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To your untrained eyes, it may look as though mankind is making a comeback. In the NCR, you have something that resembles a nation state. Savage as it is, in Caesar's Legion, you have an organized society. But neither of these offer a future. They're regurgitations of the past.

Robert Edwin House is the self-styled president, CEO and sole proprietor of the New Vegas Strip in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281. House is foremost responsible for founding RobCo Industries and civilizing the New Vegas casino tribes.



Born on June 25, 2020 (261 years old) to a wealthy Nevada tool magnate, Robert Edwin House was orphaned at an early age when his parents died in a freak accident involving an autogyro and a lightning strike. Cheated out of his inheritance by his half-brother, Anthony, he nevertheless attended the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, and later went on to found RobCo Industries in his hometown of Las Vegas at the age of 22. It would soon become one of the most profitable corporations in the world, owing mostly to House's considerable technical genius and business acumen. He used the wealth and power to gain controlling interests in myriad other businesses. These included REPCONN Aerospace, the Lucky 38 Hotel & Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard, and perhaps, most personally, the H&H Tool Company - the family business usurped by his greedy half-brother (although curiously, the factory on the outskirts of Vegas was still under his brother's control in 2077).

A staunch pragmatist by nature, Mr. House would regularly design and run mathematical simulations based on global political and socio-economic conditions in an effort to predict future events. By 2065, these projections led him to the inexorable conclusion that the world would be engulfed in a nuclear war within fifteen years. Worse still, his contacts within the military informed him that seventy-seven Chinese warheads were aimed at his beloved Las Vegas. Armed with this knowledge and his projections, House went to work on a secret plan to ensure the city would survive this apocalypse and that he would live to see the world after the war. He programmed multiple mainframes with satellite links meant to disable the vast majority of the Chinese missiles while in flight, then designed an array of high powered laser cannons, which he had installed on the roof of the Lucky 38, to deal with any missile his program had missed. To preserve himself, he took equally drastic steps: his body was permanently connected to an extremely sophisticated life support device named a "hibernation chamber"[1]to take care of his physiological needs, while his brain was wired directly into his vast information network via an enormous supercomputer. Essentially, he became a one-of-a-kind humanoid brain bot, with the Lucky 38 and an army of securitrons serving as his "body."

An integral element of his plan was the platinum chip, which in reality was a combination access card and high capacity data storage device, containing a massive OS upgrade for his Securitrons and the laser defense network. The chip was to be delivered in the afternoon of October 23, 2077. Unfortunately, about 20 hours before delivery, the Great War began. The chip was lost and was rediscovered over 200 years later in Sunnyvale by some of the multiple scavengers hired by House. Forced to work with an inferior version of the OS, he has suffered numerous system crashes and was even forced into a coma by one of the failures before being able to reboot an earlier, stable version.

House regained consciousness in 2138.[2] Biding his time, he entered the world stage once again in 2274, when Securitrons under his command emerged from the Lucky 38. This action was prompted by the arrival of New California Republic scouts at Hoover Dam. In order to establish his rule, he enlisted the help of tribes living in New Vegas (later known as the Three Families) and rebuilt the city just in time to welcome the arrival of the New California Republic Army's advance forces. In exchange for help with Hoover Dam and permission to use the McCarran Airport as its headquarters, House signed the New Vegas treaty, ensuring cooperation from NCR and, for a time, protecting the Strip from annexation.

Post-war statusEdit

Mr. House is the mysterious overlord of the Strip. He controls his small empire from the confines of the Lucky 38 casino, where no other living person has set foot for over two hundred years.Loading screen

House lives in the Lucky 38 and is in charge of the securitrons that roam New Vegas. At some point after emerging from stasis, House won the leadership of Vault 21 in a bet, stripped it of all useful technology, and then planned to permanently seal the Vault away by filling it with cement. At the pleadings of Sarah Weintraub he left the top section of Vault 21 as it used to be, and she converted it into a hotel (all the casino equipment was already there from the vault experiment).

Mr. House is also extremely interested in the collectible snow globes and he will pay handsomely for each. The snow globes can be given to Jane in exchange for 2,000 caps each. Snow globes found in Sierra Madre (Dead Money), Big MT (Old World Blues), Zion National Park (Honest Hearts) and the Divide (Lonesome Road) will automatically be removed from the player character's inventory and replaced with 2,000 caps (except for snow globe - Sierra Madre Casino, it adds 2,000 Sierra Madre chips.) Once the Courier has sold a snow globe to Jane it is placed on display (on a mantle) in the Lucky 38 presidential suite. However, if you kill Mr. House the snow globes will stay in your inventory and Jane will disappear.


Mr. House is extremely physically decrepit and can only live inside a self-contained life support unit. The Courier has the opportunity to break through his security and see his true form. However, opening his isolation chamber, even for a second, means that Mr. House will not live more than a year due to exposure to outside contaminants.[3]


Mr. House is a very reclusive individual, although this is largely due to his own machinations and technical ingenuity, allowing himself to be sealed in his own Lucky 38 control room. His inability to allow all his life's work to be ruined by what he sees as the wrath and folly of a jingoistic and increasingly unstable world has cemented, in his mind, the fate of democracy and human civilization itself. His contempt for most post-apocalyptic institutions is a result of what he sees as humanity's inability to learn from its past mistakes, instead putting blind faith in reckless expansionism and excessive warfare to bring back the Old World.

His own strategies and decisions are largely based on mathematical calculations, giving him a high sense of confidence and self-importance in carrying out his plans. He sees himself as an autocrat, viewing New Vegas as his rightful property with the various factions in (or trying to gain) control as irrelevant or, at worst, treacherous. He views the NCR as a group of insidious politicians ruling over a herd of citizens in their aimless prospects of fortune and glory, something he has no problem with providing, as long as they pay. Failure or unknown variables tend to frustrate him greatly, not so much as the fear of losing power, but with the attitude of an employer having to deal with unfaithful employees.

Although ambitious and fairly ruthless, he is not sadistic and takes no pleasure in ordering the extermination of his enemies, merely viewing their deaths or otherwise neutralization as the completion of a contract. He holds little genuine hatred of NCR or even the tribals inhabiting New Vegas, tolerating the existence of those he otherwise sees as no threat or a boon to his tourist economy, even allowing NCR and Legion currency to be used at casinos, and allowing shady business practices as long as they reside within the remit of his contracts.

He takes little interest in monitoring or controlling the lives of others beyond established rules and generally allows the casinos to run themselves, and is largely reliant on the few information networks at his disposal and his Securitron patrols to exert order. He takes great pride in his technical achievements, seeing himself as a visionary and seeing his own life as the embodiment of great leadership. He takes great interest in the Courier, although they share largely a business relationship, he nevertheless sees the Courier as an agent that could successfully aid him in overcoming obstacles normally too much for the average Securitron, entrusting his new employee with a great deal of information and responsibility. If aided in his work, he will eventually begin to see the Courier as more of a lieutenant than a mere employee, even becoming proud of himself for his selection should his takeover be successful.


I have no interest in abusing others, just as I have no interest in legislating or otherwise dictating what people do in their private time. Nor have I any interest in being worshipped as some kind of machine god messiah. I am impervious to such corrupting ambitions. But autocracy? Firm control in the hands of a technological and economic visionary? Yes, that Vegas shall have.

Mr. House, having lived a long and successful life, sees it as his mission to return New Vegas to its former pre-War glory as a crown jewel of technological innovation and the bright neon paradise of business and fortune. Having lived in the New Vegas Strip prior to the Great War, he was taken in by what he saw as the unstoppable technological progress and an economic boom unimpeded by the problems and unrest that plagued much of pre-War America. In his youth, he attended the Commonwealth Institute of Technology and would soon earn his reputation as an industrialist and inventor. Although losing his inheritance to his half-brother, he would nevertheless go on to found RobCo Industries as his first company in 2042, in his hometown of Las Vegas, where he would use his scientific prowess and business acumen to turn it into one of the most profitable and innovative corporations in the United States. Among many of House's business projects, RobCo would become most famous for many commercially successful joint ventures with other companies such as General Atomics and Vault-Tec which would lead to the development of the Personal Information Processor (Pip-Boy), protectrons, sentry bots, eyebots and even Liberty Prime. [4]

Due to his pragmatism and obsessions with equations and variables, he spent many years running mathematical diagnostics and calculations of world events to predict the probability of future outcomes, focusing specifically on the events influencing the contemporary global political and economic strife. By 2065, after receiving warnings of a potential catastrophe from informants within the US military and analyzing the results of his own projections, he would come to the mathematical certainty that the world would be devastated by atomic war within 15 years as a result of the United State's escalating involvement in the Resource Wars. He spent his remaining years prior to the Great War heavily investing his vast treasury of resources acculminated by his enterprise into constructing defenses and rebuilding his home into a fortress that would survive the breakout of war. To achieve his ambitious goal, House would secretly oversee the construction of many advanced technological defenses and weaponry although he later admits that without the vital software upgrades contained within the platinum chip, they had demonstrated a "sub-optimal performance." After redeveloping the Lucky 38 into a personal castle, he would preserve himself in a sealed chamber by using highly advanced life support technology, and connect himself to a vast computer database. Centuries later, he would emerge from the hibernation and establish himself as "chief executive" of New Vegas, uniting various tribes under his rule to become the Three Families, signing a treaty with an expanding NCR and paying sums for scavengers to launch expeditions in an effort to find the chip, repurposing his vision from mere business into rebuilding the known world. [5]

His vision of autocracy and disillusionment with democratic society stems from his resentment towards the attitudes and actions of the increasingly desperate and jingoistic pre-War United States, whose decline was precipitated by the failure to adequately research and invest in alternative technologies, with the result of much of the economy relying almost entirely on the steady supply on the rapidly dwindling deposits of crude oil well into the 21st century. This reliable supply was threatened when, in 2052, rising oil prices caused a major economic crisis as many small nations entered bankruptcy, which prompted military action as the world powers scrambled for the last remaining oil deposits, initiating the Resource Wars and escalating into the much closer to home Sino-American War. This would, in line with Mr. Houses' calculations, almost certainly spell doom for the city he had invested so much into as well as America as a whole. He fundamentally places a large amount of blame on humanity for what he sees as a lack of foresight in decision-making, referring to the war between the Legion and the NCR as "two snarling dogs fighting over a curve of bone" due to their repeated attempts to take Hoover Dam and assert control over the region. He further disparages both groups as nothing more than "regurgitations of the past," drawing parallels between the two as attempts to revive past civilizations rather than offer a palpable future. He derides the NCR as a "society of customers" lead by scheming leaders who wish to take Vegas out from under him, while showing disgust at the Legion’s practice of slavery and general brutality.[6]

In retrospect, he views humanity's capacity for destruction as an obstacle for any sort of attempt at stability and future success, and sees democracy as an expired idea championed by the ignorant who fail to recognize his achievements in preserving not only the last place untouched by the devastation of the Great War, but also the rail in which human civilization can be transported into a new scientific era. As his short term strategy, he intends to attain the platinum chip which would allow him to upgrade and bolster his Securitron army and gather certain strategic allies to be called upon during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, in order to gain a numerical advantage when the time comes to push out the NCR and declare the "Free Economic Zone of New Vegas" as a sovereign entity. His long term plan requires a methodical approach to the NCR, theorizing that it's citizens would place the blame on President Kimball and General Oliver if they survived, rather than seeking vengeance against New Vegas. Should he succeed in his plans, he would establish an "autocracy", invest in the Strip's burgeoning tourist economy thus galvanizing his newfound independence and economic growth to embark on a series of grandiose scientific projects, echoing his pre-War business ventures as CEO of RobCo industries. Using his technical and scientific expertise, he spends much of his time perusing and analyzing his internal databases to conjure grand plans for developing and commercializing newer technologies, such as space travel, life extension and even plans for constructing colonial shipping to be used for the purpose of establishing human colonies on other planets. A brand of technofuturism he wishes to sell through his personal Securitron army, alongside intricately planned and calculated treaties and alliances with other factions vying for the Mojave, selectively terminating those deemed a threat.[7] [8]

Relations with other factionsEdit

To your untrained eyes, it may look as though mankind is making a comeback. In the NCR, you have something that resembles a nation state. Savage as it is, in Caesar's Legion, you have an organised society. But neither of these offer a future. They're both regurgitations of the past.

Mr. House is a rather solitary and reclusive individual with no immediate interest in the outer skirts of Vegas or the Mojave as a whole. His main wish is to continue his venture of recreating civilization under his watchful eye within the controlled and orderly confines of the Strip with the Lucky 38 casino acting as his personal fortress and general base of operations.

Three FamiliesEdit

His direct relations with the Three Families that operate on the Strip is that of a business contract for mutual gain, rather than any kind of ideological endeavor. Recruitment attempts towards various nomadic tribes as part of a larger scheme by Mr. House which, along with his small force of Securitron police units, to act as a buffer army to force the approaching NCR to the negotiation table. This ultimatum was only accepted by three tribes; the Slither Kin, the Boot Riders and the tribe that would become known only as the White Glove Society.

The Omertas

Mr. House recruited the Omertas from a particularly vicious tribe that prided itself on deception, infamous for luring unsuspecting travelers into their camps before drugging them, then either murdering or enslaving them. They would sometimes construct strongholds for the purpose of putting these slaves to work and gathering more people to enslave or kill, sometimes living a nomadic lifestyle to organize the next big score. This lifestyle appealed to Mr. House, reminding him of a particular criminal element that once dominated Las Vegas prior to the Great War. As part of his efforts to rebuild the New Vegas Strip, he renovated the casino that would become famously known as Gomorrah and allowed them to use it as their place of business as part of their contract, in exchange for simply abiding by the rules set out by him. Largely unknown to Mr. House, the current leadership (a duo known as Nero and Big Sal) have adapted to the mobster lifestyle more quickly and enthusiastically than otherwise contractually obliged and have tired of Mr. Houses' rules, wanting to return to more direct ways of conducting business by taking over the Strip and forcing the other tribes out of business, with plans to challenge his rule. Intending to ally with Caesar's Legion and launch violent attacks on Securitrons as well as the NCR Embassy, in exchange for complete dominance over New Vegas at the behest of Caesar. The Courier can either aid, thwart or massacre the Omertas while they plan their operations; leading to Mr. House to either consider the threat neutralized, remain largely ignorant or station his Securitrons in front of Gomorrah in preparation for their next encounter when the Second Battle of Hoover Dam breaks out.[9]

The Chairmen

Mr. House recruited the Chairmen from a warrior tribe, known for its traditions based around a positive notion of interaction between members and how they interact with their leaders, creating a sort of "tribal affinity." Mr. House envisioned that they would be an embodiment of the "cool" aesthetic that dominated the pre-War Strip and renovated The Tops casino particularly for this effort, giving it to them as part of their business contract. Nevertheless, some of the Chairmen, such as their leader Bingo, took exception to their new lifestyle and wanted to remain nomadic. Bingo's leadership was challenged by Benny, an ambitious tribesman who saw the potential of integrating with the Strip. Bingo was killed by Benny in a knife fight and Benny subsequently accepted Mr. Houses' offer, swiftly purging any who defied him; even an old friend with a Psycho overdose. Although successfully integrated, Benny, who had not yet lost his specialty for deception and betrayal, set out secret plans to overthrow Mr. House and exert himself as the new overlord of the New Vegas Strip and, by extension, the entirety of New Vegas itself. With the help of a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse, Benny was able to pacify and capture a Securitron and have it reprogrammed into what would become Yes Man, without Mr. House being alerted. By extension, he was able to gain access to databanks previously only for the eyes of Mr. House and learned of the existence of a platinum chip and the person in charge of delivering it. After enlisting members of the Great Khans for this mission, he ambushed the Courier and shot them before burying them in an unmarked grave, setting off a cascade of events that would change the Mojave Wasteland forever. Mr. House quickly becomes aware of Benny's betrayal after the Securitron Victor digs up the Courier to be revived. Once the Courier is awakened, they can set out on their mission to find Benny, even being enlisted personally by Mr. House himself to finally retrieve the Platinum chip and enact vengeance on Benny if they choose to do so.[10] [11]

White Glove Society

Mr. House recruited the White Glove Society from a mysterious tribe known only for their former practice of Cannibalism. He renovated the Ultra-Luxe casino and gave it to them as their place of business and dining. Under their current leadership, the White Glove Society has gone to great lengths to conceal their past, transforming itself into the high society bastion of fine dining found throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Even though the tribe has flourished and became associated with the delicious food found at The Gourmand, members such as Mortimer wish to return the tribe to cannibalism and began abducting wastelanders he considered forgettable, and secretly keeping them hostage with the help of the head chef Philippe, who cooks them to be served. One such abduction has incurred the wrath of Heck Gunderson, who intends to find the ones responsible: the Courier can offer Heck their services to begin an investigation where they can eventually discover Mortimer's efforts to return the Society to cannibalism and silence those who dissent. The Courier can aid, thwart or massacre the White Glove Society with the last two option being open if Mr. House is notified of Mortimer's treachery.[12]


Mr. House takes no immediate interest in the area surrounding the New Vegas Strip, instead stationing Securitrons at The Strip North Gate that are programmed to check for passports and issue newcomers a "credit check" of 2,000 caps, with orders to open fire on trespassers.

The Kings

Much like most of Freeside, Mr. House has largely ignored the existence of the Kings. His reaction to them is mostly resultant of the path they take following the Courier's actions in either pacifying their relations with the NCR soldiers and tourists inhabiting Freeside or letting it escalate into an all-out war. If the former is achieved, then if Mr. House retains power, he will accuse the Kings of lying with a foreign invader and demands they leave, slaughtering those who defy him. If the latter is achieved, Mr. House will be impressed by their apparent display of loyalty and decide to leave them independent.

Followers of the Apocalypse

Mr. House has little interest in the activities of the Followers of the Apocalypse, despite one of their members, Emily Ortal, attempting to recruit the Courier for a secret mission to bug Mr. Houses' mainframe. If notified, Mr. House will simply comment that he noticed and removed the bug in 39.735 seconds.[13] [14]

New California RepublicEdit

His relations are purely a pragmatic strategy to harness their economic capacity through tourism as he plans his own strategy for the incoming conflict at Hoover Dam. Recognizing NCR tourists as an economic factor in the Strip's continuing success and stability, while seeing the soldiers as cannon fodder to both distract NCR military power away from the Strip and a suitable layer of defense against the approaching forces of the Legion while he prepares his own army of Securitrons, enlisting the help of the Courier to retrieve the Platinum chip which would prove crucial in preserving order in the event of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. His strategy would be to use the upgraded Securitron MK II army to launch a coup against the war exhausted NCR once the Legion has been driven out of the Mojave and secure the Dam, thus depriving the NCR of a major moral point and intending Aaron Kimball to be the scapegoat for this loss; avoiding the breakout of a full-scale war between New Vegas and the NCR.[15]

Caesar's LegionEdit

His relations with Caesar's Legion is that of defensive hostility, while no open conflict has yet been fought between Caesar's Legion or that of either Mr. House or the Three Families, Mr. House recognises the peril Caesar presents to both his own regime and the general wellbeing of all of humanity. Even aiding the NCR through his upgraded Securitron army before turning on them in the event of a Legion defeat.[16]

Brotherhood of SteelEdit

Mr. House displays open contempt for the Brotherhood of Steel, viewing them as nothing more than a militant cell of fanatical terrorists who loot and plunder the technology of the wasteland, while murdering those that resist in an attempt to increase their offensive capabilities. He makes no hesitation in marking them for destruction should the Courier offer his services.[17]

The BoomersEdit

Mr. House displays no real concern for the Boomers as a tribe, seeing them as an isolationist and reclusive people that only attack those who venture too far towards their base. His only concern is that the Boomers represent an unknown quantity and fears that they may sign a treaty with either the NCR or Caesar's Legion and use their formidable artillery in the aid of either of these two should the Second Battle of Hoover Dam break out. He decides to send the Courier to enlist their support or to preserve their neutrality, choosing to leave them alone should either of these efforts succeed.[18]

Great KhansEdit

Despite some members of the Great Khans playing a role in Benny's plan to ambush and kill the Courier, Mr. House takes no interest in their activities or even their existence. Any threat they may have posed to him seem to have disintegrated the moment Benny betrayed them.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: Icon cross
Companion: Icon cross
Plays Caravan: Icon cross
Merchant: Icon cross
Repairman: Icon cross
Doctor: Icon cross
Rents bed/room: Icon cross
Starts quests: Icon check
Involved in quests: Icon check


Other interactionsEdit

Mr. House plays a major role in the game. The Courier hears a lot about him while traveling, but upon reaching New Vegas they are invited by House, himself, to visit him in the Lucky 38. There, House gives the Courier vital information about Benny and the platinum chip. Also, he allows the Courier and their companions to use the Lucky 38's presidential suite as a safehouse.


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Narrated by Ron Perlman

# Slide Voice-over narration In-game condition
House end slide 01
Mr. House's Securitron army took control of Hoover Dam and the Strip, pushing both the Legion and the exhausted NCR out of New Vegas. Mr. House continued to run New Vegas his way, a despotic vision of pre-War glory. The streets were orderly, efficient, cold. New Vegas continued to be the sole place in the wasteland where fortunes were won and lost in the blink of an eye. Complete The House Always Wins for Mr. House.


  • On the shores of Lake Mead, due east of New Vegas, sits the grandiose pre-War House Resort & Country Club, the current site of the NCR's Camp Golf. Due to its name, its obvious past opulence, and the presence of a large portrait of Robert Edwin House, standing in front of a large bipedal robot in its main dining hall, it may be surmised that Mr. House was a chief financier and patron of the club before the bombs fell. This portrait is reminiscent of a famous photograph of Howard Hughes, who was also an avid golfer.
  • If Mr. House is disintegrated by an energy weapon, the stasis chamber disintegrates with him. The same event occurs when using a plasma weapon and its signature goo.
  • From information contained on the terminals in the H&H Tools Factory, it is gleaned that Robert House's half-brother, Anthony, used underhanded means to wrest his inherited share of the family business from him after the death of their father. It is strongly implied that Robert's later, methodical hostile takeover, coupled with McCarthyist paranoia regarding the Communist Chinese, drove Anthony House completely mad.
  • Mr. House is given the nickname "Not-At-Home" by the Omertas for his tendency to remain ostensibly neutral in Strip affairs.
  • Upon his death, the quest The House Has Gone Bust! will simultaneously trigger and fail, and the note A Tragedy Has Befallen All Mankind will appear in the player character's inventory.
  • If you take Mr. House out of his stasis chamber, he will ask you why you have ruined his plans and he will react differently depending on what you tell him. If you say you did it in the name of the NCR, he will belittle them and call you a "sad, misguided whore." If you tell him you are acting on behalf of Caesar, he will be horrified that slavery is humanity's future. If you say you did it for Yes Man, he will tell you your "vanity project" is doomed for failure. If you say it was "just business," he will retort by saying that you should have worked for him for personal gain. Finally, if you say you did it just because you didn't like him, he will call you a fool for letting your feelings about him jeopardize humanity's future.
  • Robert Edwin House is one of the characters that the player character must eat in order to earn the Meat of Champions perk.
  • In the G.E.C.K. there is a version of Mr. House as a human before the war, although he has no mustache and his hair is gray, rather than black as it looks on his computer.
  • House cannot be targeted in V.A.T.S.
  • Due to his age and method of staying alive, Mr. House actually counts as an abomination for the Abominable challenge. Because he is considered an abomination, shooting him with the flare gun results in the "The abomination panics and flees!" message, but nothing else happens.
  • The Courier can also attempt to pickpocket Mr. House but he does not yield any items.
  • If you kill him using the Ranger Takedown with any kind of displacer glove, Mr. House and the stasis chamber will flip over, causing a lag or freeze.
  • Another portrait of Robert House, similar to the one in the House Resort, is found in Higgs Village in the add-on Old World Blues. It was punctured by several knives, most likely by Doctor 0, who has an intense hatred for House, long before the events of Old World Blues.
  • When killed, the player character loses Karma, despite House's Neutral Karma.
  • When talking to him, if you look at the top left and the top area of the monitor, you will notice two giant fingerprints. The exact same fingerprints are present on the Pipboy's screen. The screen's texture might just be the same for both, but bigger on House's screen.
  • If you speak to Ulysses after the end of Lonesome Road, you can tell him if you have killed House. At first he is indifferent and wonders what will happen to Vegas and the Three Families now that House is gone, but soon after he states that it's for the best.
  • In Fallout 4, approaching Deezer in Covenant while having Deacon as a companion will trigger a dialogue in which Deacon says "Command override. Vocal audio House, Robert. Access core programming." Deacon claims that this is House's personal security override code, and that he won it in a poker game.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Had I used an armed caravan to transport the Chip, I might as well have been announcing to the world "this is important. Attack this!""
  • "You are the first person to step foot inside the Lucky 38 in over 200 years. It was not an invitation I made lightly."
  • "I'm not offering you an incentive as crude as money - though there'll be plenty of that. What I'm offering you is a ground-floor opportunity in the most important enterprise on Earth. What I'm offering is a future - for you, and for what remains of the human race."
  • "If you find Caesar's Legion so frightening at this remove, imagine them rampaging across the Strip. We have a chance to see them destroyed, to see New Vegas become the harbinger of a new age."
  • "Don't let the video screens and computer terminals fool you. I'm flesh and blood, not silicon."
  • "You needn't be afraid of me. It's my Securitrons that are going to kill you."
  • "By the time I was 30 years old, I was a billionaire 30 times over. I founded and ran a vast economic empire. Do you really think I'm going to let an upstart come into my home and ransom my property to me? I spent two centuries searching for the Platinum Chip. It's my invention, my property - mine. Now be a good courier and deliver it!"
  • "I invite you to think carefully about what you do next... standing alone before me, surrounded by my heavily-armed Securitron guards."
  • "I'm sure the assassins will wait for you to show up."
  • "New Vegas is more than a city - it's the remedy to mankind's derailment."


Robert House appears only in Fallout: New Vegas and is mentioned in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Mr. House was written by John Gonzalez.
  • The challenge "A Slave Obeys" requires the player character to kill Mr. House with the 9 iron or Nephi's Golf Driver. This is a reference to the game BioShock, in which the player character beats the game's main antagonist, Andrew Ryan, to death with a 9 iron while he repeats the words "A man chooses, a slave obeys." Both characters were based in part on Howard Hughes.
  • In casino parlance, "the house" refers generally to the gambler's opponent, the casino itself, as in the idiom "The house always wins."
  • Mr. House's personality is based on that of Howard Hughes. His obsession with snow globes is a reference to another work of fiction, Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, itself based on the life of William Randolph Hearst. A snow globe falls from the hands of the dying 'Hearst' in the beginning of the film as he utters the famously cryptic line "Rosebud."
    • Walt Disney is also a clear influence on the character, given his use of robots (Disney was instrumental in pioneering animatronic technology during the 1960s) and his longevity (ultimately false rumors of Walt Disney being cryonically frozen or otherwise preserved have pervaded popular culture since his death). Disney was also well-known for sporting the same style of mustache as Hughes/House.
  • Jane, House's securitron companion, is an allusion to the film star Jane Russell, who was under contract to Howard Hughes and also his lover for a time.
Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Mr. House had another female programmed securitron named Marilyn (based on Marilyn Monroe) that was cut. However, she appears alongside with Jane in a card from the deck of cards of the collector version. The texture file for her "face" is still in the game's files, and there's a reference to her in the G.E.C.K. Also, after meeting Mr. House, Veronica will say she's "surprised he only had the two robot sex slaves." This was likely meant to reference Jane and the absent Marilyn, but the line was never removed or changed.
Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: New Vegas cut content.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 A medicine check of 35, gaining XP each time, can be accessed as many times as you want. [verified]
  • PCIcon pc Activating Mr. House fails to start dialogue, rendering him useless (the mainframe). This might be the result of resetting ally status of Securitrons when they are hostile due to a faction error with vault 11 robots. To fix this, enter the following commands into the console: setally 1267AB 0001B2A4, resetquest 00147885, setstage 00147885 5, setobjectivedisplayed 00147885 1, prid 001264c5, setdestroyed 0. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 The dialogue ending "at Fortification Hill" may cause a crash once he's finished talking. [verified]
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 The stasis version of Mr. House will sometimes break, turning invisible. [verified]



  1. Elijah: "Big Empty's a treasure box, a scientific graveyard of Old World misery. Like the Sierra Madre... there's treasures there, sleeping. Some, awake. The Holorifle, the Saturnite alloy... the hologram technology, hibernation chambers, Securitrons, the collars... even the suits attached to those things stalking the Villa... that's only the surface of what's there."
  2. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide collector's edition
  3. House: "No... ruined everything... exposed... germs... a year of... life, if... at most..." (if the Courier offers to put him back in his chamber after opening it)
  4. House: "It was a place of splendor. As magnificent as today's Strip may seem, it's but a shadow of the neon paradise that was Las Vegas."
  5. House: "I prefer the term "autocrat." I would rule as a chief executive. I would not answer to a board of directors or any other entity."
  6. House: "Nothing to impede progress. If you want to see the fate of democracies, look out the window"s.
  7. House: "With all that money pouring in? Give me 20 years, and I'll reignite the high technology development sectors. 50 years, and I'll have people in orbit. 100 years, and my colony ships will be heading for the stars, to search for planets unpolluted by the wrath and folly of a bygone generation."
  8. House: "I see you've made a study of the topic. My knowledge of the science of longevity would fill several text books... Perhaps, after a decade or two of economic reconstruction, I can commercialize these technologies and offer to others, such as yourself."
  9. House: "They were nomads, capable fighters, but their specialty was betrayal. They'd invite travelers into their yurts, drug them, murder or enslave them. They took pride in their craft. I don't think Omertas saw other people as people at all. Everyone else was just... prey. They reminded me of a certain criminal element Vegas used to attract. I told them some stories, gave them some clothes - and they ran with it."
  10. House: "The Chairmen, as we know them now, went by the unfortunate appellation of the "Mojave Boot-Riders." They were nomads, too."
  11. House: "To achieve my aims, I require a capable human agent to perform certain... tasks. I knew Benny was ambitious, even ruthless. But I believed he would do the job, so long as he was incentivized appropriately. Obviously, I miscalculated his drive for supremacy. But in any case, you've come along - a more-than-suitable replacement." (referring to the Courier)
  12. House: "As for the White Glove Society, I afraid I'm contractually obligated not to reveal their original name."
  13. House: "Yes, I know. It was detected immediately and deactivated... let's see... 39.735 seconds after you planted it. You thought I wouldn't notice?"
  14. House: "One of the Followers of the Apocalypse, I'm sure. They're curious about me. Good luck planting a surveillance device here in the Lucky 38 without my knowing about it."
  15. House: "What is the NCR? A society of people desperate to experience comfort, ease, luxury... A society of customers."
  16. House: "If you find Caesar's Legion so frightening at this remove, imagine them rampaging across the Strip. We have a chance to see them destroyed, to see New Vegas become the harbinger of a new age."
  17. House: "They're a terrorist group, basically. Militant, quasi-religious fanatics obsessed with hoarding Pre-War technology. Not all technology, mind you. You don't see them raiding hospitals to cart away Auto-Docs or armfuls of prosthetic organs.No, they greatly prefer the sort of technology that puts people in hospitals. Or graves, rather, since hospitals went the way of the Dodo."
  18. House: "They are, shall we say, aggressively reclusive? They have several howitzers they fire at anyone who dares approach the base. Artillery of this sort has a range of several miles. If it's going to fire on Hoover Dam, I want it firing at my targets. If not, then I want to make sure that the Boomers don't sign similar treaties to fire their guns in support of the NCR or Caesar's Legion."
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