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The rocky cave (also known as Virgil's laboratory) is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Brian Virgil has chosen this cave as his refuge, as it is deep within the Glowing Sea and out of the Institute's grasp. The cave entrance is a small cavity in a larger rock structure that opens up to a wider passage. At the end of the passage strung with tin can chimes lies an opening guarded by two turrets and a spotlight. Through the opening is a chamber furnished with laboratory equipment. The lab area contains a chemistry station and a terminal, while a lower living area features a steamer trunk.

Notable loot


  • Virgil will not be present until the quest The Glowing Sea has been started.
  • If either of the turrets or the Protectron inside the cave are destroyed prior to starting the quest The Glowing Sea, the quest will fail immediately upon reentering the cave. They are not hostile unless provoked.
  • According to the terminal, Virgil had tried to control his mutation but was unable to do so due to lacking the appropriate tools. The entries also mention the "Children of Atom."
  • After the quest Virgil's Cure has been completed, all owned items, including containers such as the steamer trunk and the contents of the Vault-Tec lunchbox, will become free to take/loot.
  • After Virgil is cured at the end of the quest Virgil's Cure, his unusable super mutant-style bed and cooking station will turn into a normal usable bed and cooking station.
  • Outside the cave is a sleeping deathclaw. Radscorpions may also attack from below ground before entering or after exiting the cave.


The rocky cave only appears in Fallout 4.