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I'm Roger Westin and you can't come barging in here. What do you want?

Councilman Roger Westin[2] is one of the most powerful and important politicians of the New California Republic in 2241.


A man used to getting what he wants,[2] Roger Westin is one of the wealthiest citizens of the NCR, a budding brahmin baron with his own, sizable ranch within the capital's city limits. Though he cares about the people working for him and has a charitable soul, he is not too modest and likes to display his wealth, as the silver rings with inlaid turquoises and the silver belt buckle indicate.[2]

He is also a very successful politician, representing rancher interests in the Republic Council. This puts him at odds with certain aspects of President Tandi's foreign policy, more specifically, the rapprochement with New Reno's Bishop family. He and the ranchers blame Reno gangsters for rustling their brahmin drives and undermining their profits, a crime that cannot go unpunished in their eyes. As such, Westin would like to see the alliance broken.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

Westin can be found on his ranch in NCR. To get past the guard and forcefield a reference will be needed: speak with the Sheriff of NCR and ask for some "honest work." Once on the ranch, a quest to help Westin stop raids on his brahmin can be accepted.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Red old outfit Pancor Jackhammer $500
Stimpak x2
12 gauge shotgun shell x20



Roger Westin appears only in Fallout 2.

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  1. Fallout 2 endings: "The correspondence between NCR and Vault City continued, and a few years after the destruction of the Enclave, Roger Westin assumed the head of the NCR council. He immediately set limits for NCR's expansion north, and in a landmark settlement, passed an amendment that formally recognized Vault City's independence. Shortly after this settlement, Westin suffered a heart attack and retired from politics. He moved north to Vault City for medical treatment and eventually married Joann Lynette in the following year."
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  3. Fallout 2 endings: "The failure of diplomacy at Vault 15 slowed the New California Republic's growth into the north. Embarrassed by the failure, President Tandi was replaced by Roger Westin. When the new government finally returned to Vault 15, they found nothing but a ghost town"
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