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Just remember I got my eyes on you. We all do.

Robert is the sentry and doorman of the Family. He is found deep inside the Meresti service tunnel in the year 2277.


Born in 2243, he is Vance's bodyguard. The two met in a fight for their lives against slavers (whom Vance detests) well before the Family was formed. Robert saved Vance's life in that battle, and ever since, the two have been good friends. Once Vance formed the Family, Robert began to realize how important Vance was and elected to remain ever vigilant of his friend. He keeps very quiet and usually has to be prompted to get into conversations. He is extremely well versed in the use of firearms and has elected himself as the combat instructor for the Family.[1]

Daily schedule

Robert stands behind a wall of sandbags and he will wander the small area between the sandbags and the Family's headquarters.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Blood Ties: Robert guards the entrance to the Family's lair, and will either attack those trying to get through, or let them pass to see Vance. If the quest-line involved with the Family is not active, Robert will not allow passage under any circumstances.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Combat armor
10mm SMG
Frag grenade


Robert can potentially cause the Blood Ties quest to fail if one decides to provoke him and kill the Family. After Ian West makes his decision, the Family and Arefu factions are merged, but Robert will remain hostile. If he is killed after this point, the quest will fail.


Robert appears only in Fallout 3.