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This is a transcript for dialogue with Rocksy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0054EB2A 0054EB2F Here's the deal. Anytime somebody leaves our little gang here, I want them found, and I want them dealt with. Fairly.
2 What's fair? Dealer's choice. I just want to know they got the message.
3 And look, no hard feelings, but I sent out some others just a few minutes ago too. They've got a headstart. But the more the merrier.
4 0054EB2B 0054EB33 That's fine, the others can take care of it. Seems like there are more every day, so stop by another time.
5 0054EB2C 0054EB30 Good. You're not a flake. I'm impressed.
6 I had a hunter follow the trail earlier, so I think these directions will get you close enough.
7 If you only find a corpse, well, that's fine -- maybe the others got there first. I just want to know that it's done.
8 0054EB2D 0054EB31 Not everybody is loyal, you see. Some people take all they can from us, they use us, then they leave us to rot.
9 It's not right. We aren't a charity. We expect contributions in kind. You know? It's not a complex system here.
10 0054EB2E 0054EB86 Loyal to the gang? Wanna prove it?
11 00553EAA Just send a message. Nothing fancy. A bullet, a knife, strong words... you know, use what you got.
22 00553EC0 Got another name for you, kid. Go get 'em.
23 00553EC1 Got another bum to deal with here. You know the drill.
24 00553EC2 Time to send another message to another scumbag.
25 00553EC3 Got another joker who took some of our shit and left. Here's the latest location. Enjoy.
26 00553EC4 You remember the new gang member? Brand new? Good. Because that's who you need to teach a lesson to.
27 00553EC5 Here's the name. Got a bit of a headstart on you, but I think you can catch up.
28 00553EC6 Another scab left our sweet little family. You know what to do. Pick it til it bleeds.
29 00554566 Can't find the bozo? Did you check your map?
30 00554567 Most people who join us stick around, but not everybody has the chops for this kind of life. And that's on them.
31 00554568 If you want, you can try to talk the scumbag into returning. Trust would have to be earned again, of course.
43 00555E3F Can I cross this name off my list or what?
69 00553E89 00553EA7 I hope you kept that scumbag's shit.
70 That's right. This is how we do shit around here.
71 Thanks for taking out the trash, kid.
72 Yeah, I bet you did.
73 Good. We can't have our reputation ruined by one stupid punk.
74 00553E8B 00553E9C I know it is, kid. Good work.
75 Hot damn. We're on a roll!
76 Thanks for taking out the trash, kid.
77 You're damn right it is.
78 I could tell by the look on your face.
79 00553E8D 00553EA8 Message sent?
80 Tell me what I wanna hear, kid.
81 Were you able to follow that trail?
82 I don't want to hear excuses today, bucko. Tell me you dealt with it.
83 Does Appalachia have a new corpse or what?
84 Cleaning up our own messes. That's what we do.
85 00553E8E 00553E9A So you're due some payment here. Hard work deserves real pay.
86 Now scram, kid.
87 00553E9D Seems like every day some weak punk takes off. Sometimes I don't care, but sometimes... they owe us.
88 If we just let them all run off, other people would think we're weak. Like we're here to be used.
89 We gotta watch out for our own. You know? So in the future, swing by sometime. I'll let you know if another wimp has pissed off.
90 00553E8F 00553EB7 So, you in?
91 00553EB8 Will you pull your weight around here, or what?
92 00553E90 00553E9E We all got our priorities in life, cupcake.
93 00553E92 00553EC7 Good. You didn't look like a leech.
95 00554554 00554558 Well, that's fine. One more chance then. I like your style, kid.
132 0059BC30 00553E99 Good. I don't even care what you did. I just like to know it's done.
133 00554559 Nice work. I've got a little extra set aside for my best hunters here. Thanks for dealing with this, kid.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
140 003FBBE6 00597692 You better walk away before I shove a shotgun up your ass. Mean and menacing. Hostile reputation with the player.
141 00597693 Do we look like we deal with losers here? Fuck off, kid. Mean and menacing. Hostile reputation with the player.
142 00597694 Why don't you run home to mama? You obviously can't cut it here. Mean and menacing. Hostile reputation with the player.
143 0059E356 I might have some work for you later. Maybe.
144 0059E357 Loyalty. Does anybody in this god-damned place understand the concept?
145 0059E358 Don't you go causing problems. I've got enough on my plate.