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David's gonna come for me, and when he gets here, he's gonna be mad. He'll kill every last one of you if he has to, so here's how it's gonna be.— Rosalynn Jeffries, Interrogation: Doe, Jane

Rosalynn Jeffries was a raider and girlfriend of the Cutthroats' leader, David Thorpe.


When the bombs dropped, she and David were visiting the ski slopes at Top of the World and joined the survivors who would later form the raider gangs. On Christmas Eve of 2082, Rosalynn led a failed raid on Charleston and was captured by the Responders.[1] The Responders attempted to negotiate for her release to the raiders, but David Thorpe instead used a mini nuke he stole from the Brotherhood of Steel to destroy the Summersville Dam in what would later be called "The Christmas Flood," flooding Charleston and dealing a heavy blow to the Responders, but also killing Rosalynn.[2] Her body still lies in the Charleston Capitol Building. At some point before 2082, Rosalynn's behavior and voice were used in creating the personality of the Miss Nanny Rose, the current leader of the raiders.


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Rosalynn Jefferies appears only in Fallout 76.



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