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The Robotics Disposal Site East 09B, simply called robotics disposal ground in the game, is a pre-War robotics junkyard in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This junkyard received substantial shipments of derelict vehicles and defective robot prototypes before the Great War.[1] The number of incoming robots was especially high due to several factory errors, including shipments of protectrons with only their torsos, eyebots that had no visual sensors and mentally-deficient robobrains.[2][3] As of 2287, the combat sentry bot prototype MkIV and rusting vehicle hunks are all that remain.

The aforementioned machine has a very shady past. On October 15, 2077, a group of men in all black dropped the sentry bot off at the lot together with a military brand trunk and a mysterious holotape.[4] The crew was understandably spooked and refused to look at it, fearing for their careers.[5]


The disposal ground is located northeast of Vault 111 and a little northwest of USAF Satellite Station Olivia. It consists of a small scrapyard with one building and a bunch of rusty cars. There is a disabled sentry bot in the scrapyard which may be activated using a holotape found on the terminal in the main building. The building contains a weapons workbench.

Notable loot

  • Combat sentry proto MK IV holotape – Inside the terminal in the main building. The tape can be initiated directly from the terminal or downloaded to the Pip-Boy.
  • Hot Rodder issue #1 – On a desk inside the main building.
  • Fat Man – In the northwest corner of the lot, in between some car wrecks.
  • Fusion core - In the military supply trunk/crate next to the sentry bot. Two additional fusion cores can be obtained by booting up the sentry bot and then ordering it to self-destruct.
  • Mini nuke - At the front gate on the east side behind a pile of tires.
  • Power armor equal to the Sole Survivor's level, ranging from T-45 to X-01 – Approximately 200 feet (60 meters) east-southeast of the main building, in the open, next to a downed vertibird. It is possible to get an empty frame.


  • Inside the main building, there is a terminal that holds the combat sentry proto MK IV holotape. Initiating it will allow the player character to activate the inactive combat sentry bot outside and send it to various military installations to kill any present foes. After each run, the robot will return to the disposal ground.
  • The holotape has to be activated in the vicinity of the sentry bot in order to control it.
  • Up to six mole rats will spawn at the site upon activating the sentry bot, after a short delay.
  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated in front of the sentry bot.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "So we gonna strip that military robot for parts, or should we just blast it into tiny pieces?"
Codsworth "That looks like a military grade robot, and still in working order. Better hope it's friendly."
Curie "The robots appear to be guarding personal property. We should avoid them."
Danse "That's a military-grade robot ahead. We should approach with extreme caution."
Deacon "Those are some hard core military robots. Prudence, better parts, yata yata."
John Hancock "Hey. Free ordnance."
Nick Valentine "There's likely a damn good reason that bot's still intact."
Piper Wright "Huh. Now why hasn't anyone scavenged you?"
Preston Garvey "That 'bot looks military-grade. Might be better to just avoid tangling with it."
Robert MacCready "Careful. These military 'bots have a mean temper when you tamper with "government property." I have the scars to prove it."
X6-88 "That robot is military spec. Maybe we should just avoid it."


The robotics disposal ground appears only in Fallout 4.


  • PCPC If the robot is stuck in a "deactivated" animation after it has been remotely powered up via the junkyard computer, hitting the robot in the head with a melee attack may solve the issue. This will enable it to move and use melee attacks as well. It will not use its main weapons and will not initiate the self-destruct sequence.[verified]
  • PCPC After issuing an order, the robot might remain motionless. Opening the console then clicking on the robot and first typing disable and then enable will fix the issue.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One One may be unable to obtain the mini nuke behind the pile of tires. Saving and reloading by the mini nuke does not fix this problem, and may cause the mini nuke to disappear completely. It can be dislodged by gunfire or jumping on it.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One At times, it is possible to activate the sentry bot, only to have it freeze in place in its standard "disabled" stance. The bot can then be ordered to travel somewhere and will state that it is going, but not move. The bot will remain neutral at this point, but immobile. Ordering it to self destruct will typically not produce any effect. However, should the player character move a distance away and shoot the robot, it will suddenly turn hostile and teleport to the player character, while at the same time initiating the self destruct sequence. On the other hand, ordering it to self-destruct *before* ordering it to travel will result in successful self-destruction, procuring 2 fusion cores and other loot. [verified]
  • PCPC The building's entrance may be covered by a metallic looking texture. If the door is opened, it can be walked through, but the texture still persists. [verified]
  • PCPC If the mole rats are underground, standing near the Sentry bot may allow one to activate V.A.T.S. and attack the mole rats if one is holding a melee weapon while they are underground. [verified]



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