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Roosevelt Academy is a Super Mutant base located just south of Faded Pomp Estates, north of the MDPL Mass Relay Station raider hideout. It consists of three main buildings: Roosevelt Academy, Roosevelt Library, and Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall. Before the War, this served as the primary private school for the D.C. area. After the bombs fell, the Super Mutants came, and set up shop in the ruined buildings.

The Maintenance Evacuation and Tunnels connect the three buildings via a subterranean route. The tunnels are patrolled by Centaurs and Super Mutants. There are several gas leaks throughout the complex of tunnels as well, so pay attention to where and when you are shooting. The tunnel's Library entrance is hidden underneath a trapdoor which is activated by an electrical switch on the wall.

Notable Loot

  • Maintenance and Evacuation Tunnels
    • There is a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on a shelf in a room straight west of the exit to the Arts and Athetics Hall, just next to the sloping sewer tunnel with radioactive barrels to the south.
    • There are two locked doors, both of which are very easy, leading to small rooms, each containing a captive to free and a couple of gore bags which may contain small amounts of loot.
    • There is an ammo cache on some shelving in a hallway, two of the boxes are unlocked; the third is locked (Very easy).
  • Roosevelt Library
    • Nuka-Cola Quantum on the desk in the main room on 1st floor.
    • 2 Stealth Boys: one on the desk, one in the ladies' bathroom.
    • Locked safe on the wall behind the desk-Very Easy, contains caps and a Laser Pistol or Scoped .44 Magnum. [Your loot may differ. I also found another Stealth Boy.]
    • Ammo cache near the desk. One ammo case is locked (Very Easy), two others unlocked.
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