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Rock Point camp is a location on the Island in 2287.


Rock Point camp is comprised of a ruined house on the shore and a series of boardwalks in the ocean, with several trappers inhabiting the location. Starting from a dock, the boardwalks split between south and west. The southern boardwalk leads to the eponymous Rock Point, a tall, rocky cliff used by a trapper as a sniper's nest. The western boardwalk leads to a half-sunken ship. There is a steamer trunk inside of a rowboat to the right of the wreck.

An unmarked island to the west of the camp holds a Novice locked safe in its center that is guarded by a leveled gulper.


The items inside the northwestern outhouse, a box of Mentats and a burnt book, are positioned awkwardly and may be unobtainable without the use of console commands.


Rock Point camp appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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