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The Rockhound is a workshop location on Mount Blair, in Fallout 76.


The Rockhound is a massive ore drilling platform that was once used by the pre-War industrial company Hornwright Industrial to mine ore for profit. After the Great War the drilling rig sits abandoned atop Mount Blair. As of the events of Fallout 76, the Rockhound can be used by the player to dig up ore for personal use.


Before the war, Appalachia was rich in mineral resource. Hornwright Industrial gained full access and permission to drill for the ore on top of Mount Blair. Although useful, the rig suffered major issues that would stop it from working. As stated by the foreman, the rig was once powered by diesel engines, and then was changed to run off the power grid of Appalachia, But the Rockhound was using so much power it was causing black outs whenever it was turned on. Its power supply was then replaced with nuclear reactors in order to prevent further blackouts. Issues were still occurring with the rig's power supply as the reactors would only last for a few hours before the core would burnout.

How to initiate collectionEdit

In order to harvest ore from the rig, the player must first have ownership of the workshop located on the utility platform on the back of the rig. The player then must process to the main control station in center of the rig. They must access a terminal near the control panel. Accessing reactor technology they gain the ability to craft ignition cores that are needed to reactivate the drill platform. There are 4 reactors on the rig. Once all cores are placed, the player then must head back to the control center and press the button on the center console to activate the rig. Once activated the player must defend the reactors from constant attack for a total of 30 minutes. Ore is collected in a container on the counter weight supporting area on the back of the platform.


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