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RobCo Research Center is a location in the Cranberry Bog region of Appalachia.


The primary employer of Watoga's residents, many of whom commute via the monorail system with its terminus at the research facility,[1] RobCo Industries aspired to develop the technologies underpinning the city as to work on other joint research projects with Appalachian powerhouses like Hornwright Industrial and national conglomerates such as General Atomics International.[2] The Voice of Watoga and MAIA AIs were developed at the facility,[3][4] alongside military prototypes.[5] It also developed further variants of the Mister Handy line, including torture robots ("improved interrogation" in company speak).[6]

A large part of the facility was also dedicated to the investigation and manufacturing of robobrains. At some point, the Encephalon Extraction Program was created by Doctor Dias and approved by RobCo, even with the opposition of the ethics department. This project ensured that the entire research team of the facility would have their brains scooped and suspended in a biomedical solution that would keep their cognitive functions intact and ready to be used for several lifetimes. So many complaints were reported to management that the report database overloaded.[7]

The company also decided to hold company tours for Pioneer Scouts and their parents, led by one particularly disgruntled researcher, Dr. Clara Song, who took advantage of the matter by showing them parts of the building not meant to be seen in an attempt to get her superior fired.[8][9]


Here we go. The skunk works. Failed prototypes. Designs gone wrong. We've died and gone to heaven.— Sergeant Fred Radcliff upon entering the Research Wing

Along Route 65, near the northeastern border between The Mire and the Cranberry Bog, are a couple of RobCo signs and a guard station. From there, a road littered with delivery trucks and guarded by robots leads up to a parking lot. Past this parking lot is both the RobCo Research Center and a walkway that leads to Station 01 of the Appalachian monorail system. The area surrounding the research center is mostly filled with various junk items, with a random plan found in a tool case on the southern side of the property.

There are three entrances to the main facility, one on the southeastern side, another on the southwestern side, and an elevator entrance that leads down to the Robotics Technology Facility. The first room after entering the southwestern side is the reception area, which has a receptionist terminal that gives some introductory information about RobCo. Past the front desk and up some stairs are two doors and an elevator. One door leads to the research wing, while the other goes to facilities management, and the elevator goes to the basement. The two wings, however, are not separated and consist of three different floors.

The first floor is home to the robobrain R&D Department, where a power armor station is available; the Robobrain Assembly Department, which is where the engineering terminal is found; a storage area and a couple of bathrooms. The second floor is made of various offices, a lab, a kitchen and dining area, two exits, and the research labs. In the research labs, there are two power armor stations, a weapons workbench, and an elevator that leads to a third exit. The third floor consists entirely of offices, including HR, and the quality control office.

The basement, accessed via the elevator in the back of the foyer, contains the testing facilities for a custom variant of the flagship Mr. Handy, the Mr. Torturer. A chemistry station can also be found to the left of the elevator. It also has spawn points for a potential bobblehead and a potential magazine and holds the location's steamer trunk.

Notable loot

Holotapes and notes
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • On the ground floor of the research wing, at the south end of the locked laboratory, under the red wrist sill of the mainframe computer.
    • On the western side of upper curved balcony chamber, in the office just left of the Protectron pod, in the bottom desk shelf under the terminal.
    • In the upper laboratory area, in the southern corner, to the right of the elevator, by the locked safe.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • In the basement, to the left of the elevator, on a desk.
    • In a blocked room on the first floor, accessed by jumping high inside the robobrain assembly room on the first floor through the ceiling. Or via falling down a hole on the second floor from a second-floor office. On top of a broken library terminal next to a Picklock level 3 safe (may clip through the terminal's screen).
    • In an office on the second floor, on a table next to a withered potted plant.
Other loot
  • Power armor - At one of the power armor stations inside the robotics technology facility.
  • Potential plan - In a large toolbox in the robobrain assembly room on the first floor.
  • Two fusion cores:
    • On a metal cart in the robobrain assembly room.
    • Outside, in a fusion generator northeast of the site.
  • Mini nuke - On the ground next to the first console to the left of the entry to the robotics technology facility.
  • Two hazmat suits:
    • In a box in-between the robobrain research and development and storage rooms.
    • In the robotics technology facility, on a shelf.
Robot models
  • Two Eyebot models - In offices on the second floor, one on a desk and one on a filing cabinet.
  • Mr. Handy model - Inside the HR office on the second floor, underneath a small table shelf.
  • Three robot parts models:
    • Inside a lab in the basement.
    • Within the women's restroom, inside a toilet.
    • Inside the robotics technology facility, near the power armor spawn.
  • Sentry bot model - In an office on the second floor.

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"Robotics Technology Facility RB-2851" is the proper, pre-War name of the facility that became the Mechanist's lair in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron. Although the entrance to the research labs used this sign before patch, there is still a sign for RB-2851 in the backroom behind the labs.


RobCo Research Center appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Level designer Craig Bernardo worked on this location's design and creation.[10]