The rocket souvenir is a quest item in Fallout: New Vegas.


These rockets were given out by REPCONN, only to be recalled when some children contracted "REPCONN Shakes" after they opened and drank the highly radioactive Isotope-239 igniting agent, thinking it was Nuka-Cola. Why radioactive rocket fuel is inside a children's toy is unknown, most likely since it was the easiest available glowing substance for REPCONN. In the wake of public outrage and a lack of want for the toys, REPCONN dumped their surplus of them on nearby gift shops, where they have been sitting for over 200 years.


Unsurprisingly, enough rockets in one place will register on your rad counter. Even so, having even over 100 in your inventory does not result in any radiation exposure.


Related questsEdit

  • This item is used in the quest Come Fly With Me. You need to have five of them in order to have enough fuel to power the space rockets.
  • They can also be given to the children near the Nellis hangars in the quest Volare! in order to gain fame with the Boomers which is required to progress the mission.


  • Rocket souvenirs cannot be dropped, sold, or placed into any storage devices.
    • PC users can use console commands to remove the items (player.removeitem 0008e665 *, where "*" is the quantity of the souvenirs), or remove the "quest item" flag (setquestobject 0008e665 0).
  • Rocket souvenirs cannot be given to Mini Boomers after the Volare! quest is completed.
  • It is possible to get an unlimited amount as Cliff will restock and sell one every 3 days.
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