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You're part tree! Though ostensibly used when you're standing there trading melee blows with a hapless idiot who's regretting challenging you to a close-quarter fight, this can also be employed if you're sneaking behind a foe, stopping, and delivering a killing blow.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide description

Rooted is a perk in Fallout 4.


This perk is activated any time the player character stops moving, either following a melee block action, activating V.A.T.S., or simply releasing the move button before attacking. Using this perk requires some practice, but it can be very effective for a brawler character focusing on Strength and Endurance.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 STR 9 You're part tree! While standing still, you gain +25 Damage Resistance and your melee and unarmed attacks deal 25% more damage. 001D247F
2 STR 9, LVL 22 While standing still, you now gain +50 Damage Resistance and your melee and unarmed attacks deal 50% more damage. 001D2480
3 STR 9, LVL 43 While standing still, you may automatically disarm enemies that use melee weapons against you. 001D2482

While the flat addition to damage resistance can substantialy increase survivability for the player character if they are wearing little to no armor, returns for this effect of the perk may diminish quickly.

The increase in damage dealt affects melee weapons, as well as fist weapons. This includes the rusty knuckles, hydraulic bracers and Tesla bracers arm modifications for power armor.

Rank 3 introduces a 25% chance for an attacker to get disarmed upon hitting the player character with a melee weapon, while attackers using unarmed weapons are not affected.


PCPC The in-game description states that this perk increases damage resistance only, while in fact it also increases energy resistance by the same amount as can be seen in the statistics displayed in the inventory apparel menu of the Pip-Boy.[verified]