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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ronny.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 005A05E3 005A062C This is the one you were talking about?
9 005A05E7 005A0DE3 I don't want to name names, but I have quite a few juicy contacts in Appalachia. being coy
10 Damn shame this one was smart enough to do the swap through a middleman, otherwise I would have walked away with the key AND my caps. as in, you would have killed the contact and taken the key to save the cash
12 005A05ED 005A0DBF You really think I'm going to risk the whole gang cleaning this place out? very annoyed
13 No, no, no... you two are going to do the heavy lifting and I'll get my guys to take out the trash. Beckett will explain.
14 005A05EF 005A062F Here you go... the key to this joint. Didn't come cheap, but since you're here to take down The Claw, it was worth every cap. tossing a key to the Player
15 005A05F0 005A062A You'd better. My ass is hanging out in the breeze on this one.
29 005A05F1 005A0F5E I think Beckett wants to talk to you.
30 005A0F5F Get that garage door open, and I'll have my gang do the rest.
71 005A0D61 005A0DA3 Awww, shucks. Now you're going to make me cry. this is very sarcastic
72 Let's not get all warm and fuzzy here, slick. This is a debt being paid back, nothing more. "slick" as in "dude"
82 005A0D6D 005A0DE4 I already told my gang. Any of them shoots The Claw, they gotta answer to me. you really mean it
142 005A1C97 005A1C9C Welp, you better get used to it.
143 Beckett might be getting soft and feeds every stray dog that sniffs his leg, but me? That's a different story.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
54 005821C7 005A1711 You know what? For a Vault-dweller, you're alright. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
55 005A1712 We'll make a real raider out of you yet. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
56 005A1713 Everybody needs something, right? So let's deal. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
57 005A1714 Got some sweet gear, and it's all for you. At least until I go somewhere else. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
58 005A1715 Check out my stock. Bet I've got something you'll like. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
59 005A1716 Gotta admit, I always thought you Vault types were soft. I was wrong. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
60 005A1717 Want to put a smile on my face? Buy something from me. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
61 005A1718 Hell, I bet there's nothing out there you can't handle. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
62 005A1719 You did right by me, and I won't forget it. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
63 005A1721 Don't think I trade with just anyone. I'm here because of you. Friendly greeting, with a smirk
64 005A17B6 Hey. Things going good? A friendly greeting
65 005A17B7 This place isn't too bad. A friendly greeting
66 005A17B8 I'm taking it one day at a time, you know? A friendly greeting
67 005A17B9 Thanks again for everything you did. A friendly greeting
68 005A17BA A feel like a weight's been lifted off me. Thanks. A friendly greeting
69 005A17BB Nice to be thinking straight again. A friendly greeting
70 005A17BC You been keeping an eye on my brother? Or is it the other way around? A friendly greeting. End with a chuckle.
71 005A17BD Got a few things you might be interested in. A friendly greeting.
72 005A17BE Let's do some trading, yeah? A friendly greeting.
73 005A17BF You need supplies, I'm your guy. A friendly greeting
766 005821FB 00582C9D Imagine this. You and a dead Snallygaster. Pretty nice, right? Well, let's make that a reality. He is telling the player what they need to kill.
767 00582C9E I've heard if you let a Snallygaster alone to stew by itself, it goes a bit.. haywire. Starts going mad. Sounds like this is what we have here. He is telling the player what they need to kill.