that we stole from one of their guys. Do you see it? End_B01 - She suddenly remembers something important. There's a thing the player might be interested in.
15 We were going to ransom it back to the Free States people. Seemed pretty important to them. End_B02 - That was the plan, but...
16 Joke's on us since they're all as dead as everyone else out there. But, you know what... End_B03 - A bit disappointed, but hopeful. Give a good pause before and after "But, you know what..."
17 Years ago, some of their people came and joined up with us. Beats living in a crappy bunker, I guess. End_B04 - She remembers another important bit of information.
18 They talked about this real smart gal named Abbie. Supposedly, she had a good head for tech. End_B05 - recollecting information
19 Maybe there's something in her bunker to help you figure out what to do with that doodad. It's in The Mire. I can point you in the right direction. End_B06 - Helpful
20 I'm pretty sure it'll help us do something about these damned Scorched things. If only we didn't kill the guy who knew how. Eh, hindsight. End_B07- Hopeful, and not too shaken up over killing the guy.
21 Then bing bang boom, couple hundred years pass after you get rid of the Scorched... All the little vault people repopulate out there. End_B08 - And now, another great idea. She feels so smart for coming up with this great idea.
22 We get more raiders, we get more people to pillage, everything's perfect again! Sounds like you've got your work cut out for ya! End_B09 - - Excited about her fantastic idea. This will be great!
23 But until then, I'll just be messing with the radio. Don't you forget about me up here. I'm always around if you get bored. Later, alligator! End_B10 - She hopes the player will still hang out with her and entertain her, but also so she can use them again.
24 00575AFD 00575B2D I didn't put him there. That was the previous tenants. They were real slobs.
25 You know, I keep meaning to find a maid service. But who has the time, right?
28 00575B01 00575B30 Who knows what goes through those dopey Responder brains. Can you imagine going through life 100% chem free? Brr...
29 Anyway, you're probably looking for that scorched detector uplink thingamajig he was trying to install when they caught him.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
13 004E251B 004E2527 Abbie included instructions on how to install it, not like I need 'em, so you're off the hook there.
14 I guess all you have to do is make it back to her bunker for the next steps.
16 004E251D 004E2525 You see? Told you that gal was smart. Like I said, can't rebuild the Raiders with Scorched crawling all over the place.
17 Plus it's not like I'm risking my life here. Always a bonus.
18 So, looks like you got yourself a deal. I'll just take that little uplink off your hands...
19 004E251E 004E2529 For me? How thoughtful. Now, let's see... doesn't appear to be a virus. I could scan for... You know what? Screw it. I could use some excitement.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
83 00575B05 00575B2E Sheesh, manners. And well, maybe. I mean, Rosalynn's death was kind of a big deal around here.
84 We never were able to recover the body. I would have gone to do this myself, but well, it's... personal.
85 00575B07 00575B31 Totally! If it isn't... Well, the old Raiders are all dead so...
86 I'm going to... Shit, well, I'll do something. And they won't like it.
87 00575B09 00575B38 Now, in order to create the cache master key from those passwords you got, I need the holotape program she had with her when she died.
88 You might have to look through the town's records to find out where they buried her body. I'd start with the Capitol Building.
89 Meet me at the cache in the basement of the ski lodge when you've got that holotape!
90 00575B0B 00575B2C I know, right? Murder, betrayal, all your basic psychopathic food groups.
91 00575B0D 00575B36 We're so super duper close to the finish line. And then we get the treasure!
92 00575B0F 0004A284 I'll take those for safekeeping. There's just one more little thing. draw out the word "one"
93 David had a mistress named Rosalynn. She wound up doing something stupid out of love for the man. A little annoyed, as if this person was in direct competition for David's affection
94 Tried to lead a raid on Charleston on Christmas Eve so she could bring him back something nice. Got herself killed in the process. She looks down on Rosalynn's action, even though she's talking about the person she's effectively modeled after.
95 00575B11 00575B29 You just have to do a few teensy, tiny... well, a lot of things, really.
96 Then, we'll have ourselves access to all that wonderful treasure. I'll probably even give you a fair share of the loot. Promise.
97 00575B13 00575B34 Oh wow, the Raider robot is lying. And being dishonest.
98 You should just write that up in Picket Fences and get it published.
99 Listen, didn't I deliver last time? With Karma, Exploding Bait, and all that. So let's just do it again.
100 00575B15 00575B3C No way! That legend predates all the bombs, the yelling, the ferals. All that.
101 This treasure belonged to the gangs. All of 'em. I don't actually know what's in it, 'cause I've never seen it.
102 But it's gotta be good, right? Raider loot up the wazoo!
103 00575B17 00575B32 So they split up the key. See, each gang's leader had a holotape with their own personal password on it.
104 Find 'em all so I can patch 'em together and make the master key. It's more technical than that, but you wouldn't understand.
105 Check out Blackwater Mine first. That's the last place we heard from Freddie Lang, the leader of the Blackwater Bandits.
106 Pretty sure she had a terminal there. Might be worth a look-see.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00123568 0024401C Hey friends, Rose here with the traffic and weather. Looks like almost everyone's still dead, so traffic's at a standstill.
2 Good luck with that commute. As for the weather, we're looking at scattered rad storms in the forecast, so cancel those weekend picnic plans!
3 This next tip is for all of you people out there who aren't made of metal, or aren't already ghoulified, scorched, mutated, or who knows what else.
4 Life after the bomb is full of radiation, and getting worse every day, as civilization as you know it continues to crumble and melt down.
5 If you can't be a robot, be smart, and carry protection. Pop some Rad-X and you'll be good to go in all but the most radioactive situations.
6 If not, any large dosage of recreational chems will do in a pinch. You'll be so messed up, you won't care that your skin is melting away.
7 But be kind, and try to bring any extra chems to share with your friend Rose before you die a horribly painful death.
8 This has been Rose with another helpful survival tip.
9 00123580 00169C17 If you're interested in joining the baddest gang of outlaws in the Wasteland, come find me at the Top of the World. Chem addicts welcome!
10 Freeloaders need not apply. Unless you're freeloading from some other unfortunate sap out there, in which case, who the fuck cares, am I right?
11 And before you get any funny ideas about trying to take me down, just remember who survived all alone out here.
12 Let me tell ya, it ain't the Responders, and it ain't the Brotherhood of Steel, that's for sure. So, let that sink in for a minute or two.
13 00123581 00169C1A Hello Appalachia! This is your deadly neighborhood Raider, Rose, and I'm back in business. Now, I know it can be lonely out there.
14 But, I'm here to keep things interesting!
15 If you miss the explosions, mayhem, and pure chaos of the early days after the bombs dropped, then I'm here to help!
16 Stay tuned! Tootleoo for now, girls and boys!
17 0035D62E 0035D63B Have you been following my advice and taking all your chems, kiddos?
18 Are you not quite feeling yourself anymore when you run out?
19 Well, I've got bad news for you. Congratulations, you're addicted! What now, you may ask?
20 Well, you could try to ride it out, but I wouldn't recommend it.
21 You could recruit an unsuspecting lackey to keep bringing you more, a favorite of mine.
22 Or, you could shut up and deal with the fact that you're going to feel like crap until you find more.
23 It used to be you could just go to the doctor and get a prescription for Addictol, but good luck with finding either of those.
24 Maybe you'll get lucky and figure out how to concoct your own cure, but I sure as hell don't know how, so don't ask me.
25 And if you manage to survive the withdrawal, maybe you'll think twice about taking advice from strangers.
26 Just another helpful bit advice from your friend, Rose, who did not in any way tell you take all those chems.
27 0035D62F 0035D638 Hello world! Wait, was that supposed to be funny? I was trying to think of a joke, and came up with that instead.
28 Whatever, don't mind me, I've been doing a lot of chems.
29 I want to let you all in on a little secret. There's a reason why I'm alive and no one else is.
30 They all sucked. Not all of them were losers, I guess. Some of the Raiders were cool. Of course, I'm not sure I'm allowed to say they were all bad.
31 But I'm here and they're not, so you figure it out. I was the only one smart enough to survive, and not succumb to radiation or starvation.
32 Then again, I've got this sweet hideout where no one can touch me.
33 It used to be pretty boring and lonely out here, but ever since that vault opened, there's an endless stream of entertainment.
34 Honestly, I'm hoping someone out there survives, because I've been thinking a lot about starting a brand new Raider gang.
35 And, we're going to need some easy pickings when we're back in business.
36 Maybe someone would be willing to help me out, and maybe I'd be willing to let said someone live when the Raiders rule again.
37 Maybe not though, I'm a fickle mistress. Rose, out!
38 0035D630 0035D63C Just checking in with all my listeners in the Appalachia Wasteland. I feel like I need to educate you some more about all the chems out there.
39 If I don't, how will you know what to bring me when I ask for it? And, you can use them too!
40 Now, maybe you were too young before the war, or maybe you were one of those straight-laced weirdos who were too good for chems.
41 Well, buckle up, because it's a new world out there, and you're going to need all the help you can get. Take Buffout, for example.
42 If you came fresh out of the vault, your body is probably weak and ineffective from all those years living in luxury, eating your canned Cram.
43 Take yourself some Buffout. Run longer, and hit harder! You'll be a star athlete in no time, no training required!
44 Just look at how strong I am! I can crush a human spine with a single metal claw, and it's all thanks to Buffout!
45 Be careful though, it's incredibly addictive. Don't blame me for any side effects.
46 0035D631 0035D63E It's story time, with Rose!
47 Once upon a time, there were two groups of people:
48 One group of good people who needed food and supplies.
49 And, one group of bad people who had food and supplies.
50 The good people asked the bad people to share, but the bad people said no.
51 The good people realized that dead people don't need food and supplies, so, they grew a spine, went to where the bad people lived, and killed them.
52 Then, the good people went to bed with full stomachs and whatever else they needed. The end!
53 The moral of the story is: be a Raider, because everyone else is a loser. If you want to know more, you know where to find me.
54 0035D632 0035D63D Alright, I'm back. Just had to check a trap to see who it killed. The answer is, no one worth worrying about.
55 Ever wonder how I manage to stay so sharp and alert?
56 Day in and day out, all I ever do is work the Radio booth and try to rebuild the greatest gang of Raiders the world's ever seen. It's tiring!
57 It's Mentats, people. That's how you do it. I'm not saying these little pills will make you smarter, but I've done studies, you see.
58 Many, many studies. Like, daily studies. And let me tell you, they perk you right up. It's like kickstarting your brain.
59 You'll see and hear things you didn't think you could see and hear, and boom, you'll feel like a certifiable genius while you're at it.
60 Take 'em when you want to feel smart in front of your friends. And, if you find any, feel free to drop by and we can conduct some more studies.
61 0035D633 0035D639 For those of you just tuning in... what took you so damn long?
62 You missed a hell of an apocalypse while you were gone. I'm sure most of you lucky bastards were huddled safely together in one of those Vaults.
63 Must have been quite the shock to your system.
64 What's it like crawling out of your safe little underground bunker and getting a nice big dose of reality?
65 While you were all having birthday parties and sleeping on fresh linens, we were out here forging a new world order, where only the strong survive.
66 And, let me tell you, the Raiders were at the top of the food chain... at least until the Scorched came around.
67 Now, you want to survive? You want to be able to live long enough to send those Scorched back into the ground where they belong?
68 Then, stick with me. Become a Raider. Don't trust anyone ... Well, except for me. You can trust me. Don't trust anyone... but me.
69 Forget rebuilding society. It ain't worth it. Follow me, and you'll learn all sorts of useful Raider skills, such as:
70 Killing people and taking their stuff.
71 Intimidating extortion techniques.
72 Decorative corpse arrangement.
73 And more!
74 Just come see me, Rose, at the Top of the World, and ask how you can be part of this amazing opportunity!
75 Dweebs, narcs, and other losers need not apply.
76 0035D635 0035D637 Sorry about my little outburst earlier. These chems are putting me through the moods, know what I'm saying?
77 Speaking of, here's another helpful tip for all of you out there!
78 Has this ever happened to you:
79 One day you're walking around minding your own business, and some sort of hulking monstrosity jumps out of nowhere and gets all up in your face?
80 Whip out some Psycho, in a convenient pre-measured syringe. Plunge that baby into your arm, and in no time, you'll be a force to be reckoned with!
81 Take on the beastliest of beasts. Carve 'em up like Sunday dinner.
82 Then, come on back to Rose and show your thanks for such a helpful tip by giving her any more Psycho you've found.
83 Remember, chems are bad for you, except when they're good! Then again, don't take it from me, I'm an addict!
84 0035D636 0035D63A Hey everyone, I'm getting pretty bored up here.
85 If you can set off some nice explosions to let me know you're thinking of me, I'll be sure to find a way to thank you.
86 Of course, don't get your hopes up. What, do you think I'm loaded up here, just ready to give out presents like I'm Santa Claus or something?
87 No, you'll get the mild appreciation of a psychotic robot lady. Isn't that enough?
88 Look, pretty much everything and everyone is dead out there. You've got to take what you can get.
89 Just be glad I'm not out there murdering you, too.
90 004502FC 00442922
91 0045031D
92 0045031E
93 0056D1D1 0056D1D2 Hey all you aspiring raiders, out there! You know you want to get rich and live a life of luxury, just like your pal Rose did back in the day.
94 A little blue birdie from Vault 76 let it slip that there's a treasure; a trove of unimaginable... stuff, buried somewhere right under our noses!
95 So, let the hunt begin! Trust me, it's gotta be super good, or else why would it be hidden all this time?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00123585 00169C18 I need help... [static] so we... [static] if you think you can... [static] look forward... [static] meeting you. Through static:I need help getting the band back together so we can rule these hills. If you think you can hack it, I look forward to meeting you.
2 00123586 0023C444 If... [static] ... hear me... [static] Top of the World [static] Pleasant Valley. Said through static:If you can hear me, come to the Top of the World at Pleasant Valley
3 001235C4 002566FA Calling all... [static] This is... [static] Rose. Said through static: Calling all Raiders, this is the leader of the Cutthroats, Rose.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Unused_Recorded_Dialogue_Rose_MTNZ01 00150ECF Hey... Hey you! I know you're out there! I know you're listening! I need you to do a favor for your best friend Rose.
2 See, I got this itch for a very particular substance. It's not like I need it. I just... really, really want it.
3 You know, to the point of, if I don't get it, heads will roll. Now, I don't want that to happen, do you? See where I'm at?
4 So someone had better be a pal and get me my damn chems before I flip out and kill something! Hurry, and I'll make it worth it to you. Sound good?
5 001520ED You got the X-Cell? C'mon, Give it over. Hurry up, I'm dyin' here! There it is... That's the stuff... Ahhhhhh... I feel like I can do anything now!
6 0019BFF3 Good, you found it. I'd offer to let you mainline this Psychobuff with me, but I get a little rowdy on the stuff, and I don't like to share, got it?
7 0019C004 Give that Fury here... Ahh yeah.. I just... feel like SCREAMING! AGHHHH! RAARGH! COME AT ME! YOU'VE GOT NOTHING! NOTHING! RAAAAGH!
8 0019C01F Bufftats! How'd you know I needed a fix? Oh yeah, I asked you for them.