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This is a transcript for dialogue with Rocco.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00535E56 0053C22D Thanks. Sure took yinz long enough. Surly. He's just been trapped in a major predicament, and the player freed him. He's thankful, but he's still angry about it.
2 0053C22E Been hoping to run into you. Somethin' fishy's goin' on here. You know anything about where Lev is? Distrustful. She's not sure, but she suspects the player may have something to do with Lev. Basically, almost anyone could be a suspect.
3 0053C22F You need help with somethin'?
4 0053C230 So, you gonna turn me in, or what? Trying to act tough. He knows he didn't do it, but he's trying to play it as if he did because he's covering for Barb.
5 0053C232 The hell do you want this time? Acting tough
6 0053C233 Hey, what do you want? Cautious
7 0053C234 Uch. So the vault cockroach does Meg's dirty work now, eh? He's in pain, but trying to power through it like a tough guy. The player just shot him.
8 0053C235 So the vault cockroach does Meg's dirty work now, eh? He's cornered and he knows it, but he's still acting tough.
9 0053C2BF You gotta lot of nerve coming here. But I know you wouldn't risk it if it weren't important. The player worked for the Settlers before this, and decided to turn their back on them. But, Ward is still open to hearing what the player has to say
10 0053C2C0 You look lost, outsider. Need something from me? The player hasn't done any quests for the Settlers, so they're basically unknown to Ward.
11 0053C2C1 Shit, what do you want from me? Genuinely afraid. He wasn't expecting anyone to find him.
12 0053C2C2 What's the deal, Seven-Six? You get everything sorted out? A little impatient
13 0056DD0D You're back, what's up? Cautious
14 0056DD0E Hey, look who we got here. What's good with you? Friendly enough. The player's the new person in town, and Molly suspects they want something.
15 0056DD0F Hey, it's the jackass who tried to intimidate me. My deal still stands. The player tried threatening her, but she's still willing to deal with them.
16 0056DD10 Ready to talk? I still have those expenses to worry about, though. The player sweet-talked her and she's still willing to deal with them.
17 0056DD11 Now that I don't need to worry about money, I'm free to talk. What do you need to know? The player paid her bribe and she's willing to talk.
18 0053C0E5 0053C1C6 So how about we all go break ourselves into a vault? She's ready and excited to get on with the job.
19 Assuming nothing else gets in our way, we'll meet you at the entrance, and crack that sucker wide open!
20 S'gonna be a good day, I can feel it! It's gonna be a good day!
21 0053C0E8 0053C2AF Rookie mistake, Seven-Six, but I get where you're comin' from. Disappointed. She would have rather the player killed him.
22 Shoulda plugged a bullet in his brain so others know not to fuck with us like that.
23 Ah well. He ain't our problem anymore.
24 0053C0E9 0053C2A1 I know we got a different idea of murder than some of the other gangs, but that was the right call.
25 You gotta set examples sometimes. No one fucks with us and gets away with it. You done good, Seven-Six. Putting some emphasis on the fact that no one fucks with her crew
26 0053C0EC 0053C2B6 Man, I don't know. You did what you had to do. Fisher, he held this place together with that brilliant mind of his. She's disappointed that Fisher turned on her.
27 Surge was a better shot than most, but she never respected me as a leader. Even though we lost our best lookout, I think we'll be OK.
28 And good riddance to the other traitors. Anyone who doesn't want to follow me, doesn't respect what I do for them, can take a hike. Getting mad talking about the people who deserted and turned against her.
29 Those that ain't dead by your hands are in for a rude awakening out there by themselves.
30 0053C0ED 0053C2A7 I knew he and I didn't always agree. But, I gave him food, shelter, all the supplies he needed, and he always got the job done.
31 I shoulda trusted my instincts more. I shoulda known there was more to how he treated people around here.
32 You can bet I'll do better about that now.
33 We take in all kinds, so there ain't no room for insubordinate, intolerant pieces of shit like that around here.
34 0053C0EE 0053C227 Say what? Sucker better have got what was comin' to him for that. Surprised, angry at the guy, and hoping that the player killed him.
35 0053C0EF 005A1FCC At least we got who we need for the vault raid still.
36 0053C0F0 0053C1FD I'm sure I'll hear all about it later.
37 0053C0F1 0053C2A5 I assume you had to kill Fisher and Surge too. Shit. They were both great assets to have on our side. She's disappointed in her crew for turning on her, but glad the player dealt with them.
38 It's a damn shame Lev sunk his teeth in 'em and turned 'em against us.
39 0053C0F3 0053C1D9 No, yeah. You got it. I'll pack up and go. I'm outta here! Agreeing fully. The player scared him off.
40 0053C0F5 0053C1F0 Hey, hey, hey. Look, we can talk. I don't... I don't want to die. Really frightened now.
41 Please. I'll do anything you say. Just don't kill me. Begging for his life.
42 0053C0F6 0053C1FA I thought that if I could stop those raider punks from breaking into the vault, and bust in myself, they'd have to take me back.
43 Beats livin' here.
44 0053C0F8 0053C238 Hey man, I was just trying to get back in with Foundation. Nervous, scared. He was exiled from Foundation, and was trying to swindle the Raiders in hopes it would earn his way back.
45 0053C239 Hey lady, I was just trying to get back in with Foundation. Nervous, scared. He was exiled from Foundation, and was trying to swindle the Raiders in hopes it would earn his way back.
46 0053C0FA 0053C225 Um, maybe, what's it to ya? Nervous, but trying to act confident.
47 0053C0FB 0053C2B8 We try to do things differently around here. We're not like those folks at the Crater.
48 We don't believe in the death penalty unless there's no other way. Exile's just as good at getting rid of someone who habitually causes trouble.
49 That's their final warning. If they keep coming back, then that's when the guns come out.
50 0053C0FC 0053C2A9 Bunch of stupid shit, like trying to turn people on each other in order to benefit himself. Showing a lot of disappointment with Rocco
51 Then while they were all riled up, he'd steal supplies out from under 'em and hoard it.
52 Looked like he was tryin' to amass some sort of fortune in ammo and guns, for who knows what. No one in Foundation ever discovered that Rocco was planning on using the supplies to pay off some Raiders for a hit job, Ward included.
53 0053C0FD 0053C20D Well, you're in luck then. We've been keeping tabs on him in case he tries anything stupid.
54 I'll mark his location on your map.
55 0053C0FE 0053C1E0 Problem is, we exiled Rocco for sowing discord all around Foundation.
56 0053C0FF 0053C1F5 Well, I don't take kindly to threats, that's for sure. But, if you'll cool your jets, I think I can help. Taken offense to the player's threat, but still willing to hear them out. He's dealt with Raiders before.
57 0053C100 0053C1EC I do. Well, at least I did. Rocco has been exiled, so Ward is inferring he's no longer around.
58 0053C101 0053C22B Is that so? Curious.
59 0053C102 0053C208 How about big middle finger, pointing at you.
60 0053C103 0053C2BC How about you end this. I grow tired of your talking, like yippy little dog.
61 0053C104 0053C2AC You take me for fool, but I am not the one breaking into top secret government installation full of armed guards and deadly machines.
62 0053C106 0053C2B0 Let's talk about how you are spineless whelp who won't shut up already, yes?
63 0053C107 0053C2A2 Who do you think put idea of going feral into Lou's head? Much easier to get away with it if he kills himself.
64 0053C109 0053C2A4 Eh, for now. Old fool will kill himself sooner or later. He doesn't really care.
65 0053C10A 0053C2B7 Are you going to shoot me now, or bore me to death with questions?
66 0053C10B 0059FF94 Hurry up and get over with it.
67 0053C10C 0053C1DE Boo-fucking-hoo, freak-lover. Mocking the player.
68 0053C10D 0053C217 Da! Only room for strongest, best men in this world. Others have their uses, but they are not equal. Yeah, Lev is a scumbag.
69 0053C10E 0053C2BB Meg is too soft. She take in useless kids, freaks, animals, anyone she feel bad for. Contempt for Meg and her ways.
70 She tells us, "recruitment is better. Kill only for food and supplies." I say we kill for more. Out there, it is kill or be killed. This should sound particularly cold. Lev is an evil dude.
71 0053C110 0053C1C7 Da. Finally. Cold. He's getting sick of the player and just wants them to get this over with.
72 0053C111 0053C2BE Is easy way the one where you shut up and kill me already, please? He's tired of dealing with the player. Now he's trying to egg them on.
73 0053C112 0053C2AE I will not. I would do same to you in this situation.
74 Wait. No. I would not even talk, just kill.
75 0053C113 0053C2A0 Vault is waste of time. I hear talk of gold. Gold is useless.
76 Real value comes from guns, food, ammo, information. I get better offer to ruin your plan.
77 0053C114 0053C2B2 Lou is sad, old, walking corpse. Was easy target. All ghouls should be dead. Disgusted by Lou.
78 Got tired of waiting for him to kill himself, took matters into own hands.
79 He had detonator, which was key to your plans. Kill Lou, get paid to ruin plans? Sounds good to me. He's particularly proud of himself by the end of this line. Amused, even.
80 0053C115 0053C2B5 Opportunity. I was to be paid handsomely to stop you and hand over the detonator.
81 Opportunity to be rid of Meg and other weak, pathetic freaks, animals she takes in. Lots of contempt for Meg and the others.
82 0053C116 0053C2B1 Heh. Maybe I underestimate you. Yet, you still have questions, so maybe you are not as clever as it seems. Impressed that the player managed to just guess his scheme.
83 0053C118 0053C29F You may be quick with hands, but I think wit is lacking. Ask your questions. Prove me right. He concedes that the player has the draw on him, but he's trying to maintain control of the conversation and get into the player's head.
84 0053C11A 0053C2AD It sounds like you are smart enough to realize you may not get answers you wish. But go on, I am amused.
85 0053C11E 0053C2AA Hah, is battle of fortitude then. Ask your questions. We will see who gets tired first. He doesn't think the player has it in them.
86 0053C120 0053C2B9 Afraid? Of you? Is not fear you sense, but... amusement. Let me hear your words. They will amuse me some more. He's actually afraid, but damned if he's going to admit it.
87 0053C122 0053C2A6 Oh, you think you intimidate me with big muscles and idle threats? Go on, let me see if you can form coherent question. More amused than threatened.
88 0053C124 0053C203 No answers. You either grow backbone and kill me, or give up and cry home to mother Meg. He's a stubborn SOB, and mocking the player.
89 0053C126 0053C1D5 No. You grow spine. Take it from my corpse, like true survivor. Inviting the player to kill him and take it. He doesn't think they have the guts to do it.
90 0053C128 0053C20E Sure, catch you around.
91 0053C12A 0053C1E1 Whatever. Smell ya later.
92 0053C130 0053C22C That's what I'm saying.
93 0053C132 0053C1F6 No. Really, Lev would sooner shoot me dead than work with me. It's Axel. Axel's the one who's working with Lev. Dead serious, but he's lying. It should sound convincing, though.
94 0053C13A 0053C209 Yeah. It bothers me to think that he's been working with Lev this whole time.
95 Though, I wouldn't put it past him if he was doing it to protect Barb somehow.
96 0053C13C 0053C1DB Sure thing.
97 0053C13E 0053C214 I uh... don't like to think that my best friend's a traitor, but yes, it's possible he's Lev's mole. He sounds sincere here.
98 I've seen Axel sneak into Wren's comm station to radio with Lev when she's not around. At least, I imagine that's what he's doing.
99 0053C140 0053C1E8 Heh, more than you'd think. He'd rather get in trouble himself than see someone else suffer. Amused.
100 Why, just a couple weeks back, I was playing cards, and I may have used some slight of hand to give myself an edge.
101 Surge figured it out, but Axel stepped in and told her he slipped me an extra ace card while he was dealing.
102 Saved my ass, but got his own beat. Then Barb ratted on him, told Surge he was just lying to protect me, and Surge just beat his ass again.
103 0053C144 0053C1F3 OK, OK!! The truth is, I don't know if Barb is, or isn't, working for Lev. I never actually talked to her about it. He's a little scared now, so he's telling the truth. Should sound very convincing.
104 I seriously have no idea who's working with Lev. All I know is it isn't me. I swear, it's the truth!
105 0053C148 0053C1FC Uh, yeah. I already spoke to Barb and asked her about it... I know my sister, she wouldn't be in league with that guy. Nervous. He's hiding the fact that he never did actually talk to her.
106 0053C14C 0053C206 Axel? He's my best buddy. Is something wrong? Concerned. He's not sure what this is about yet.
107 Did he cover for Barb again and get himself into trouble?
108 She doesn't deserve him.
109 0053C14E 0053C1D8 Barb's my little sister. Been taking care of her since our parents died, or at least, trying to. He's more protective of Barb than Barb appreciates. He's also not particularly good at it.
110 Careful what you say around her. She gets a kick out of throwing other people under the bus, especially when they screw up and lie about it.
111 0053C150 0053C1E9 Heh, probably too much, am I right? Trying to crack a joke.
112 0053C152 0053C215 No way. That creepy old Russian used to make passes at her. It was ugly.
113 Barb always used to complain about him, until I told Meg about it.
114 Meg finally threatened his manhood with a shotgun and told him to step off. He backed down. Add the "He backed down" part as an afterthought.
115 0053C154 0053C1DC Damned if I know.
116 She's a troublemaker and always lies to cover it up, but maybe she thinks if she rats on others, people won't think she's lying herself?
117 She snitched on Johnny when he messed with Wren's radio equipment. I guess Wren thought she was trustworthy after that.
118 Later, she killed Wren's dog 'cause it wouldn't shut up, and she got away with it. Wren totally bought Barb's alibi.
119 0053C156 0053C20A Oh, for... Screw you! Pissed
120 0053C158 0053C1D2 Damn it, Meg's gonna be pissed. Scared.
121 0053C15A 0053C200 Yeah, yeah, I get it. Loud and clear! Scared.
122 0053C15C 0053C1C9 Lev's been building a hideout inside one of the cooling towers at Poseidon Power Plant. He's gotta be there.
123 He said he'd pay me if I kept an eye out for him, in case someone went looking for him.
124 That's all I know. Don't tell Meg. I swear I'll keep quiet!
125 0053C163 0053C20F Pff! That's it? You don't have shit on me. She knows she's guilty, but she's hoping to bluff the player, so she's feigning anger at the accusation.
126 0053C165 0053C1D6 Yeah okay, pal. A hunch. Haha! Why don't you come back when you've got a clue. Even if I did do it, that's not going to fly with Meg. She did it, but she's good at lying about it. she plays it off since the player doesn't give any convincing evidence.
127 0053C167 0053C204 Uh... sure.
128 0053C169 0053C1CD Fine, I hate talking about him.
129 0053C16B 0053C1FB Oh, absolutely. Just because he's my brother doesn't mean I'm gonna cover for his ass when he does stupid shit.
130 Creed's just the sort of coward that Lev can bully into doing anything for him. I even saw Creed talking to Lev just before they escaped. She's lying, but she's confident about it, so it should sound convincing.
131 It's gotta be him you're looking for.
132 0053C16D 0053C23A 'Cause it's true. Just last week, he stole some chems from Ae-Ri's store.
133 Instead of shutting up or pinning it on someone else, he caved after Ae-Ri asked him. Three times was all it took.
134 Did you do it? No. Did you do it? No. Did you do it? Yes. I mean, that's not exactly how it went down, but might as well have been. What an idiot. She's mimicking both sides of a conversation, with some contempt for her brother, who is answering yes or no here.
135 Now he's paying her back and then some.
136 0053C16F 0053C1F1 Good, 'cause I don't wanna talk about him anymore with you.
137 0053C171 0053C226 Psh. Axel? Hell no. Lev knows Axel is all bark and no bite. There's no way he'd trust Axel with anything important. She scoffs at the idea.
138 0053C173 0053C1E7 Okay, here's an example off the top of my head: Surge caught Axel's best friend, Creed, cheating at cards.
139 Things got real ugly, but Axel stepped in and claimed that he was the one who dealt Creed an extra ace.
140 Creed and I knew that was BS, but we let him do it.
141 Anyway, Surge kicked the shit out of Axel. So, he succeeded in taking the fall for Creed, but couldn't protect himself.
142 0053C177 0053C1DA You want to know about my brother? Creed's a coward, always has been. She answers the player, but she's wondering why this person is interrogating her. She doesn't hold Creed in very high regard.
143 0053C179 0053C207 A lot. Me and Axel are shacking up.
144 He's like a puppy dog who likes to think he can protect everybody, but he's not as tough as he thinks he is. She likes Axel, but she's also the dominant force in the relationship
145 0053C17B 0053C1D0 You don't have to ask them, it was me! I'll stay right here until you believe me!
146 0053C17D 0053C1FE No, it's really me, and I'm sorry for it! You've gotta believe me! He didn't do it. He's lying, and nervous about it.
147 0053C17F 0053C23B Okay... I'll be around. Nervous
148 0053C181 0053C1F2 Whoa, uh... no need to go asking anyone else any questions. Really, it was me! It wasn't him. He's hiding something.
149 0053C183 0053C1F4 I... I don't know. He, uh... didn't say. He's not working with Lev, but he's covering for Barb, so he should sound really unsure and nervous. He hasn't really thought this through.
150 0053C18B 0053C1EA That's all then?
151 0053C18D 0053C216 What? No, that's crazy! I'm the one working for Lev, not Barb! He didn't do it. He's covering for Barb. he's emphatic about this, but it shouldn't sound incredibly convincing.
152 0053C18F 0053C1DD This one time, Meg thought Barb stole some snack cakes from her personal supply.
153 But me and Barb saw Ra-Ra do it. Barb doesn't like kids, so she told Meg what actually happened instead of letting me cover for Ra-Ra.
154 Luckily, Meg saw it for what it was: just a hungry kid who wanted something to eat, and she gave Ra-Ra the rest of her snack cakes.
155 0053C191 0053C20B Nah, I mean, well, Barb and I are an item. But, I don't see how it's your business. He's hesitant because he's protecting her.
156 0056DD13 Oh, no reason. I just... didn't know if she wanted everyone knowing. It's not a big deal. He hesitated because he's protecting her and doesn't the player to draw that conclusion.
157 0053C193 0053C1D3 Anything else?
158 0053C195 0053C201 I don't think so. Lev wouldn't trust Creed not to reveal where he went. He honestly doesn't believe Creed is guilty. This should sound confident and convincing.
159 Besides, Lev hates Creed. Something to do with Creed trying to protect Barb from him. Things aren't good between them.
160 0053C197 0053C1CA He recently "borrowed" some tools from Fisher. Implying that he stole, rather than borrowed.
161 Now, Fisher's not a very confrontational kind of guy, but he kept grilling Creed about it, and Creed eventually told him everything.
162 Turns out Creed was just trying to rebuild a suit of power armor he found. When Fisher found out, he took it to rebuild himself.
163 Probably the right call. Creed would have wrecked it.
164 0053C19B 0053C236 You mean Creed's sister? She and I uh... She's great. He's romantically involved with Barb, but he's not saying that here.
165 People say she's a snitch, but then they're just mad she ratted them out for doing something they shouldn't have done.
166 0053C19D 0053C1EE Creed is Barb's older brother. He's a good guy, but he cracks under pressure. I wouldn't trust him with a secret, know what I'm sayin'? Creed is his friend, but he knows he has his shortcomings.
167 0053C19F 0053C1CF You're kidding, right? Lev hates my guts ever since I told Meg that he was harassing my sister. There's no way we would work together. Kind of shocked. Should sound very convincing. there's no way he'd ever work with Lev.
168 Just the other day, he told me his only regret would be not killing me in my sleep.
169 Didn't make much sense at the time, but now I realize it's because he was about to skip town.
170 0053C1E2 I'd only leave if I was guilty. If you're looking for the traitor, why don't you go ask Creed? Indignant. She did it but she's deflecting.
171 0053C1F8 Damn it! You're right, I am! I'm sorry, I should've come clean earlier! I'll tell you anything you want to know! He's not really working for Lev. He's covering for Barb. He's trying, but this shouldn't sound too convincing.
172 0053C213 Screw you. Based on what? Acting indignant, but she really is guilty.
173 0053C219 Creed's kind of a liar, but only up 'til a point. He's a major pushover.
174 If you put enough pressure on him, he'll always buckle and come clean with the truth.
175 0053C21A Good kid. Seems to be pretty honest, unless he's protecting someone he cares about.
176 Then, he's got a reliable tendency to lie for them and be the fall guy.
177 0053C21B I like Barb, but she's all about self-preservation.
178 She's quick to lie to save her own ass, but loves seeing someone else fall from grace.
179 She'll snitch if she knows someone else is guilty.
180 0053C21C Anything else?
181 0053C21D Shit. Fine. I lied about Axel. I don't know if he's working with Lev or not. I just said it to get you off my back. Regretful. He lied, and he's coming clean now. This should sound convincing.
182 But! But! It ain't me either. I swear to you! I could never work with Lev. Making it very clear it wasn't him.
183 If I knew where he went, I'd be the first to tell you, so you could put a bullet in his forehead.
184 0053C21E Questions. You and your questions. Of course, go on. Maybe you learn something from me, nyet? Scoffing at the player, but not denying them the ability to ask questions.
185 0053C21F Man from Foundation named Rocco.
186 Said he'd pay in guns, ammo, and information. How best to strike Foundation and take for ourselves. Something Meg would never do.
187 Hey, maybe you kill Rocco now? I don't give a fuck. He really doesn't care what the player does now that he knows he's done for.
188 0053C220 Aw shit.
189 0053C231 Yeah? What is it? Acting tough
190 0053C2A8 Hurry up and get over with it.
191 0053C2BA At least we got who we need for the vault raid still.
192 0056DD05 You're too kind. So, what was it you needed to know?
193 0056DD06 Then I don't think I got anything to say right now. The player doesn't have enough caps to bribe her.
194 0056FA37 I'm too old for this kinda crap.
195 0053C1A6 0053C1EF You've got my permission to deal with the mole as you see fit.
196 But, you better be damn sure they're a mole, and only after you get them to squeal about Lev.
197 Oh, and Seven-Six? If nothing turns up, check with the bartender, Molly. She sees and hears things.
198 She's reliable and trustworthy, but her talk may not come cheap, so I wouldn't go to her unless you need to. Good luck.
199 0053C1A8 0053C237 Lev and I don't always see eye-to-eye. Like, he kept on askin' why I gotta let all the "freaks" and "misfits" into the gang -- his words, not mine.
200 Seems his bigot panties get all in a twist because people are "different." Meanwhile, some of these "misfits" are the best people we got.
201 You take folks like Gail and Lou outta this operation, and we don't got no Vault heist, ya dig? There's value in embracing those differences.
202 Believe me, the irony ain't lost on me that he's taking some of my crew and running off, just like I did with the Diehards.
203 0053C1AA 0053C1F9 No damn doubt about it. Someone like Lev's not dumb enough to leave anything to chance.
204 I'm sure he left a mole behind to report our activities back to him. The question is, who?
205 0053C1AC 0053C1CB Nah, too risky. We gotta play this cool, Seven-Six. Lev's a crafty sonuvabitch.
206 He's gonna expect a move like that from me. But you know what he ain't gonna expect?
207 You. One lone Seven-Sixer who don't play by the same rules. I know you got the skills. That's why I'm trusting you to do the huntin' yourself.
208 0053C1AE 0053C202 I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that Lev left some poor sap behind to keep an eye on us and report back if we made a move against him.
209 I done some digging. Seems like Creed, Axel, and Barb were each talkin' to Lev right before he left. I think it's one of them.
210 Problem is, they're all liars in their own ways. Maybe, if you go with the right approach, you can get somethin' out of them.
211 0053C1B0 0053C1D4 Now that I think of it, I haven't seen him, Fisher, Surge, or a buncha others either. Just realizing something bigger is wrong.
212 Guns and other supplies've gone missing too. I think we got ourselves some defectors.
213 0053C1B1 0053C20C Bastard did what? Now she's just pissed.
214 0053C1B3 0053C1DF Hell, I wouldn't be askin' you if I knew. Taken offense, wondering if the player's just an idiot.
215 0053C1B5 0053C218 Nah. All the charges have to go off at the same time, and we gotta be a safe distance away.
216 That detonator's key to doin' this job.
217 0053C1B7 0053C1EB He's just some Soviet former mobster jagoff. He and his crew joined up with us a while back. You probably saw him hanging around the Crater Core?
218 Liked to think of himself as Meg's number two, but I don't think she thought the same.
219 Dunno why he did what he did. Maybe just hates ghouls. Maybe hates the rest of Meg's gang. Maybe both.
220 I'll 'member to ask him next time he tries to kill me. Sarcastic.
221 0053C1BB 0053C1CE He 'n Lev been friends longer.
222 'Course it might've had to do with me havin' words with Fisher after he tracked me down when I specifically told him not to.
223 Said some things I probably shouldn't've. Guess I was right about him bein' a damn traitor. A little regretful
224 0053C1BD 0053C205 Well, if yinz wanna get into that Vault, we gotta get that detonator back.
225 To do that, we gotta find Lev, but first thing's first: You gotta tell Meg. Get her to get a team together to hunt 'em down.
226 0053C1BF 0053C1D7 That asshole, Lev. He's had it in for me since the start. Don't like us ghouls.
227 He got Fisher, Surge, 'n some others on board to sabotage us. They jumped me while I was settin' up the demo charges 'round the vault door.
228 Musta been familiar with our plan, 'cause they took off with my detonator and left me here to die.
229 Heh. Joke's on 'em. Yinz showed up before their tranq dart wore off on our friend over there. Mildly amused. Lead the n from "on" into "'em" kind of like "ah-nem"
230 0053C1C0 0053C210 Yeah, just pissed off, is all. Those friggen' traitors were never gonna be able to kill me anyway. Angry about being doublecrossed by people he thought he could trust
231 0053C1C2 0053C1E3 Ha ha, jagoff. Only it weren't me this time. Feigning amusement, grumpy, but not taking too much offense to the player.
232 0053C1C4 0053C223 Friggen' traitors is what happened. Angry about being doublecrossed by people he thought he could trust
233 0054192B 0054192F I am no coward, like you. You want it? Kill me is only option. Said with a sense of malice. He wants to bring the player to his level.
234 0056DCC2 0056DD15 Molly doesn't know shit. How can she hear anything with the racket they make at her stupid bar? She know she's been caught, but she's still bluffing.
235 0056DCC4 0056DCFF Cool your horses, my info's good. You'll see, then you'll be back to thank me.
236 0056DCC6 0056DD1B Anytime, kid.
237 0056DCC8 0056DD03 They were talking about it outside my bar. Thought I couldn't hear' 'em, but I got wicked good hearing.
238 Couldn't make out where he said he was going, but Barb'll know for sure. You tell Barb I overheard, and she'll have no choice but to confess.
239 0056DCC9 0056DCF8 OK, hope you don't expect me to give you back your caps, though. That's not how this works.
240 Feel free to come on back if you change your mind, and we'll talk.
241 0056DCCB 0056DD09 That's the million cap question ain't it? Guy makes a mess of things, then skips town with a bunch of other traitors.
242 Now, of course, everyone wants a piece of him.
243 But if I'm bein' honest with ya, I'd tell you if I knew where he was. Cross my heart. But here's the rub, I don't. Brief pause after "here's the rub." Emphasis on "I don't"
244 But I do know that Barb is acting as his mole.
245 0056DCCD 0056DCFC Oh, is that what you're here for? Shit, I could have asked for a lot more, then. She realizes that Meg has outplayed her by sending the player to get the information she needed.
246 That's probably why Meg sent you -- She just laughed at the price I gave her. Well, I already gave you my word. Lesson learned.
247 Anyway, you want Barb. Lev left her behind to act as his mole and report back to him.
248 0056DCCF 0056DD12 All that for nothing? Tsk, good luck then. You know where I work if you need me. Disappointed that the player backed out of the deal.
249 0056DCD3 0056DD0B Your loss. I'll still be here if you end up needing anything. The player chose not to bribe her.
250 0056DCD5 0056DD16 Well then, I guess my problems are solved. Now I can help with yours. What do you need to know?
251 0056DD17 That's too bad, huh? Well, you know where to find me if you still want to help me out. The player doesn't have enough money to pay her bribe.
252 0056DD18 Imagine that. Maybe next time I'd have fewer expenses if jerks weren't coming to threaten me. So, what do you need to know?
253 0056DD19 Oof, tough break. Well, I'll still be here if you happen to find a way to help me out. The player doesn't have enough money to pay her bribe.
254 0056DCD7 0056DD00 I can't pay for goods with promises, but you know what? I'm havin' a good week. Sales are up. I might only need 200 caps to make ends meet. Implying that she'd take a lower bribe
255 0056DD01 I shouldn't trust someone who throws around idle threats. But hey, you got guts and sales have been good. Maybe I only need 300 caps this week. Implying that she'd take a lower bribe
256 0056DCD9 0056DCF6 Oh wicked smart move, kid. Threaten the bartender, the one person everyone loves around here for getting 'em all nice and sloshed. She's not fazed by the player's threat at all, since she knows everyone will come to her aid.
257 But you know what? You're new here, so tell ya what. I got a lot of expenses. Cost me about 500 caps a week. Implying that she'll take a bribe, and since the player threatened her, that price is higher.
258 I'd have a lot of time to chat with you if I didn't have to worry about where that was gonna come from. Implying that she'll take a bribe
259 0056DCDB 0056DD04 I might. I got lots of information. I also got lots of expenses. They cost me around 300 caps a week, know what I'm saying? Implying that she'll take a bribe.
260 0056DCDD 0056DCF9 Hey, I'll tell you what you need to know, no need for trouble.
261 0056DCDF 0056DD08 Uh... I might. What do you need to know? Hesitant, but trying to act confident.
262 0056DCE1 0056DCFB Geeze, no need to be so hostile. I'll talk. Taken aback by the player's threat. He's willing to cooperate, mostly because he knows he's innocent.
263 0056DCE3 0056DD0C Oh, uh, yeah, I'd be happy to help. Not sure at first. He's nervous, but not because he's guilty.
264 0056DCE5 0056DCFD He may have helped me survive the wasteland after our parents died, but he's always been a loser.
265 Always running, never standing up for himself. Getting us into trouble more often than getting us out of it.
266 Here we are, raiders of the Wasteland, and he refuses to go on any raids because he's too damned scared. Like I said: loser.
267 0056DCE7 0056DD14 I overheard you talking to Meg, so I'll answer your questions. Whatever it takes to get you to stop hasslin' me. I got nothin' to hide.
268 0056DCE8 0056DCFE You want to know about me? I dunno what to tell you. I work a lot, so no time for hobbies really.
269 I go on raids, do odd jobs around here. You know, whatever Meg needs me to do.
270 0056DCEA 0056DD1A Well, me and my sister, Barb joined up with Lev's crew before he merged groups with Meg's gang.
271 Uh, I mostly do work here at the Crater, because I don't really like going on the raids. Not really sure what else to say.
272 0056DCEC 0056DD02 Uh, I like long walks along nature trails and hate it when assholes like you ask too many questions.
273 0056DCEE 0056DCF7 OK! OK! God damn it! You got me to buckle like Creed! I'll tell you what I know! She's cracked under the pressure.
274 0056DCF0 0056DD07 Hmm... You've got a deal. You better not screw me over! She considers her options, and realizes she doesn't have much power in this, but she tries to assert herself anywat.
275 0056DCF2 0056DCFA Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a god damned second! Really concerned for her own well-being. She knows she's been caught.
276 Say I was working for Lev, and I confessed. Meg'd probably exile me, and that's just as bad as death, because then Lev'd find me and kill me.
277 So if that were the case, why would I turn myself in?
278 0056DCF4 0056DD0A Let's imagine for a moment that I'm working with Lev, which I'm not, of course. She did it, she knows the player knows she did it, but she's not willing to admit it fully.
279 Say I were to confess, even if Meg wouldn't kill me, she'd exile me, and wouldn't that be just as bad? Lev'd find me and kill me.
280 You know, if I was the one. Emphasis on "if"
281 0056F9EA 0056FA34 I figured someone'd show up. Just glad yinz did before I lost an arm or somethin' to that thing.
282 0056FA35 I can't wait to be done with this job.
283 0056FA36 If yinz end up seein' Fisher, give 'im a mouthful from me, got it?
284 0056FA38 Least those jagoffs didn't find my demo charges and run off with 'em, too. String "with" and "'em" together into something like "wiffem"
285 0056FA3A I'll be outta here as soon as I pack up my things. You'll never see me again, I swear!
286 0056FA3B Thanks for letting me live. I'll never set foot in Appalachia again.
287 0056FA3C I shoulda known this was all a mistake.
288 0056FA40 I heard you found the traitor. Did uh... anything bad happen to her, I mean, them? He knew it was probably Barb all along, but doesn't want the player to know that.
289 0056FA41 I can't believe Barb's dead! I mean, that's what happens to traitors, but... oh Barb. He's a little distraught over Barb's death.
290 0056FA42 To think we had traitors among us this whole time.
291 0056FA43 Man... If I knew that Barb was one-hundred percent the traitor, I wouldn't have covered for her. You believe me, right?
292 0056FA46 Yo, thanks for doing me a solid and not killing me. Relieved, but cautious.
293 0056FA47 Hey, you're not going to tell Meg, are you? I swear I'm done with that creep, Lev. Cautious.
294 0056FA48 You sure scared me straight. I ain't sure I even want to stay here after all that.
295 0056FA49 If Meg ever asks where you got your information, promise me you'll make something up. I don't wanna end up a decoration outside! Afraid the player will tell Meg about her betrayal.
296 0056FA4C You got the real traitor? Sorry I lied about Axel. I panicked!
297 0056FA4D Barb's really dead. She was my little sister. I mean, it had to be done, for everyone's safety, but... man.... I don't know what to do now. He's a little distraught over Barb's death.
298 0056FA4E I told you I wasn't working with Lev. I still hate that guy. Maybe even more now.
299 0056FA4F Poor Barb... If I'd known she was working with Lev, I could have done something to protect her, but now... it's too late. A little distraught over Barb's death.
300 005A0E64 I'm too old for this kinda crap.
301 0056FA01 0056FA22 I didn't want to do this, but you and Meg are forcing my hand! Shouting out to the player while in combat.
302 0056FA23 I ain't had this much fun in... shit, how long's it been? Now stay still so I can shoot ya better! Shouting out to the player while in combat.
303 0056FA02 0056FA28 It'll take more than that to get through this armor! He's wearing Power Armor, so when the player attacked him, he barely felt it.
304 0056FA29 Agh! Lucky shot!
305 0056FA2A I can take this all day! He's wearing Power Armor, so he barely felt it when the player hit him.
306 0056FA2B I'm fine, it sounded worse than it is! He's wearing Power Armor, so he barely felt it when the player hit him.
307 0056FA2D Ahh! Damn it, you almost got my shootin' arm! Getting attacked by the player.
308 0056FA2E Aw, shit! We might be in trouble, Lev! The player attacked her.
309 0056FA2F Shit! Anytime you wanna come on out and help us, Lev! The player attacked her.
310 0056FA30 Ow! Damn it, I ain't givin' up yet! The player attacked her.
311 0056FA03 0056FA14 Stay still, so I can get a bead on ya! Shouting to the player, while trying to shoot at them.
312 0056FA15 I hope you realize why I have to do this, friend. Meg was going to lead us to ruin! Shouting to the player, probably over the sounds of gunfire.
313 0056FA04 0056FA19 Lev gave us orders to kill anyone coming here from Crater. That includes you! Shouting to the player, who is intruding on their base.
314 0056FA1A Shoulda stayed outta this, newbie! Now I gotta kill you! Shouting to the player, who is intruding on their base.
315 0056FA06 0056FA0C Someone's there. Keep your eyes peeled. Shouting to alert allies. They've detected the player.
316 0056FA07 0056FA1E It's the new guy! Meg sent the new guy after us! Don't worry Lev, we'll take care of him! Shouting this to his allies.
317 0056FA1F It's the new gal! Meg sent the new gal after us! Don't worry Lev, we'll take care of her! Shouting this to his allies.
318 0056FA20 Oh, I'll try not to make a hole in your face, so Meg can see just who we're sending back to her! Shouting down to the player from her sniper perch up above.
319 0056FA08 0056FA1B Go on. I'll be fine here. Doubt those jagoffs are comin' back.
320 0056FA09 0056FA58 Kill this thing before it wakes up 'n' eats me Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
321 0056FA59 Shhhh! Careful! Don't startle it! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
322 0056FA5A Quiet! This thing's sleeping. Don't friggin' wake it! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
323 0056FA5B Hey, get me outta here before this jagoff gets hungry! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
324 0056FA5C Do something about this beast! Whispered (loudly). A big hungry creature is sleeping next to him while he's tied up.
325 0056FA5E Hurry up and kill that thing! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
326 0056FA5F You better not lead it over here! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
327 0056FA60 Aw shit, now yinz done it! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
328 0056FA61 You better not die fighting that thing. You still owe me a favor! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
329 0056FA62 Watch out, it's all pissed off now! Yelling. The player is fighting a big hungry creature while he's tied up.
330 0056FA64 Alright, it's dead, now get me offa this thing! Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
331 0056FA65 How 'bout freein' me when you're done fuckin' around? Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
332 0056FA66 You wanna hurry a little? Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
333 0056FA67 I ain't sitting here for my own comfort, you know! Yelling. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now he wants them to free him from being tied up.
334 0056FA68 Good, you killed it, now can we focus on untyin' me? Yelling, and in a sour mood. The player killed the big hungry creature, and now Lou wants them to free him from being tied up.
335 0059DD2C 0059DD30 Yeah, I figured, on account of you killing her. Meg's pointing this out as if it were already completely obvious. She was in the same building when the player killed Barb.
336 Don't worry. I ain't mad, Seven-Six. I gave you permission to take care of the problem by any means necessary, and you did. Setting the player at ease. She told them earlier that they could deal with the traitor as they see fit.
337 Only way I'd be upset is if you killed her and I didn't say you could. There's an undercurrent of threat here to drive home the point that she sets the rules.
338 I can live with sending a not-so-subtle message to everyone else: There ain't no room for a traitor in our home, the Crater. The last bit is meant to rhyme. traitor -> Crater
339 0059DD31 I had a hunch it was her. She's been abnormally quiet lately. She's just putting the facts together that Barb was the mole.
340 It's fine, though. I ain't gonna even bring it up with her. But, I will let on enough so that she'll be sure to suspect that I know.
341 One of two things'll happen: She'll think I'm being merciful, and thank her lucky stars I didn't string her up outside with her guts hangin' out.
342 Or, the doubt'll eat at her just enough to make her too paranoid to try something like that again. Trust me, she'll keep on the straight and narrow. She's feeling a little devious with this plan. She wants Barb to squirm.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0056F9EE 0056FA0F Heh, I will miss Molly and her supply of good booze. I ain't lookin' forward to doin' without, I tell ya that. She thinks this is all ridiculous, but she's embracing the ridiculousness of it.
2 0056F9EF 0056FA26 Like Lev says, only a matter of time 'fore one of 'em snaps and kills y'all. She thinks this is all ridiculous, but she's embracing the ridiculousness of it.
3 0056F9F0 0056FA12 Most of all, I won't miss Meg takin' in all the unnatural freaks of the Wasteland. She thinks this is all ridiculous, but she's embracing the ridiculousness of it.
4 0056F9F1 0056FA31 I will not miss sharin' a home with a walkin' corpse, and a green-skinned monster. She thinks this is all ridiculous, but she's embracing the ridiculousness of it.
5 0056F9F2 0056FA10 So yeah, I know I won't miss y'all cheatin' at cards. I'm lookin' at you, Johnny. She thinks this is all ridiculous, but she's embracing the ridiculousness of it.
6 I can target a chipmunk's nuts at two thousand yards with my fifty cal, and y'all don't think I see you slippin' that ace outta your sleeve? Please!
7 0056F9F3 0056FA1C Guess it's like a final 'fuck you,' to y'all or something. I dunno. I just do what he says. She thinks this is all ridiculous, but she's embracing the ridiculousness of it.
8 0056F9F4 0056FA25 Hey y'all. Lev wanted us to leave behind some messages to all of you Crater folks who we're leavin' behind. She thinks this is all ridiculous, but she's embracing the ridiculousness of it.
9 0056F9F5 0056FA0E Well I uh... hope your luck holds out and you survive long enough to hear that I'm sorry for all this. He really does regret what he did to Lou.
10 0056F9F6 0056FA0D And it was too late for me to reach you, because you were already involved. I couldn't risk the operation if you said anything to Meg.
11 0056F9F7 0056FA17 When Meg decided to go on this foolish gold hunt with that vault dweller from seventy-six, it was time to act. She was going to lead us all to ruin.
12 0056F9F8 0056FA0B He always intended to take over one day, but she kept bringing on new people, building loyalty, making it more difficult for him to mutiny.
13 0056F9F9 0056FA16 But you have to understand, I had no other choice. Meg is a terrible leader. I questioned why Lev would ever join her.
14 0056F9FA 0056FA0A I know I had once called you friend. It may not mean much, but I am genuinely sorry for what I had to do to you.
15 0056F9FB 0056FA13 Hey Lou. Not sure you'll ever get this, but I needed to get something off my chest. He regrets betraying Lou.
16 0056F9FC 0056FA18 Know this. We will gain more men. We will come back, powerful. Then we will wipe you, and all your freaks off map. Sleep tight, blyat. "blyat" is a Russian swear for "whore"
17 0056F9FD 0056FA11 Surge and Fisher know how stupid plan is, and how terrible leader you are, so they come with me. Leave you behind with freaks and losers.
18 0056F9FE 0056FA1D When I hear you invite in that cockroach, and want to go off on some ridiculous vault heist to find gold, I call that last straw.
19 0056F9FF 0056FA24 I know this because you are weak, ineffective leader. You could not lead gang out of wet paper bag. Too weak. Too stupid. Too cowardly.
20 0056FA00 0056FA32 Meg, I know you will find this tape. Also know we will be gone long time when you find it.
21 00583116 00583129 Lev. Now put recorder away. You have alcohol in this shithole? We will drink to seal deal. Still cold and not impressed with Rocco.
22 00583117 00583123 N...n...No lie, no sir! Understood. We got ourselfes an agreement then. Pleasure doing business with you, uh... Nervous. He's dealing with a hardened, dangerous raider.
23 00583118 0058312A Look. As long as you pay up after job is done, I won't regret not killing you when we found you. He doesn't care about Rocco's plan.
24 Can always come back to that if you are lying about stash. Threatening.
25 00583119 00583126 You're missing out, but I guess we'll agree to disagree. Nervous. He's dealing with a hardened, dangerous raider.
26 0058311A 00583121 No. Vault gold is useless. You will see. Ammo, weapons. That is new world currency. To hell with gold. He doesn't care about Rocco's plan.
27 0058311B 00583128 You know, you and your crew could always help me break in, get a nice cut of the treasure, right? Nervous. He's dealing with a hardened, dangerous raider.
28 0058311C 00583122 Yes, yes. I get location of gun stash, you get to go on foolish endeavor. He doesn't care about Rocco's plan.
29 0058311D 00583124 S... sure. Like I said, I'll give you all the guns, ammo, and other supplies I took and hid away from Foundation. Nervous. He's dealing with a hardened, dangerous raider.
30 If, and only if you ruin any chances of your people breaking into that vault.
31 You get it all once you get me that detonator, so I can break in myself and bring the goods back to Foundation. They'll have to let me back in, then.
32 0058311E 0058312B Whatever. You do what you want. Is worthless anyway. Now, go on. Let us talk payment. He doesn't care. He knows he could just end this guy if he wants to.
33 0058311F 00583127 Just a little insurance, in case you need a reminder about the terms of our agreement here. Nervous. He's dealing with a hardened, dangerous raider.
34 00583120 00583125 What are you doing? No need for tape. Annoyed. Why the heck is the other guy recording this conversation?