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Machines will always serve humans, if you have anything to say about it. Hack a robot, and gain a chance to power it on or off, or initiate a self-destruct.— Rank 1 description

Robotics Expert is a perk in Fallout 4.


Able to hack robotic enemies, making them allies or causing them to self-destruct.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 INT 8 Machines will always serve humans, if you have anything to say about it. Hack a robot, and gain a chance to power it on or off, or initiate a self-destruct. 0004D889
2 INT 8, LVL 19 When you successfully hack a robot, you can incite it to attack. 00065E64
3 INT 8, LVL 44 When you successfully hack a robot, you can give it specific commands. [Command as a companion only] 001ACF96

Additionally, with the Automatron add-on, Ranks 1 and 2 of this perk are required to gain full access to all available robot construction options at the robot workbench.

Additional dialogue

Nuka-World (add-on) One can reprogram all protectrons at Dry Rock Gulch to cause you to skip their quests and receive their passwords.


  • Hacking a robot can be done in combat, but cannot be done at long distances.
  • When powering off a robot, the player character can still initiate a self-destruct immediately after without having to re-hack it. This will not reactivate the robot; it will stay where it is until it detonates.
  • Initiating a self-destruct will take some time. The robot will still continue to attack the player even as it begins the countdown to destruction; moreover, it will emit a small dosage of radiation. It is advised to shut down before initiating self-destruct.
  • Legendary protectrons will explode when killed; when combined with the self-destruct explosion, the player character should flee to a safe distance to avoid being killed.
  • Turrets and such cannot be hacked by this perk, and in fact require the appropriate Total Hack perk magazine to do so (via a terminal).
  • Robots such as sentry bots and assaultrons will act like a personal companion until they are killed. (The player character needs rank 3 of this perk to get full access to this.)
  • Combat sentry prototype MkIV cannot be interacted with this perk until the Combat sentry proto MK IV holotape is used to activate the Sentry Bot.
  • Hacked enemy robots will turn hostile towards any friendly settlements when following the Sole Survivor, but any hacked friendly robots will not attack them.
  • Nearby enemy robots that have been shut down will still prevent sleeping and fast traveling, however commanding them before shutting them down will treat them as friendly and avoid this behavior.
  • A robot that the Sole Survivor commands with the Rank 3 perk will follow and enter a different cell (i.e. entering an interior door) but will not fast travel.
  • To make a robot commanded with the Rank 3 perk stop following the Sole Survivor, just hack another robot.
  • Synths and all variants cannot be hacked with this perk, instead, one requires the Wasteland Whisperer (for Gen 1 & 2) and Intimidation (for Gen 3) perk to hijack them since they are classified as humanoid enemies.
  • It is not recommended to hack Percy in Diamond City and use the command option. This will cause him to follow the player character as a companion, potentially getting him killed. There is no way to make him go back to Diamond City permanently.
  • Rank 2 of Robotics Expert gives a 40% damage bonus against robots and synths, however, it is conditioned to stop working if you have rank 3.