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Oh my! It's you. Everyone is talking about how you risked your life for us, and solved the mystery of the Ghost Farm. Know that you are always welcome here, and of course all your meals are on the house. You may also rummage through the lost and found box and take whatever you wish as a special reward.Rose

Rose's Bed and Breakfast is a hotel in Modoc owned by Rose.


Cornelius may have built this B&B for his sweetheart Rose when they were young lovers. The B&B had a decently boring life since then until it was covered in goop from the outhouse explosion in 2241.


Rose's Bed and Breakfast is comprised of a bar, multiple back-rooms that are sold out to those in need of a place to sleep, a nearby shack protected by a variety of rabid dogs that houses a deathclaw mother that provides the eggs needed for Rose's special omelets, and an unusually clean outhouse maintained by Rose's husband.


  • The dogs running around near the shack that holds the deathclaw mother will attack the Chosen One if they come inside of the perimeter gate. Any resulting hostilities from trespassing will cause the entirety of Modoc to go hostile as well. This can be avoided by distracting the dogs with meat jerky.
  • Killing the deathclaw mother will result in a special dialogue option with Rose as well as her no longer selling her special omelets.


Rose's Bed and Breakfast appears only in Fallout 2. It is also mentioned by Jas Wilkins in Sloan in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes



  1. The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook p.149: "Rose's Bed and Breakfast was a welcome respite after a long trek through the wastelands of Northern California. You get a free cookie from Rose when you order a glass of water. It's truly the perfect way to end a long adventure."
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