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This is a transcript for dialogue with Roger Rockwell.


GREETING GREETING Sad 50 How did it come to this? I just don't understand... 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hiya, kid. 2
Neutral 50 You might want to go talk to Betty before you wander around too much. She's waiting for you. 3
MQ04ResidentChitChat1 Nice day, isn't it? Neutral 50 You won't find a day like this anywhere else! 4
MQ04ResidentChitChat2 What can you tell me about the neighborhood? Neutral 50 Heck of a place to live. Janet and I... well, we're... quite happy here. 5
MQ04ResidentDad Have you seen my dad? Neutral 50 He disappeared on you, huh? Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find him soon. 6
Can you tell me anything about the Rockwells' marriage?
Anything you want to tell me about your marriage? Anger 20 Now see here. That's not anything for you to be asking about. Our marriage is our business, and it's private. {annoyed} 7
Disgust 50 Why can't people just understand that, and just leave us alone? {annoyed} 8
This is a pretty convincing simulation...
None of this is real. It's all some crazy experiment. Happy 20 Sure, sport. Whatever you say! Ha, ha. {amused, dismissive} 9
MQ04RockwellsInformation Betty wants me to break up your marriage. Surprise 50 Now that's not funny. Not one bit. 10
MQ04RogerBadNewsAboutJanet Bad news, Roger. Your wife is a psychopath. Surprise 20 What? What are you talking about? {shrugging it off as a joke} 11
MQ04RogerBloodyRollingPin Look at this. It's her rolling pin, covered in blood. Martha's blood. Surprise 50 That's... that's crazy! {incredulous} 12
Fear 50 My God... Did she really kill Martha? She's lost her mind! 13
MQ04RogerJanetSnapped Janet snapped. She killed Martha in cold blood. Look at this rolling pin. Fear 50 Oh my God, what is that? Is that blood? And... brains? {horrified} 14
Neutral 50 Janet did this to Martha? She really did snap, didn't she? 15
MQ04RogerMarthaDead Martha Simpson is dead, and Janet killed her! Look, here's her rolling pin... Surprise 50 But... Janet would never... 16
Fear 50 I mean, I know she was upset, but I thought she was over it. How could she do this? {horrified} 17


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Right. Sure, thanks for asking. Well, I'll see you later. {embarrassed, trying to be friendly} 18
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Okay, yeah. Thanks for asking. I'll catch up with you later. {embarrassed, trying to be friendly} 19
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Janet... You think maybe we should have a talk about children? {hesitant} 20
HELLO Neutral 50 Listen, honey. Do you think maybe it's time we talk about having kids? {hesitant} 21
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, dear. 22
HELLO Neutral 50 Hi, honey. 23
HELLO Neutral 50 Good day, George. 24
HELLO Neutral 50 Good to see you, George! 25
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerKissingConv MQ04JanetConfrontRogerKissingConv Neutral 50 Who told you that? They're lying, I swear it! 26
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerKissingConv Neutral 50 Janet, what the hell are you talking about? 27
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerKissingConv Neutral 50 What? Janet, what are you talking about? 28
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndiesConv MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndies Anger 50 I have no idea what you're talking about Janet. Just calm down, and let's work this out. 29
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndies Anger 50 Janet, what are you talking about? 30
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndies Anger 50 What? What did I do? 31
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndiesWearing MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndiesWearing Anger 50 What's wrong with being in the basement? What the hell is going on? 32
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndiesWearing Anger 50 Janet, calm down! What are you talking about? {furious, disgusted} 33
MQ04JanetConfrontRogerUndiesWearing Anger 50 What? What did I do? {confused, startled} 34
MQ04RogerConfrontJanetRPin MQ04RogerConfrontJanetRPin Fear 50 You should be in a sanitarium, or a prison! You're out of your damned mind! You just stay away from me, you hear me? {frightened} 35
MQ04RogerConfrontJanetRPin Fear 50 I'm scaring YOU? After you beat that poor woman to death? You've really lost it, Janet. You're crazy! {frightened} 36
MQ04RogerConfrontJanetRPin Fear 50 How could you? How could you do that to her? Have you lost your mind? {frightened, raving} 37
MQ04RogerConfrontJanetRPin Fear 50 My God... Janet, what have you done? {horrified} 38
TranqLaneTalk2 TranqLaneTalk2 Surprise 10 Yes, of course. I'm fine, Janet's fine. Everything is just fine. And... And you? {defensive, trying to be friendly} 39
TranqLaneTalk2 Surprise 10 Oh, things are great. Just great. Really. {defensive, trying to be friendly} 40
TranqLaneTalk5 TranqLaneTalk5 Neutral 50 Okay, sorry for bringing it up. {dejected} 41
TranqLaneTalk5 Neutral 50 Right. Sorry. I just thought that maybe... Oh, nevermind. {dejected} 42