Ronald Tanner was the principal of Shaw High School in 2077.


Annoyed by his job, he came up with his plan to rapidly gain the money required to get his "much needed retirement". His plan involved a large amount of mentats and Rusty Burton, one of the school's bullies. Rusty, in giving mentats to his fellow students, resulted in the overall grades of the school skyrocketing. With the grades going up, the funding would also go up, which Ronald would keep some for himself. Unfortunately for him, the plan backfired due to the fact that while selling mentats to the other students, Rusty also took a lot them, rendering him much smarter.[1] During a secret meeting, Rusty outplayed Ronald by making a new deal while at the same time recording their conversation. Caught in the trap, Ronald had no choice but to agree to the new agreement.


Ronald is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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